Cleanse Yourself With Nutrition

If you are looking to ramp up your health level & kick-start any fat loss plan, you should definitely consider a full cleanse.

Cleanses work great, not only for ridding your body of excess toxic waste that may be building, but also for restoring energy levels & proper function in your body as well.

This said, it’s important that you come to realise how to properly cleanse yourself for best results.

With so many different cleanses on the market, it’s imperative that you choose wisely or you may do more harm than good.

Let’s look at the key points to know about this concept.


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What Is A Nutritional Cleanse…

First let’s talk about what a nutritional cleanse is. Basically, this is a process where you are going to remove all harmful ingredients or substances you may be taking in on a daily basis & focus on giving your body only the top quality nutrition that it needs to support proper function.

You’re also going to focus on committing to intense resting for a few days in order to let the body fully detoxify itself so that you come back feeling stronger than you’ve ever been.

Additionally, the nutritional cleanse is going to help to wash away any excess waste build-up currently residing in the body, that could be clogging your digestive system & making it harder to see the fat loss results that you’re after.

One of the main points to remember here is that your body has enough of what it requires to detoxify optimally. Namely vitamins & amino acids. In the most simple of examples you absolutely must be taking a quality multi-vitamin & additional amino acids.


ShapeTrainer clients are all encouraged to start taking a high potency multi & additional amino acids when training (Branch Chain Amino Acids) plus throughout the day (Essential Amino Acids).


A Word Of Warning…

A nutritional cleanse should typically last for a few days, not going too long otherwise you may start to suffer from low energy levels due to the reduced calorie nature of the cleanse (or fasting period if that’s the route you choose for the cleanse).

You may also experience some ‘bad energy’ lets say. This could be a detoxification process that makes you feel under the weather. The importance of controlling the speed & duration of your cleanse cannot be overestimated.

Try to achieve TOO much TOO quickly & you will feel terrible. Aim to apply your cleanses in steps. After your 4 cycle you will start feel a freedom around it. Your energy levels with go through the roof & your productivity will sky rocket.


The Benefits You’ll Experience…

So what benefits will you get from doing the cleanse?

First, you’ll have better digestive function taking place, so your body is going to be better equipped to absorbing the nutrients that you take in through the foods you eat.

You’ll also be less likely to suffer from gas, bloating, indigestion or anything else related to poor digestive function.

Because you will slowly remove all the built-up toxins in the body, some people will also see remarkable weight loss taking place just a few days into the cleanse as well. This does tend to be more individual however, so note that not everyone will see fat loss occurring in such a way.

But from there, you will see increased progress in fat burning taking place as the metabolic rate will be stronger & the body will be more prepared to start burning body fat at an accelerated pace.

You’ll also see enhanced recovery from your workout sessions because your immune system will be stronger.  You’ll also notice that you are able to push harder during each workout session.

Some people also report that they are able to think more clearly after cleansing. Depending on just how toxic-loaded your body was prior to going into a cleanse, this can have a big influence on the results that you see.


Immune Boosting…

Over the long haul, you’re also going to notice some additional benefits occurring. Your blood pressure & cholesterol levels will improve & your risk for a number of disease states will decrease due to the fact that your body isn’t fighting off these toxins on a day to day basis.

One study published in the Alternative Therapy Health Medicine journal noted that patients suffering from chronic conditions noted reduced symptoms after undergoing a medical-food supplemented detoxification protocol.

Additionally, your energy levels will continually be higher & you will not feel so run-down & weak when life gets stressful.  Everyday stressors can really take a toll on your overall well-being & if your body is already down because of a high level of toxins in your system, it’s only going to add to the problems that you experience.

If you have cleansed your body well, this is a whole burden that you then remove & the relief will make a world of difference.

As your recovery & workouts improve, this will also go on to reduce your total level of body fat while increasing your lean muscle mass generation. You’ll build muscle more effectively & as that happens, your metabolic rate will increase, allowing you to burn off even more body fat more easily.

This is an ongoing cycle that will then continue on, bringing you closer & closer to your goal body & health level.


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How To Properly Execute The Cleanse …

So all of this said, how do you properly do a cleanse? There are two ways that you can go about doing this.

First is through reducing your consumption of any processed or unnatural foods. Eat a diet that’s incredibly rich in fresh fruits & vegetables, along with pure protein sources such as white fish, chicken, or turkey. Add some healthy fats from olive oil, coconut oil, & avocados into the diet & you’ll cover all three macronutrients, providing the energy to carry out your day to day life as you do the cleanse.

This is a good option for those who want to carry out a cleanse for more than a day or two.

For those who want a more aggressive approach, doing a fasting cleanse where you go without food for prolonged periods over 24 hours, utilise key supplements designed to help detoxify your body & put you through the cleansing process.

This cleanse works great for those who do like a more intense approach & who are better able to withstand eating while the process takes place.

It’s imperative that you utilise the proper supplements to execute this however as it’s the supplements that will help to ensure that you are cleansing your body properly.

One Example…

You can stimulate a cleanse as mentioned by implementing intermittent fasting. You eat dinner at 7pm. You then fast until 11am the next day. This is a 16 hour fast. You repeat this for 3-7 days in a row.

While you do this make sure you take 3 mutli-vitamins, 1 at breakfast, 1 at lunch, 1 at dinner. Alongside this you could also supplement Essential Amino Acids: 5 grams at breakfast, 5 grams at dinner. Lastly you could also supplement Branch Chain Amino Acids throughout your workouts.


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So there you have the key facts to know about performing the proper cleansing protocol to accelerate your health, kick-start fat loss, & ensure you are feeling your absolute best at all times. Done properly, you can definitely reap many benefits by cleansing every few months.



To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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Barrager, E. et al. (1995). A Medical Food-Supplemented Detoxification Program In The Management Of Chronic Health Problems.  Alternative Therapy Health Medicine. Nov. 1;1(15):62-71.

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