7 Benefits of Lifting Weights

Weight lifting has often faced controversy in the world of fitness.  You may think it is only a practice appropriate for body-builders looking to show off ‘beach muscles’.  If you are a woman, you may be afraid that weight lifting will have your body ‘bulking up’ instead of slimming down…. 

When it comes down to it though, none of this is true.  In fact, weight lifting is essential to creating a full, well-rounded exercise routine & to help keep your muscles healthy & toned.


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Weight training can help you:


1) Develop Strong Bones…

When you lift weights, you produce a certain amount of stress on your bones, after repeating this stress, the body adapts by actually increasing the overall bone density, thus leaving your limbs stronger, healthier & less susceptible to damage.  Research also shows that strengthening the bones in this way helps to reduce the risk of osteoporosis.


2) Lose & Maintain Your Weight…

The more muscle you have, the more calories your body will burn; & it will burn them in a more efficient manner. 

The National Council of Strength & Fitness has developed a formula is used to explain the precise way muscle demands additional oxygen supply & how muscle uses carbohydrates as a primary fuel for more intense exercise:

1 lb of muscle = 0.45 kg lean mass x .035 L (10 METS) x 60 min x 5 kcal/L = 4.7 kcal/hour per pound

Ultimately, while there are extreme differences in calorie expenditure depending on whether you work out those muscles or remain sedentary all day but on average, 1 lb. of muscle burns approximately 4.7 kcal per hour. 

…Meaning for each pound of muscle you add, you will burn approximately 80-100 additional calories a day.


3) Boost Your Stamina…

The stronger your body becomes, the longer it takes for the body to fatigue.  The more you push your body the more capable it becomes & greater your overall endurance becomes.


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4) Sharpen Your Focus…

Evidence shows that weight lifting causes the body to create an upsurge in brain usage.  Because different systems are all engaged to perform the movement, it helps to create exercise for the brain as well. 

Research conducted at the Mayo Clinic suggests that regular strength training even helps improve the attention span of older adults.


5) Manage Chronic Conditions…

Weight training has proven to reduce the signs of chronic conditions such as back pain, arthritis, heart disease & diabetes.


6) Improve Coordination…

Weightlifting requires that muscles work together.  Also, when your muscles build, they improve their capabilities to flex, bend & jump into action quickly.  All of these factors combined help to improve your coordination; making your body more practiced & capable at reacting to things & dealing with them in a synchronized fashion.


7) Improve Flexibility…

As you age, your body has a natural tendency to lose joint flexibility.  Strength training helps to use your muscles in a practiced regime that reduces the loss of this flexibility.  The longer you strength train, the more your flexibility will improve from where it was before you started. 

Again, the more you work, stress, stretch & flex your muscles, the easier it becomes & the more you will find your reach, range of motion & abilities improved.  Train your muscles consistently & you will find tasks like touching your toes, reaching for something & hundreds of other tasks become easier & easier.


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These are just a few of the wonderful benefits of lifting weights. 

Remember too – eating right & adding cardio routines are only part of the entire exercise package.  You must also train your muscles on a consistent basis to have the full body transformation experience & to see the amazing, life-changing full-body transformation results!


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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