“Your Brain, Pain & Energy”

I was listening to professor Timothy Noakes who has led exercise science for 20+ maybe even 30+ years now and is a big proponent of low carb, high fat diets.

What I’m going to talk about here is the brain. Timothy actually explains that the main limiting factor within your results (using physical activity as the example) is not exhaustion or decrease in energy, but rather the brain being the limiting factor in order to protect the body.


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What they found through testing over 30 years is that you can find two people with exactly the same VO2 Max (that’s usually the limiting factor that will tell you someone’s performance) and you will get one that can run a marathon in 2 hours 20 minutes and the other can run it in 3 hours.


Some people experience these illusions of pain in the muscle or pain in the joint, as blocking you to protect you. So the brain is blocking you from continuing the race.


As long as we know this information we know that we can keep going, and get a better experience from it and even learn more.


He’s wrote several books, one of them is the law of running and another is real meal revolution. He’s run 71 marathons and ultra marathons (ultra marathons are 50 miles!)


The point being in this one is that your brain again is the limiting factor. I keep going back to this because if 80% of your results is psychology, 20% is mechanics and there’s a lot of evidence that points to that being the truth then where should we focus most of our efforts? On the brain.


We can work on our brain, work on our emotions and work on our energy levels but where does our energy come from? I had this conversation earlier, does it come from food, does it come from oxygen does It come from sleep?


I propose something to you that energy comes from movement, the more you move the more energy you get. Have you noticed that when you’re really active and you’re doing things the more energy you’ve got and you can keep going? When you’re more lethargic and you’ve allowed yourself to be a little bit lazy you can’t be bothered to do anything. This is clear that much of something brings more.


Timothy Noakes said that your brain is a limiting factor, but when we know this if it’s fear or if it’s actually pain from exercise, we know that the brain may be bringing up that illusion just to try and protect us and if we can go through that we can actually extend, and get our results that we desire a little bit sooner than we thought rather than being stopped by these illusions.


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‘6 MUST KNOW’S’ : How to Choose Your Omega Fish Oil Supplement

  1. Does your oil contain Omega 6 ?

baked-1549171_1920You don’t need any more. Your Omega fish oil supplement should not contain any Omega 6.

Om6 is pro-inflammatory (promotes it) & it is highly likely you already have enough of it in your blood.

Main sources of Om6 are :

NOTE: Do not ingest any more Omega 6


2. Should it contain more EPA or DHA ?

Both EPA & DHA are amazingly good for you. Studies in fact show that DHA has even more health benefits than EPA.

Particularly for your brain & eyes.

NOTE: You want a supplement higher in DHA to EPA.


3. Capsules or Liquid?

You want your oil to be in a liquid form. Why? One reason is it will be purer & gone through less handling.

The second reason is that in the heating of the capsules in order to seal them a portion of the DHA is lost to the heat. The more heat process the oil is put through the less fresh it will be.

As mentioned you want as much DHA to remain as possible.

NOTE: Make sure your oil is in liquid form


4. How pure is your oil ?

All oils in the UK must pass stringent tests to be fit for human consumption. The industry standard in Scandinavia (where the best fish comes from) is the TOTOX Value.

Totox stands for total oxidation & assures that the oil is pure & fresh. Basically how many toxins are in the oil & how quickly is it ageing.

Clearly you want the purest oil with as little toxins present as possible & you want it to be fresh.

TIP: The more fishy smelling an oil becomes the less fresh it is.

In the Uk all oils must score 10 or below on the Totox Value. This should be public information but not all companies release this information easily. (I wonder why?)

The lower the score on the Totox the cleaner, purer & fresher the oil.

It is fit for human consumption if you see on the shelves in the Uk but the closer to 10 on the Totox score the less pure it is.

I think of it like this: a drop of arsenic each day wont kill me but it certainly isn’t doing me any good. Combine that with all the other toxins coming in & over the years of accumulation it could become a problem…. The purer the better.

NOTE: Only use the lowest scoring oil from the Totox Test. If a company wont tell you that information DON’T TAKE THEIR OIL.


5. How much should a quality oil cost ?

For a decent oil expect to invest £30-£40 per bottle.

This is one area where a little extra is worth it. You could choose to save a pound or two per month but be wasting your money if its optimal health, vitality & wellness you are in search of.

There are some excellent oils out there for around £1 per day – what is your health & happiness worth to you ?

NOTE: £1 per day could save you many aches, pains & potential risk to diseases especially as you age.


6. How do I know I need it & how much should I take ?

Most people take Omega supplements blind: They don’t know their Omega status & don’t know if the product is doing them more harm than good AND if the product is doing anything at all !

There are some extremely simple ways to test your Omega status these days & combine that with the other facts above you will know exactly how much you need & for how long.

NOTE: Get the simple cost effective test & correct your Omega levels asap. Your health, energy & performance could depend on it.


To conclude…

If you were to prioritise your budget to ‘which supplement will give me the most bang for my buck?’ then TWO jump out & every health care practitioner will tell you the same:

  1. Multi vitamin
  2. Omega supplement


You have a simple decision to make…

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5 Reasons Skip the Alcohol & Keep the Muscle

Are you proud of the muscles you’ve sculpted?  Or looking forward to the ones you are about to create in the coming months?

Either way – it’s important to skip the alcohol to help gain & retain muscle… It can inhibit muscle gain!

It’s true.  If muscle is an important part of your fitness goals then alcohol should take a back seat at your upcoming social events.

Why so?  Below are 5 ways that alcohol can negatively affect muscle gain…


  1. Alcohol Increases Estrogen Levels & Decreases Testosterone Levels

For men, testosterone is one of the hormones that helps to build & maintain muscle.

Alcohol not only reduces these hormone levels but instead, it increases the production of estrogen, a hormone found most abundant in females.

Excess alcohol can even lead to gynecomastia (male breast enlargement – otherwise known as moobies)

Furthermore, alcohol has proven to lead to testicular atrophy, low sperm count & erectile dysfunction as well.



  1. Alcohol Reduces Protein Synthesis


To achieve muscle growth the body must have a positive balance of muscle protein.


If you are not consuming enough protein to fuel your exercise you may create a catabolic state in which you begin to lose muscle tissue.


Alcohol is another way to send the body into a catabolic state due to its high calorie content & the way that it disrupts the body’s natural processes – including protein synthesis.


Ultimately, you could be eating enough protein but then counteracting the affects by drinking too much alcohol & hindering your muscle growth or causing muscle breakdown!




  1. Alcohol Strips the Body of Vitamins & Minerals

Alcohol acts as a diuretic on the body.

This means that it promotes the increased excretion of vitamins & minerals.

When you consume too much alcohol, it tends to strip away a great deal of these important vitamins & minerals, specifically:

  • Vitamin A
  • B Complex
  • Zinc
  • Phosphorus
  • Calcium
  • Vitamin C

The more alcohol consumed, the more quickly the body is drained of these essential elements. As these levels bottom out there is not enough to help support muscle growth.



  1. Alcohol Creates Dehydration

This is one of the first symptoms you notice when you start drinking.

Because again – alcohol is a fast acting diuretic it can increase your body’s ability to dispose of water.

This means, that your body is quickly drained of water from all areas – including the muscles.


Keep in mind that your muscles are composed of 60-70% water so the more you drink, the more they will be affected!

When you do drink – remember to follow each alcoholic drink with some water to help balance your hydration.

Not only will you keep your body hydrated but you will also reduce your total alcoholic intake & reduce the chances of a nasty hangover!




  1. Alcohol Increases Fat Storage

We’ve all seen it.  There’s even a nick-name for it: “beer belly” or “beer gut” is a term that developed for a reason – alcohol triggers fat production!

Alcohol contains around 7 calories for every gram – & the worst part is: these are empty calories, meaning that they have no nutritional value!

When we intake calories from alcohol they contain no nutritional value, the more you drink the more these empty calories can build up in unnatural looking ways – hence the ‘beer belly’!

When you are building muscle, the last thing you want to do is also encourage fat production – talk about confusing the body as to what you really want!


The Bottom Line…

If you are eating right & exercising well the last thing you want to do is diminish, reduce or completely undo all of your hard work & progress due to a few alcoholic drinks.

Instead, try to stick to water or use social events as a time to get your lemon & lime waters in which help to alkalinise your system (a good thing).

Being obsessive – take one of your protein drinks along & help support muscle growth even while you’re relaxing!



To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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Less is More: Why You Shouldn’t Work Out For More Than One Hour

When you miss a few days at the gym do you try to ‘make up for it’ with a few marathon sessions?  While the intentions are good – the results – are actually bad.

My workouts never last longer than one hour.  Over one hour workouts increase cortisol production & ultimately slow protein synthesis, aka. muscle mass production.



What is Cortisol?

Cortisol, sometimes called the “stress hormone” is essential to body maintenance, however it can negatively impact your life by reducing protein synthesis – the production of lean muscle mass.


Three functions of cortisol are:

  1. Halting tissue growth & bone formation in preparation of the use of current muscle mass:

When stressed, all your body knows is fight or flight.


It’s purely a matter of survival. All growth & repair will be slowed as every emphasis is placed on survival in that stressful moment.


If you’re under prolonged bouts of stress, which stimulates production of cortisol, (everyone you know is currently in this state most of the time) then health & vitality no longer are the focal point of your bodily systems – survival is.


Get enough energy (glucose – think sugary foods & quick energy sources like chocolate, bagels & energy drinks) so that you’re ready to respond to the danger at hand.


Everything else is second to survival. Even though you are not actually under physical attack or in immediate danger of losing your life your body is under the impression that you are!



  1. Metabolise protein, fat & carbohydrate as sources of energy:

Cortisol will blunt the production & function of Insulin so that all energy that enters your system is instantly available to your muscles so that you can punch & kick or run your way out of danger rather than being able to store that energy.


This might sound like a good thing? It is – for a short period of time, but it is most definitely a bad thing if your system predominantly functions in this way.


Triglycerides (fat) will be mobilised & over time visceral fat will build up around your abdomen – think fat flabby belly.


Protein will be burnt for energy if stress levels warrant it. Don’t have enough glucose (sugar) floating around your bloodstream? Burn whatever you do have to keep the limbs moving & the heart pumping fast.


If you’re not alive then there is no point having stored energy or a rippling six-pack!



  1. Inhibits Immune Response:

This happens to prevent your body from creating inflammation.


In the most part inflammation is a protective response. Swell an area to inhibit movement & flush that area with blood & immune cells.


It’s natural & supports healing.


However in the stressed moment – think most of the time these days what with constant artificial light, unhealthy processed food & a lacking exercise habit – all your body is trying to do is survive.


Inflammation would slow you down & increase your chances of getting caught or not being able to fight your way out of this dangerous moment.


However, when you slow down for a moment you start to realise the moment may not be quite as dangerous as your body is interpreting it right now.


Cortisol is considered to be catabolic as it produces the opposite effects of testosterone – it breaks down tissue instead of building it up.

Cortisol/Testosterone balance is an important factor if you’re aiming for optimal health & performance. More about this in another article.



Why no more than an hour?

Just think of the old adage: ‘too much of a good thing’.  There is a point when working out goes from making improvements to your body to stressing & straining it.

Working out longer than an hour can result in some or all of the following:

  • Muscle loss
  • Lower Testosterone levels
  • Weakened Immunity
  • Greater chance of injury
  • Insomnia
  • Little to no muscle gain or fat loss
  • Overall poor health



The Bottom Line…

Keep your workouts between forty-five & sixty minutes long

Concise & effective workouts save you time & harbor greater results

While you may be ambitious, remember that consistency is key & results will come when you have a clear smart plan & stick to it.

The more Testosterone you have the easier you will find it to increase muscle tone. Cortisol can suppress Testosterone.

In another article I’ll talk more about Cortisol/Testosterone balance… stay tuned. Until then…


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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Ass to Grass: 9 Tips for Proper Full Depth Squatting

The squat is one of the most effective exercises for building leg, lower body & whole body strength.

At the same time, it is one of the most difficult exercises to perform correctly & can be ineffective or even dangerous if performed incorrectly.

Many trainers use the cue, “sit back into the squat” to help teach proper technique & get clients to push their bodies & get the most of out the exercise.

I prefer to use the reminder, “Ass to grass!” to help provide an effective (albeit funny) visual on how to squat as low as possible for full effectiveness.


A Functional Exercise…

Squats are considered to be a ‘functional exercise’ as they have a high carry-over to use in everyday life.

Squats will help with range of motion at the hip & knee joints & help strengthen your back.

They build muscles which help you to sit in & out of chairs, lift items &/or bend down & pick items up off the floor.  Squatting effects essential muscles that are used in everyday life.

When performed correctly proper squatting will help to improve muscle tone in your thighs, glutes & hips which will then ease tension on the joints & helps to support your lower back.



Proper Squat Formation…

When squatting, keep in mind the following things:

  1. Your knees can protrude past your toes, in fact this is much healthier for your knee joint.
  2. Hinge your hips so your butt moves backward.
  3. Keep the pressure of the squat on your heels & through to the balls of your feet & toes.
  4. Keep your head straight – look at the horizon. Spinal alignment is a key technique point.
  5. Keep your shoulders back & chest out – again, keep the spine aligned.
  6. Set a healthy arch that suits you. Get this right for your lower back.
  7. Spread your toes for better balance.
  8. Inhale as you go down – exhale as you come up. Use your TVA & pelvic floor muscles.
  9. Aim to cover your calf muscles with your hamstring muscles – this is ‘ass to grass’.



The Importance Of The Pre-Stretch…

Tightness in your chest, back, hips, ankle joint, calf, foot and even toes can cause effective squat technique to be a wish rather than a reality.

Stretch out your groin, your feet and your calf muscles before each set.

You can simply do this by sitting into a deep squat while holding onto a solid stable object & holding that position.

In fact, while you’re down there stretching lean into any areas where you feel tight, this could help increase the depth of your squat & therefore increase the effectiveness of your squat session.

I have my clients stretch before every squat set, then allow thirty to sixty seconds recovery before performing the next set – stretching in this way is more important the heavier you are lifting.

If you are unsure about your technique, invest in a good trainer for two or more squat technique sessions.

Alternatively keep an eye out for my ‘Squat Technique Day’ – coming soon. Let me know if you’re interested in a day of learning how to squat effectively for a strong back & fat loss.

Together we’ll get the ‘ass to grass’ method working to improve your health & physique right away!

Until then…


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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The Importance of a High Protein Diet: Volume One

You may not realise it but protein is an important element in every cell of your body.

For example, both hair & nails are made up of protein. Your body uses protein to make enzymes, hormones & to repair & build different tissues. Protein is an important component in bones, skin, blood, muscle & cartilage.


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So…obviously keeping high levels of protein in your diet is important for optimal health & wellness!


What Are Macronutrients?…

Micronutrients provide calories or energy. In order to grow, repair, digest or perform any bodily function you require specific amounts of macronutrients on a daily basis.

The word macro means large, this indicates that you need a lot of these types of nutrients regularly.

There are three types of macronutrient:

  • Protein
  • Fat
  • Carbohydrate

Each provide energy as explained, but they all provide different amounts of energy in a different form for the body to process.

Protein provides four calories for gram, carbohydrates seven calories per gram and fat nine calories per gram.

Aside from macronutrients the only other substance that provides energy is alcohol at seven calories per gram.

This is not considered a nutrient as we do not require it to survive… much to the surprise of some people I’m led to believe!

Alcohol provides what is termed ‘empty calories’. As you’re taking calories on board but without any nutrients that help perform vital processes.


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12 Benefits of Protein…

  • Greater muscle mass & lean tissue
  • Lower hunger & calorie intake
  • Easier fat loss on a calorie-restricted diet
  • Decreased belly fat
  • Greater muscle development
  • Greater strength gains from training
  • Better bone density & lower risk of osteoporosis
  • Better brain function
  • Better sleep
  • Lower Blood Pressure
  • Stronger Tendons & faster recovery from injury
  • Greater lifespan & better quality of life as you age


Coming Soon…

In the next article I will explain why protein is so important for your health & performance, plus what is the best protein supplement that money can buy…

Until then…


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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Stress Chemically Affects Willpower…But….

Have you ever been totally on track with your diet & eating habits, happy about your overall diet & then get hit with a big bout of stress?


Maybe it’s work related, family related or just a combination of everything but suddenly your willpower to make healthy choices lessens until you no longer care to make those good decisions.


…In fact, you may even feel a bit rebellious – when stress is impacting you & there’s nothing you can do to eliminate the stress, eating poorly seems like a small (albeit inner-child serving) impulse to do one irresponsible thing in your day.


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Don’t worry.  Not only is it understandable from a human standpoint – but even new studies performed in Switzerland prove that even moderate stress led participants to choose food that they liked over food that was healthy.





The Big Why….


The study actually showed that there are neural pathways in the brain that influence a person’s desire for immediate gratification.


When stress is increased, the areas of the brain that help to control willpower are actually affected & the desire for immediate gratification increases.


According to Silvia Maier, a co-author of the study & doctoral candidate in neuroeconomics at the University of Zurich, “The findings show that self-control is mediated by a complex & distributed network in the brain.”


She outlined that any number of disturbances in any of these complex regions of the brain can weaken self-control.



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The Good News…


It’s not all your fault.  The point is that willpower is not 100% a production of your mind thinking through what’s going on & making choices.


There are actually chemicals in your body that are affected, particularly in times of stress – which help to weaken your resolve.




The Big “BUT”…


Then again, knowing that it is not 100% reliant on your own thought processes does not provide an excuse!


If anything, knowing that there are even more things affecting your willpower you need to be that much more dedicated to working against all of these factors & keeping yourself motivated, inspired & dedicated in any & all ways possible!




Motivation Techniques…
Below are some ideas on how to help stay motivated, particularly in times of stress:


  • Mater Mind Group: We all know it helps to talk through the stress, plan to meet for a walk or a workout at the gym while you talk about the issues and think through solutions.


  • Do anything & everything you can to eliminate or reduce the stress in your life – if there are areas that you’ve been avoiding (i.e. talking with a spouse, co-worker) tackle them head-on & get these conversations out of the way as quickly as possible so to reduce the stress as soon as possible.



  • Keep an eye out my new book which helps busy professionals find ways around their high-stake & stressful jobs to still get the body & results that they want: Coming Soon!



To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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Stress may sabotage diet willpower: http://www.livescience.com/51756-stress-food-decisions-willpower.html


The Effects of Music on Your Workouts: Perceived & Otherwise

If you’ve been watching my social media – you may have seen the fitness fact stating that you tend to lift more weight when listening to music.


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What’s Going On Here? ….

Basically – when listening to music, you’re distracted.

You aren’t focused on the fact that you’re sweating or breathing hard or that your muscles are starting to burn.

Either way, while all of this is going on, your body is working & can end up generating more force & therefore completing more reps than you would have if there were no music.

According to The National Center for Biotechnology Information these are actually relatively new findings.  Prior to 2012 the effects of music had been studied to determine the effects of those performing aerobic exercise.


The Studies Show…

Below are some highly interesting results from this study.

According to the Effects of self-selected music on strength, explosiveness, & mood:

The purpose of this study was to investigate the effects of self-selected music (SSM) vs. those of no music (NM) on the mood & performance of the athletes performing bench press & squat jump. Twenty resistance trained collegiate men completed 2 experimental conditions, one while listening to SSM & the other with NM. The subjects reported their profile of mood states (POMS) & rating of perceived exertion (RPE) before & after performing 3 sets to failure of the bench press at 75% 1 repetition maximum (1RM) & 3 reps of the squat jump at 30% 1RM. Statistical analyses revealed no differences in squat jump height or relative ground reaction force, but the takeoff velocity (SSM-2.06 ± 0.17 m·s(-1); NM-1.99 ± 0.18 m·s(-1)), rate of velocity development (SSM-5.92 ± 1.46 m·s(-2); NM-5.63 ± 1.70 m·s(-2)), & rate of force development (SSM-3175.61 ± 1792.37 N·s(-1); NM-2519.12 ± 1470.32 N·s(-1)) were greater with SSM, whereas RPE (SSM-5.71 ± 1.37; NM-6.36 ± 1.61) was greater with NM.

So according to this study – athletes were not actually exerting more energy when they were not listening to music, & yet they felt like they were.

Their “perceived” exertion seemed to be greater when they were not listening to music.  It only stands to reason that when you perceive yourself working harder you are quicker to draw your workout to a close – thinking you’ve maximised your efforts versus if you feel like you are exerting less effort – you’re likely to continue the workout even longer.


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The Bottom Line…

The next time you head out for a workout make sure to first: grab your iPod, create a great playlist & crank up those tunes!

This is a good alternative from time to time. The aim of this article is to give you an altered experience while you exercise.

You need laser focus while you train. This is what I teach most of the time. However, every so often you must change up the whole routine.

The environment, the style, the intensity & even the focus of your mind.

Distract yourself for a session or two – ‘Without losing form’ – & see if you can stimulate a new level  of fitness from your body.



To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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The Best Treatment for Inflammation Is…

What do you think?  Do you use heat?…Ice?…Some other home remedy passed down in your family for generations…?

Below is some information on what are the best practices to treat inflammation when it first flairs up.

You may be experiencing inflammation due to strenuous workouts while your muscles are healing – this is a good reason to learn how best to treat it, improve your recovery time & get back into training. Which in time will increase the results you get from your workouts.


The Best Treatment….

The experts have weighed in & when dealing with muscle inflammation directly after a strenuous workout the best treatment is: ICE.

Especially after completing exercises that cause damage to muscles such as eccentric-enhanced lifting or plyometrics.

A recent study found that using cold bath water at 50°F for 15 minutes helps to restore maximal strength as it helps to reduce the swelling of damaged muscles & facilitate muscle repair.



I herb it through the grapevine…

What you ingest will affect you from the inside out. Some herbs & spices are seriously effective at reducing & managing inflammation:

  1. Eviodamine
  2. Cloves
  3. Ginger
  4. Rosemary
  5. Turmeric
  6. Cinnamon
  7. Oregano
  8. Sage
  9. Thyme

You can add these to meals or supplement some of them directly. More about this in another article. For now think about getting more of the ones you are familiar with or trying to add a new one into your diet on a regular basis.


Long Term Inflammation…

It is important to check that inflammation is not an ongoing problem caused by any other more serious factors.

According to the Poliquin Article: 12 Tips to Fight Inflammation there are some basic reasons behind inflammation including:

  • Fat Gain
  • Obesity
  • Diabetes
  • Accelerated aging
  • Diabetes
  • Asthma
  • Arthritis
  • Cancer
  • Stomach problems

The biggest worry when suffering from chronic inflammation?  It can actually shorten your life!
If you are suffering from inflammation on a daily basis – & not just after workouts it is important to see your doctor right away & determine if there are other measures you need to take.

If you experience inflammation only after workouts – just remember the famous words of M.C. Hammer:

“Ice, Ice Baby!”



To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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Jarvinen, T., Kaariainen, M., Aarimaa, V., Vaittinen, S., Kalimo, H., Jarvinen, M. Muscle Injuries: Optimizing Recovery. Best Practice and Research: Clinical Rheumatology. 2007. 21(2), 317-331.


Regular New Workouts

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When I first started out it seemed like there were just too many exercises to choose from! On top of that I didn’t know which ones would build the muscle where I wanted it!

So I had many conversations, tried & tested many exercises & basically made a lot of mistakes when it came to exercise choice! Ultimately I wasted a lot of time trying to achieve what I really wanted. However, in that process I learnt a hell of a lot & eventually achieved a greater understanding of what works & what doesn’t.



So why am I sharing my story with you? Well I noticed that so many people go through the same process as I went through, maybe you are going through it right now? Most struggle to put together a quality workout routine that brings about the results quickly. This becomes frustrating & it is one of the main reasons a lot of people do not continue on their path to being really healthy & really fit. Can you relate to what I am saying here?

My goal as a personal trainer is to help support you toward your personal best. Personally I prefer to do this as quickly as possible. Why? Because then you enjoy the journey more & you want to keep going – keep getting better. When you are getting noticeable results every step of the way, week after week, why would you stop?

The real trick to achieving a great physique & healthy state is consistency. The problem I have noticed is that when results are not obvious then it becomes a turn off & you find it harder & harder to continue, then eventually stop.



In the past year I have thought to myself many times about how I would have loved the chance to use a great system when I was starting out! Even after I had become a seasoned gym-goer, I realised it was the injection of new ideas that could have kept my workouts fresher & my progression at its full potential!

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When I was on route to building the body that I now have, I never even conceived that there could have been so many short cuts! I remember thinking hundreds of times that I wish there was! I looked around for what seemed like great ideas, I tried out many systems & different ‘expert trainer’ routines. All resulting in underwhelming results.

This is what really got me down & this is exactly what I wish to save you the frustration of. What is the quickest route to your personal best? That has been my quest for many years now. I know that this is a life journey & will never end. This also makes it very special in that I can continue to learn about something I love & there will never be an end to the learning – how amazing!

I have created a full system that transforms your body in a short space of time. The workouts are a major element of that system. I share with you here the workout patterns that I create for my body transformation courses. The understanding of what works & the elimination of what doesn’t.

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To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant