“Energy Energy Energy! (or lethargy?)”

Today I went to a funeral, and it was absolutely so sad. My oldest friend’s mother, but that’s a story for another time, what I want to share today is this…


At the end of the ceremony we went for something to eat and there weren’t many options where we were so I had to choose wisely because I’m very strict about what I eat, particularly at the moment.


So, say you go to a workman’s café for example, or just a café that doesn’t really sell the greatest of food… What should you choose if you want to retain your hard earned well deserved health, vitality & energy levels?


The people I was with (family and friends), they chose certain things and I chose certain things. Now straight after they had eaten what came over them? Tiredness, lethargy and some of them felt that pretty much straight away.


Myself? I was actually boosted up and had energy for hours later… especially when they were dozing off and I was rolling around with my son playing with him and just really wanted to inject some love and fun into my day.


Point being, the story is what you choose to eat is essential and this is linked to the number one thing I’ve learnt this year – Only Allow Quality Fats into Your Body.


For instance, my Mum was saying ‘oh I’ve had grilled bacon and I’ve had eggs’ which is not so bad. But the devil is in the detail. For my eggs I ask for no oil and to put them on the hot plate or poach them.


So my mum had them fried, (most likely in vegetable oil) and she felt tired afterwards, and she said ‘oh but they were eggs that isn’t that bad’ but they were deep fried in, we actually don’t know what oil but I guess it wasn’t virgin olive oil or butter or virgin coconut oil.


So what did I have? What was the good choice?


I made sure that there was no oil added, I did ask them what butter they used so I didn’t get any of that because it was margarine (which is COMPLETELY DIFFERENT to butter). I had bacon on the griddle (maybe not the wisest choice but one of the only better choices) I had eggs on the griddle, grilled tomato’s, a few mushrooms and a salad. And that did me. I was good, my energy was good and it was a good food choice in a damaging situation.


It’s down to your choice. Do you want more energy? Do you want more vitality? It really does matter, one meal can make all the difference and it can dip your energy.


Or do you want to be vital? Do you want to feel full of energy and feel great and just have better conversations and enjoy yourself more?


If I said to you, I’ll give you this fried chicken or I’ll give you this cigarette what would you choose?


You probably think ‘well I’ll eat the fried chicken it’s not going to be that bad’. But actually the studies show that fried chicken will cause more damage for longer periods of time than smoking that cigarette!!. And who wants to smoke a cigarette these days, really? Not a good idea. And the fried chicken is a worse idea!


So think about that. It’s like a bruise. If I kicked you in the shin right now and you bruised, no matter what you did, no matter how good you ate, no matter how early you went to bed, it wouldn’t heal straight away. It would take time for that bruise to go away. That’s exactly the same as what you do when you make a bad food choice.


Keep the bad fats out. Any fats that are deep-fried or de-natured in any way. Keep away from vegetable oils. Look at the food you’re eating, if it has omega 6’s in it, if it has any other fats in it than the top 6 don’t eat it.


It’s that simple. Police that like your life depended on it. Because it does.

First the quality of your life. Then your actual life expectancy.



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Talk soon


Your Mental & Physical Strength Coach Daniel



































‘6 MUST KNOW’S’ : How to Choose Your Omega Fish Oil Supplement

  1. Does your oil contain Omega 6 ?

baked-1549171_1920You don’t need any more. Your Omega fish oil supplement should not contain any Omega 6.

Om6 is pro-inflammatory (promotes it) & it is highly likely you already have enough of it in your blood.

Main sources of Om6 are :

NOTE: Do not ingest any more Omega 6


2. Should it contain more EPA or DHA ?

Both EPA & DHA are amazingly good for you. Studies in fact show that DHA has even more health benefits than EPA.

Particularly for your brain & eyes.

NOTE: You want a supplement higher in DHA to EPA.


3. Capsules or Liquid?

You want your oil to be in a liquid form. Why? One reason is it will be purer & gone through less handling.

The second reason is that in the heating of the capsules in order to seal them a portion of the DHA is lost to the heat. The more heat process the oil is put through the less fresh it will be.

As mentioned you want as much DHA to remain as possible.

NOTE: Make sure your oil is in liquid form


4. How pure is your oil ?

All oils in the UK must pass stringent tests to be fit for human consumption. The industry standard in Scandinavia (where the best fish comes from) is the TOTOX Value.

Totox stands for total oxidation & assures that the oil is pure & fresh. Basically how many toxins are in the oil & how quickly is it ageing.

Clearly you want the purest oil with as little toxins present as possible & you want it to be fresh.

TIP: The more fishy smelling an oil becomes the less fresh it is.

In the Uk all oils must score 10 or below on the Totox Value. This should be public information but not all companies release this information easily. (I wonder why?)

The lower the score on the Totox the cleaner, purer & fresher the oil.

It is fit for human consumption if you see on the shelves in the Uk but the closer to 10 on the Totox score the less pure it is.

I think of it like this: a drop of arsenic each day wont kill me but it certainly isn’t doing me any good. Combine that with all the other toxins coming in & over the years of accumulation it could become a problem…. The purer the better.

NOTE: Only use the lowest scoring oil from the Totox Test. If a company wont tell you that information DON’T TAKE THEIR OIL.


5. How much should a quality oil cost ?

For a decent oil expect to invest £30-£40 per bottle.

This is one area where a little extra is worth it. You could choose to save a pound or two per month but be wasting your money if its optimal health, vitality & wellness you are in search of.

There are some excellent oils out there for around £1 per day – what is your health & happiness worth to you ?

NOTE: £1 per day could save you many aches, pains & potential risk to diseases especially as you age.


6. How do I know I need it & how much should I take ?

Most people take Omega supplements blind: They don’t know their Omega status & don’t know if the product is doing them more harm than good AND if the product is doing anything at all !

There are some extremely simple ways to test your Omega status these days & combine that with the other facts above you will know exactly how much you need & for how long.

NOTE: Get the simple cost effective test & correct your Omega levels asap. Your health, energy & performance could depend on it.


To conclude…

If you were to prioritise your budget to ‘which supplement will give me the most bang for my buck?’ then TWO jump out & every health care practitioner will tell you the same:

  1. Multi vitamin
  2. Omega supplement


You have a simple decision to make…

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The Way To A Man’s Heart (& A Women’s) Is Through Their Stomach…


The old sayings are the best – & usually accurate!


Prebiotics are the food that your live ‘good’ bacteria feed off.


Feed them well & they increase in numbers & you’ll feel more energised for it.


Don’t feed them (starve them) & you’ll suffer with more digestive & nutritional issues, fat gain, mood disturbances & lower performance levels.



Common prebiotics include:




Naturally occurring polysaccharides (sugars).


Most commonly found in chicory. A natural fibre that links with the processing, journey & storage of carbohydrates through your body.


You can easily take this as a supplement these days.





Fructooligosaccharides (FOS)

A naturally occurring fibre in the same group as Inulin.

Helps feed the Bifidobacteria species. Bifidobacteria are considered beneficial bacteria for healthy gut & colon.

Where can you get it from?:

  • Jerusalem artichoke
  • Chicory root
  • Leeks
  • Onions
  • Garlic





Galactooligosaccharides (GOS)

Non-digestible food ingredients that beneficially affect the host by stimulating the growth and/or activity of beneficial bacteria in the colon.





A non-absorbable sugar used in the treatment of constipation




Good Prebiotic Foods:


Jerusalem artichokes








Dandelion greens.






Bananas (remember to always balance your higher GI carb intake & get the timing of high GI carb intake just right to remain in an optimal physical state)






When you first begin to take on extra prebiotics you may experience some flatulence or gas.

This is your internal environment re-adjusting & is not cause for concern. The disturbance should not last longer than five days.

After which you will notice an improvement in your digestion, energy levels, sleep patterns & your general well-being should improve.



Bottom Line…

Sprinkle these foods into your next shop & add them to your meals for improved digestive health which will result in clearer skin, better concentration, improved sleep, increased performance levels & much more.

You can also supplement these & dietary fibre very easily at an affordable cost.

You can’t go too far wrong with fibre supplementation so ask for the best at your local health store or grab some online. For example Psyllium Husks are a good source of supplemental fibre, take 15 grams (approx 1 large tablespoon) in the morning & in the evening.


Keep up the good work…. To Your Best Health


Daniel Grant

The ShapeTrainer


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3 Why’s Fish Oil should be your FIRST supplement

1 Why: Helps Combat EVERY disease…

You can google Fish oil and ‘ X ‘ (any disease). You’ll find reams of pages (average 1,750,000) & studies supporting the fact that fish oil helps to reduce the risk to whatever disease you type.

The benefits are FAR REACHING.

So a question you could be having right now is How do I know I need it? The answer is testing. If you don’t know your Omega status it is well worth finding out.

The further you are away from a ratio of 2:1 (Omega6:Omega3) the higher your risk to illness, ailments & disease. (I’ll show you a streamlined way to test & perfect your status in the quickest time possible at the end of this article)


2 Why: Fat Loss..

Again you can do your own research on Google which will pull up just under 5,000,000 pages of data supporting fish oil supplementation & fat loss.

If you want to look & feel your best for something that takes less than 30 seconds a day then fish oil supplementation is a no brainer.

The only question you should have is ‘ Which the best product & how much does it cost? ‘ (I’ll give you a genius option at a highly competetive price the end of this article…)


3 Why: Builds Muscle & Lowers Inflammation…

There is a more recent term coming through called ‘ INLAMMAGEING ‘ linking the rate of ageing with inflammation.

Bottom line is the more we control inflammation, think painful joints, digestive issues, outbreaks of rashes & acne on the skin, the longer we keep our youthful looks & vibrancy.

At the same time we get to build more muscle which is one of the top determinants of longevity. Fact is the more muscle you have the more calories you’ll burn (even at rest) so basically put the more muscle you have the less likely you will get fatter !


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Bad Food Choices Lead to Bad Choices

Bad Food Choices Lead to Bad Choices
When you don’t feel your best, you often turn to something you know you shouldn’t be eating—like chocolate or crisps/ potato chips.

You’ll usually do this for the instant sugar, salt or fat rush in your blood stream that signals to your brain that you can relax, or that you are being rewarded for something good.



Basically, these foods make us think we feel good, which then makes us feel like all is well. On top of that, marketing is so aggressive that it has to have an affect on our choices. Less-than-ideal foods are made to look so appetising, tasty & affordable—& in some cases, even good for you. The lower your personal level of health, the more likely
you are to make bad choices & bad choices in general. This relates to food, work & your private life.
The opposite is also true. The healthier you are, the better choices you make all around & your life takes an upward turn. One example I can use to explain my point here is the
expression ‘gut feeling’. You will know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever been faced with a decision & it just didn’t feel like the right thing to do – in your gut.


What’s going on here?
As around 90 percent of your neurotransmitters are made in your gut this clearly demonstrates the link between your brain (decision making) & your gut (digestion). Your neurotransmitters are chemicals that basically transmit signals from within your body. They determine your mood & how well you’re able to concentrate & focus. The better your neurotransmitters are performing the better you will perform, physically – mentally – emotionally.

The more health promoting your diet the healthier your gut will be. The healthier your gut the more optimal your neurotransmitter production will be. Improve the health of your gut & you will improve the function of your mind.

Feel free to browse the rest of this Blog for some great nutrition tips & guides, check out my Youtube Channel or order the HealthWealth book which goes into detail on this topic.


Bottom line…

Around 75 percent of your nervous system is located within your gut. Ensuring a healthy diet will not only improve your memory, ability to focus & productivity but you will also get sick less & have fewer days off work & training due to illness. With this information can you afford not to follow a healthy diet?


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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The Vitamin Guide Series: Vitamin H – Biotin

The Vitamin Guide Series: A-Z – Volume 13

Vitamin H – Biotin

Vitamin H


Biotin, also known as vitamin H & vitamin B7, is a water soluble B-complex vitamin that plays an important role in helping the body metabolise proteins & process glucose.

Your body needs biotin to metabolise carbohydrates, fats & amino acids, the building blocks of protein.

Biotin is often recommended for strengthening hair & nails. Like all B vitamins, it is water soluble, meaning the body does not store it.


The Benefits of Vitamin H…

  • Biotin (Vitamin H) is required for normal growth & development, & overall general health.
  • Helping the body metabolise proteins, fats & carbohydrates
  • Helping the body produce & utilise glucose & certain amino acids in the body
  • It also contributes towards healthy nails, skin & hair
  • It functions as a component in the production & utilisation of both glucose & certain amino acids in the body.
  • Biotin has also been utilised to help treat alopecia (hair loss), as well to treat premature graying, although this would probably only work for people who have extremely low levels of biotin.
  • It may help to reduce the symptoms of zinc deficiency.
  • Biotin supplements are occasionally given to people with diabetes, to help lower their blood sugar levels. People who suffer from type 2 diabetes are also often observed to have low biotin levels.
  • Biotin has also been used as part of a weight loss plan to increase the efficiency of fat metabolism


The Optimal Amount of Vitamin H…


19 years & older 30 micrograms a day
Pregnant women 30 micrograms a day
Breastfeeding women 35 micrograms a day



Foods that Contain Vitamin H….

  • Swiss Chard
  • Carrots
  • Onions
  • Cucumbers
  • Cauliflower
  • Almonds, Walnuts & Other Nuts
  • Yeast
  • Goat’s Milk & Cow’s Milk
  • Berries & Fruits
  • Halibut
  • Chicken Eggs – Eggs are a source of biotin (It’s important to note that eating a diet unusually high in egg whites can actually be a catalyst for a biotin deficiency. That’s because a specific element in the egg whites binds to the element & prevents it from being distributed properly. It’s important to always consider how eggs are added to a diet in order to prevent this kind of vitamin deficiency)


The Bottom Line…

A varied, balanced diet will generally contain a sufficient amount of the vitamin H (biotin) for most people.

However, the processing of foods destroys some of the biotin content of food. Foods that go through less processing, will generally retain higher levels of vitamin H. Additionally, bacteria create small quantities of biotin in the intestines, which can then be used by the body to help meet the body’s daily needs.


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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Vitamin C – Ascorbic Acid

The Vitamin Guide Series: A-Z – Volume 10

Vitamin C – Ascorbic Acid

Vitamin C (Ascorbic Acid) is essential for the manufacturing of collagen & essential for tissue repair.

Vitamin C is one of many antioxidants. Antioxidants are nutrients that block some of the damage caused by every day life. Vitamin C is needed for the growth & repair of tissues in all parts of your body, particularly fascia, tendons & ligaments.

 vitamin C

Want Some Benefits?…

Vitamin C provides protection against immune system deficiencies, cardiovascular disease, prenatal health problems, eye disease, & even skin wrinkling.

  • Form an important protein used to make skin, tendons, ligaments, & blood vessels
  • Heal wounds & form scar tissue
  • Repair & maintain cartilage, bones, & teeth
  • Aid in the absorption of iron


The Minimum Amount of Vitamin C per day…

  • Men age 19 & older: 90 mg/day
  • Women age 19 year & older: 75 mg/day
  • Pregnant women: 85 mg/day
  • Breastfeeding women: 120 mg/day

On average, the daily requirement for most people will be one to three grams (1000-3000mg).

Sometimes the RDA is just simply not enough. So most people will need more than the governments recommend daily allowance. Try supplementing a gram per day & see how that makes you feel.

If you take too much it will upset your stomach and you may end up with a portion of guacamole in your pants! That would mean it’s time to cut back a little. But likely you’ll feel a lot better for taking in around three grams.


Foods that Contain Vitamin C….

Fruits with the highest sources of vitamin C include:

  • Cantaloupe
  • Citrus fruits & juices, such as orange & grapefruit
  • Kiwi fruit
  • Mango
  • Papaya
  • Pineapple
  • Strawberries, raspberries, blueberries, & cranberries

Vegetables with the highest sources of vitamin C include:

  • Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, & cauliflower
  • Green & red peppers
  • Spinach, cabbage, turnip greens, & other leafy greens
  • Sweet & white potatoes
  • Tomatoes & tomato juice
  • Winter squash
  • Watermelon


The Bottom Line…Vitamin C is a water-soluble vitamin.

Water-soluble vitamins dissolve in water. Leftover amounts of the vitamin leave the body through the urine. That means you need an ongoing supply of such vitamin, which includes Vitamin C in your diet.

I always supplement a little vitamin C every day. As I said above, one to three grams per day should do the trick. You take that all is one go or spread it out.

Until we speak again…


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant


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Vitamin B12 – Cyanocobalamin

The Vitamin Guide Series: A-Z – Volume 9

Vitamin B12 – Cyanocobalamin

vitamin B12




Vitamin B12 (often called the “energy vitamin”) is important in helping the body maintain a healthy nervous system & creating new blood cells.

It also helps maintain a healthy digestive system & keeps hair & nails strong & healthy.



Your body depends on vitamin B12 for energy production.

It’s crucial to the metabolic process that converts carbohydrates & fats into energy — this is why it’s often called the “energy vitamin.”[5]

B12 is also one of the building blocks your body uses to produce DNA, so it’s crucial for healthy cell growth & repair — which is key to aging in a healthy way.

B12’s most vital function of all may be protecting your brain & entire nervous system by keeping your nerves communicating in an optimal manner.

This is especially important since cognitive decline, especially among seniors, is reaching epidemic proportions.


The Optimal Amount of Vitamin B12…

  • Teens 14–18 years                            2.4 mcg
  • Adults                                                      2.4 mcg
  • Pregnant women                          2.6 mcg
  • Breastfeeding teens & women 2.8 mcg


Foods that Contain Vitamin B12….

  • shellfish (oysters, clams, mussels)
  • cold-water fish (mackerel, salmon, herring)
  • crustaceans (shrimp, lobster)
  • beef liver & lean cuts of beef
  • dairy products (milk, yogurt & Mozzarella, Parmesan & Swiss cheeses)
  • eggs


(If you’re a vegan, you’ll need to rely on fortified cereals & soy products, yeast extract spreads & vitamin B12 supplements)


The Bottom Line…

Symptoms of deficiency include but are not limited to muscle weakness, burning & tingling of the feet, lack of energy, difficulty walking & nausea.

The good news is that B12 deficiency can be remedied rather quickly by including Vitamin B12 food sources in your diet.

It can be that simple.

Vary your diet. Follow the principles of Optimalism & you will experience greater health & performance.


Until we talk again… stay on the path.



To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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Why Eat A High Protein Diet?

You may have seen the two recent articles I wrote around protein intake & it’s importance.

I want you to take on that information easily so I have created a highlights version of those two articles.

Apply this knowledge to your daily life to watch & feel your energy & performance soar…


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There are three types of macronutrient:

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrate


12 Benefits of Protein…

  • Greater muscle mass & lean tissue
  • Lower hunger & calorie intake
  • Easier fat loss on a calorie-restricted diet
  • Decreased belly fat
  • Greater muscle development
  • Greater strength gains from training
  • Better bone density & lower risk of osteoporosis
  • Better brain function
  • Better sleep
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Stronger Tendons & faster recovery from injury
  • Greater lifespan & better quality of life as you age



You need protein for:

  • Growth (especially important for children, teens, pregnant women & those who train regularly)
  • Tissue repair
  • Immune function (the second thirty grams of protein you ingest goes directly to your immune system)
  • Making essential hormones & enzymes
  • Energy when carbohydrate is not available
  • Preserving lean muscle mass (this is essential if you want to control your body shape & remain trim & fit for life)


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The Power of Powders…

The most common protein supplement due to it’s bioavailability (easy for your body to assimilate) is whey.

However if you have a dairy intolerance this can cause some people issues. The best whey supplement I have found is Vital Whey. It is hormone, pesticide and preservative free, made from organic grass fed cows milk.

There are also vegan options where the protein from brown rice, pea, cranberry and other plants has been extracted & concentrated.

Protein from animals provides all the essential amino acids (the building blocks of protein) for optimal absorption & application.

Plants do not contain all of the essential amino acids but do contain varying amounts of the eleven non-essential aminos.

So therefore they are important within a balanced diet but in most cases do not provide the full spectrum of amino acids for optimal health to become available.

A total plant based diet will likely leave most people with some deficiencies. That is why both approaches must be applied.

A high protein diet in combination with a high vegetable intake from the majority of your meals is the most effective way to achieve & maintain optimal health & performance.



How Much Should You Eat?…

As a general rule of thumb I suggest:

  • Male: Around 3 grams of protein per kg of bodyweight per day

Eg. 80kg man should ingest approximately 240 grams of protein per day.


  • Female: Around 2 grams of protein per kg of body weight.

Eg. 50kg women should ingest approximately 100 grams of protein per day




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To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant





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Drinking Beet Juice Regularly May Lengthen Your Workouts

According to a new study published in the American Journal of Physiology-Regulatory, Integrative & Comparative Physiology – drinking beet juice on a regular basis has a positive effect on the cardiovascular systems of subjects during exercise – which then led to increased endurance.


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 beet juice

What the Study Demonstrated…

During the study, male subjects who drank beet juice for 15 straight days showed blood vessels that were more dilated & lower blood pressure – both factors that can help improve exercise.

As researchers said: “Exercise can be performed at a given workload for a longer period of time before the onset of fatigue.”

So what’s the reason?…

Beet juice is a source of the molecule nitrate.  When converted into the body nitrate can help with both of the factors listed above which then help improve exercise performance.



History Beets Guessing…

  • It is said that, since the middle ages, beetroot was used for treatment of illnesses relating from blood problems to digestion.
  • Hippocrates, the father of medicine, was said to use beet leaves as binding for wounds.
  • Ancient Romans used beetroot as treatment for constipation & fevers.



Other Benefits of Beet Juice…

According to the bestofrawfood.com the beet juice can help relieve many diseases related to calcification in the body including:

  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Kidney Stones
  • Eye Problems
  • Varicose Veins
  • Skin problems
  • Arteriosclerosis
  • Heart Disease

100 grams of beet root also helps to provide 27% of the RDA for folic acid known to prevent various birth defects in babies.



How Much Beet Juice…

Studies show that 8 ounces of beet juice per day can significantly help lower blood pressure & help with hypertension.



The Bottom Line…

Add some juice to your weekly diet. Start with one per day. You’ll notice the difference very quickly as your body & mind will benefit from the added (new) nutrients.

Try it for a week & feel the difference.


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To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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