How to Direct Your Own Internal Dialogue

How to Direct Your Own Internal Dialogue



  • “Why did they do that or say that? It’s because…”
  • “How did that happen? I must have…”                                                           
  • “Why don’t things work out for me? It’s because…”
  • “What will happen if I fail? It will devastate me because……
  • “What if they reject me? I will feel…”
  • “Why can’t I get ahead? What am I doing wrong?


Are you stuck in negative thinking patterns? Or perhaps you’re not paying attention to your thoughts, & are unaware of how your thoughts impact your emotions.

These intrusive, self-sabotaging thoughts are often founded on the belief that you’re not good enough.

Self-critical thoughts are counterproductive to embracing optimalism!


To live an optimal life, it’s so important to remember the laws of attraction:


  • The law of attraction states that every positive or negative event that happened with you was attracted by you.  Although it might sound a bit simplistic, concentrating your focus on the positive allows you the freedom to take control of how your futures develops, shaping it in the ways you choose.


Our thoughts, those little things that occur inside our heads that we don’t give voice to, often occur automatically & unconsciously Without realizing it you tell yourself negative things constantly.

This negative self-talk is very powerful because you do tend to believe what you tell yourself.

At the same time, you are your own worst critic.


In order to change your thinking, you must focus attention on your thoughts. 


To change your internal dialogue & tone down the intensity of emotion, try to describe the situation in your mind, rather than interpret it as ‘good’ or ‘bad.’  

What do you say to yourself during the course of the day?  How do you analyse or interpret different situations?  When you’re stuck in traffic, do you tell yourself “this is unbearable?” 

If you make a mistake, do you call yourself an “idiot?”

As you examine your thoughts, ask yourself “Is this thought helpful?”  

“Do I really want to be thinking in this way?”


Another powerful tool to attract positivity into your life is to practice self-affirmations


By using the power of positive affirmations & by repeating them you can recondition your brain                                             & change how you feel & think about any situation.

Some examples are:


  • I deserve to be happy & successful
  • I have the power to change myself
  • I can forgive &understand others & their motives
  • I can make my own choices & decisions
  • I am free to choose to live as I wish & to give priority to my desires
  • I am flexible & open to change in every aspect of my life
  • It is enough to have done my best
  • I deserve to be loved


Make sure to tailor these self-affirming statements to your own personal needs & desires.

At first you may not feel like you agree with some of the things you are saying but eventually you will change the way you think & act & that is the purpose of these statements.

If you have a positive attitude, then you begin to expect that things will turn out well & you are likely to attract success into your life.


The Bottom Line…

The bottom line is that having a positive attitude makes for better, happier & healthier days & a life full of Health Wealth.

To read more be sure to check out the full text here: Health Wealth: Feel Like a Billion Dollars Every Day Of The Week.

To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant


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Combating Stress With Meditation

        Meditation…… A Proven Stress Buster!

Many people think they know what meditation is but have never really tried it

Some common objections to meditation….” I don’t have the time,” “I don’t know how,” or I tried it once & it really didn’t work for me.”  These reasons are often the same ones for why people don’t exercise on a regular basis, eat better, work on their relationships & pretty much everything else we know we “should” do to improve our lives


But hopefully you are fully committed to living your optimal life.




Meditation is a very useful tool to reduce the negative stress in your life!

It has truly amazing benefits, & you can start today, & continue for the rest of your life.


What Can Meditation Do for Stress?

By learning to calm your body & mind you will be feeling better, refreshed & ready to face the challenges of your day with a healthy attitude.

Throughout the day, when we experience stress, our bodies automatically react in ways that prepare us to fight or run.

In some cases of extreme danger, this physical response is helpful. However, a prolonged state of such agitation can cause physical damage to every part of the body.


Meditation affects the body in exactly the opposite ways that stress does. It restores the body to a calm state, helping the body to repair itself & preventing new damage due to the physical effects of stress.


Some additional benefits of meditation:


  • Increasing focus & productivityMany people take up meditation as an antidote, to help navigate the disruption that is part of the modern working world without sacrificing their effectiveness.
  • Letting go of unwanted habits — Meditation is often a crucial support for people who are giving up habits like smoking, overeating, or other destructive behaviours
  • Dealing with difficult events —Dealing with a sad event or a challenging time in one’s life is often the catalyst for beginning a meditation practice.
  • Seeking meaning & self-knowledge — We all want to know why we’re here & what our lives are about. Meditation can help quiet our minds & provide spiritual meaning in our lives



The Bottom Line…


Give meditation a try…… Many people end up loving the practice & making it a regular part of their daily routine

To read more be sure to check out the full text here: Health Wealth: Feel Like a Billion Dollars Every Day Of The Week.

  • In chapter 3 (Crushing Your Stress), I provide simple steps to start your meditation practice to live a healthier, mindful life.


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant


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How to make stress work for you

A stress-free life would be very boring; How to make stress work for you!


We rarely hear people say, “I’m really feeling stressed — isn’t that great?” But if we didn’t have some stress in our lives — the ‘good stress’ variety — we’d feel uninspired, unfocused & often times very unhappy.

Many people believe that all stress is bad, but you may have heard that there’s “good stress” & “bad stress.” Do you know what people mean by that?


First let’s take a look at stress in general & how it can affect us. The most common type of stress is acute stress. It is a very normal response from quick surprises, impending life, work or family issues or situations that need a quick response. This is what we normally think of as stress, but we can still feel in control of ourselves while resolving the issue.

Acute stress in itself doesn’t take a heavy toll if we find ways to relax quickly after dealing with the situation.


Once the stressor has been dealt with, we need to return our body to homeostasis, or its pre-stress state, to be healthy & happy.


The type of stress we really have to worry about is chronic stress.

This type of stress comes when we repeatedly face stressors that take a heavy toll & feel inescapable.

A stressful job or an unhappy home life can bring chronic stress. This is what we normally think of when we experience negative stress consequences.  Everyone has felt this at some times or another in their lives…& it’s a very unpleasant state of mind & body to experience


We become tired, irritable, rundown, depleted in energy & motivation. Added to this dismal state of mind & body, we often feel helpless to change the situation or even our outlook.


This chronic stress can seriously harm our physical, emotional & spiritual well-being.  If you find yourself in this type of situation, you really must rethink your priorities & actively seek ways to make the necessary changes to improve the quality of your life.


Now on to the good news…….


So-calledgood stress,” or what psychologists refer to as “eustress,” is the type of stress we feel when we feel excited. Our pulse quickens, our hormones change, but there is no threat or fear.


We feel this type of stress when we ride a roller coaster, compete for a promotion, go on a first date, practice a sport or hobby we are passionate about. There are many triggers for this good stress, & it keeps us feeling alive & excited about life.


  • One important consideration…….    Good stress can become bad for you if you experience too much of it. (Adrenaline junkies know this firsthand.)
  • This is because your stress response is triggered either way, & if you’re adding that to chronic stress, or several other stressors, there is still a cumulative effect: lots of stress!
  • That’s why it’s important to be in tune with yourself & be able to tell when you’ve had too much


The Bottom Line…

Overall, it’s important to have good stress in your life. By making the effort to cut out as much chronic stress as possible, changing your perception of stress where you can, & adding some positive activities that enrich your body, soul & spirit, you can create a nice balance in your life.

To read more be sure to check out the full text here: Health Wealth: Feel Like a Billion Dollars Every Day Of The Week.


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant


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Managing your life Pt.2

Manage your life in a way that will generate the  high-quality results that you desire & deserve

The first step towards any change is awareness. As Dr. Phil famously says to his guests & viewing audience “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.”

 If you read my last blog, I strongly suggested that you keep track of all your activities for a 24-hour period. Please check out my suggestions from my book, Health Wealth: Feel Like a Billion Dollars Every Day Of The Week. for additional tips on this exercise.




I hope you got a chance to do this activity.  It should have provided you with valuable information in planning your strategy to incorporate the changes you need to improve your mental, physical & spiritual health.


  • Were you able to see the imbalances in your life that may be sabotaging your desire to live a healthier life?
  • Too much time devoted to work?  
  • Not enough time for family & other important relationships?  
  • Not enough time to exercise?  Eating on the run; not always making healthy food choices?                 


You need to take a close look at your lifestyle choices & determine what you can do to improve the quality of your life.


Today I would like to focus on some simple steps you can take to start incorporating exercise into your life so you can start increasing your energy, stamina & overall good health.

Please remember that gradually working toward change improves your odds of success. A new behavior needs to be repeated & then given a chance to become part of your routine.  

  • Whenever possible, walk. Increase the amount of time you can walk, versus sit or drive. It doesn’t take that much extra time to park a bit farther from the entrance to the grocery store or mall.
  • At work stretch in your chair, squat to pick something up, stand up when you talk on the phone: take breaks when sitting in front of your computer for extended periods of time- take a quick walk &/or stretch & do some exercises while you watch TV.
  • Take a short vigorous walk during part of your lunch hour
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator
  • Turn household activities, like gardening, into exercise.
  • Play with your children or dog in the yard or a park.
  • While watching TV, talking on the phone, or reading a book, try doing isometric exercises.


Pick a couple of these ideas & use them each day. When you see just how much time we waste sitting, standing in lines, waiting for stoplights, etc., you’ll see just how easy exercise can be & you can do it in a very short time.

Build up slowly day by day so you can incorporate these healthy habits into your daily routine

The Bottom Line…

“99% of failures come from those who have the habit of making up excuses”

                                                                                                                George W. Carver


To read more be sure to check out the full text here: Health Wealth: Feel Like a Billion Dollars Every Day Of The Week. To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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Managing your Life

Feel like your average day is, a ringing iPhone, bills to be paid, kids needing your time & attention & a to-do list that’s impossible to complete?


We’ve all been there! You end up feeling tired, stressed & frustrated. When you’ve had “one of those days” how are you supposed to find the time to exercise or for that matter make healthy food choices when the time keeps slipping away from you.

We hear a lot about living a healthy lifestyle & most of us make a valiant effort to make healthy choices in our lives. But all too often we get sidetracked by other demands in our lives. Even with the challenges of faced-paced living, you can learn to take good care of yourself!

it’s not impossible to seize the day, even if only in bite-size chunks to begin with. Are you living a general lifestyle or are you the general of your life? Don’t let stress get out of control.

  • The first thing I want you to do is simply track a 24hour period.


  • Make this list (a diary is even better)) as complete as possible – include planned work hours & business meetings, social events, time with family or loved ones, exercise time, sleep time etc. I think you get the idea!

You will then be able spot the imbalances in your life & be ready to start making the adjustments that you need to live a happier, healthier, more balanced lifestyle.


In my book, Health Wealth: Feel Like a Billion Dollars Every Day Of The Week. I provide you with a more detailed explanation of how we are going to use this diary to start you on the road to living your optimal life.



The  Bottom Line…

You don’t have to change everything at the same time.

In fact, the trick to healthy living is making small changes – Taking more steps each day, adding to the success of the previous day.

To read more be sure to check out the full text here: Health Wealth: Feel Like a Billion Dollars Every Day Of The Week.


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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Excercise Choice & Variation

Excercise Choice & Variation


If you want optimal results in the quickest possible time it is critically important that you vary your training stimulus. A training program or an individual exercise is only good for the time it takes for your body to adapt to it.

This means that there is an optimal curve of improvement for each exercise, movement & training program. Once the peak has been reached from that stimulus it is time to alter the variable(s).


7WBT Stage 2-65

You could alter the variables of the movement, for example the speed at which you are performing the movement, or the rest period between sets, or the sequence of exercises you have lined up etc. Point being that in order to keep improving you must vary
how your body (& brain) challenged.

The rate at which you should vary stimulus depends heavily on the individual. This is where working with a skilled training coach is invaluable. They will be able to periodise your training program (have a long-term plan) to ensure continued success.


A general rule of thumb is that most people adapt to a training program in approximately six workouts. This means that you can set the program & diligently follow it for six workouts, you must then alter stimulus in order to keep getting optimal gains.
The intricate details around planning & variation of training programs is vast. There are many books written solely about each of these two topics.


The Bottom Line…

For now your approach should be to apply a specific routine, which you follow for a maximum of six workouts. At that point set up a new routine. Practice this long-term & you will consistently stimulate success from your training programs.


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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Directing Your Work Day

Direct Your Day


Spending seventy hours sitting at a desk is not healthy. You don’t need me to tell you that, but often times a starting a successful business or reaching your career goals traps you in that cycle. You lose sight of what’s important, and your days can begin to degenerate into this.

workplace stress
An exercise I recommend is writing out your daily activities, and seeing how much time you spend doing what. Are you spending enough time with your loved ones and doing things you enjoy?

It’s a sad fact that Time doesn’t go very far when you’re living a hectic life. In this article I’ll describe a few tips on optimizing your work day to regain balance.

I go into this deeper in my book HealthWealth, and provide a lifestyle guide for an optimal life, but here is a great way to start and really improve your life.

So balancing your day means a number of things:

1) Balance the activities throughout your day, so that you are not doing 1 specific thing obsessively, day in – day out.
2) To highlight long-term imbalance like not seeing loved ones for weeks on end.
3) Something previously unforeseen may become clear to you. Looking at your entire week this way can bring to your attention situations in your life that where hidden from immediate view.

Some Quick & Simple Solutions to Apply to A Hectic Day:
1) Organise a standing desk. Studies prove that a standing desk results in a higher work output. One study from Knight and Baer within the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science hypothesised that standing work spaces produced more ideas, greater collaboration & higher signs of engagement.

2) Stand up & walk around for ten minutes of every one and half
hours. Like the flow of night & day as a cycle, called circadian rhythm,
there are many cycles that operate throughout your day.

Another important cycle is your ultradian rhythm. This is any biological process that displays oscillation of less than 24 hours. I specifically bring your attention to the 90-120 minute brain wave frequency cycle that occurs when we are both awake & asleep.
Psychophysiologist Peretz Lavie demonstrated within his study of young adults that we get exceptionally sleepy at two times per day: 4:30pm & 11:30pm. But in the morning we get sleepy every 90 minutes. These 90-minute cycles are our ultradian rhythms, which
define when we’re naturally feeling awake & productive. You will perform better in between your periods of drowsiness.

  •  Set a timer on your phone & follow it. Numerous studies also show that having a ten-minute walk or break within this 90 minute period increases work output. It’s about creating a balance or contrast of intensity. The active recovery period allows for recharge & another period of higher intensity to follow.
  • Schedule your day to different environments. Schedule your day to make phone calls, work on your phone or laptop outside or in a quiet standing space to get you off your butt & on your feet more. Altering your environment throughout your day has shown
    to increase dopamine secretion. Dopamine is a hormone & neurotransmitter that is essential for optimal function of your brain & body. It is important for nerve cell signaling in your brain (for instance to feel fully awake or alert) & for the controlled release of other hormones in your body.
  • Alter your route to the office or home, make your calls in different areas of your home, office or simply select a different place to where you usually are. If you happen to work on your laptop, sit in a different place each time you start a timed work period.


Bottom line…


Main point right now is to make the change, soon after you will begin to benefit from these simple steps. If you tailor these points to your environment you’ll soon see the positive outcomes


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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Wrong Type of Food = Fat Gain

Check Out What Happened to the Pima Indians…

Do Calories Affect Weight Gain?…

The Pima Indians, natives of Arizona, provide a classic example of how body composition is affected by much more than just the amount of calories ingested. The Pima Indians have genotypically evolved eating a low number of calories, primarily from fish, small game & foods they gathered.

As early as 1901, a new “obesity epidemic” was evident among the Pima. Local scientists who lived in the region were stumped as to why this indigenous group that had previously been “tall and sinewy” were now plagued by widespread obesity.




White Man Food…

More recent analysis has shown that shortly after the Pima came in contact with white settlers & adopted their foods—both foods that they began to grow such as corn, beans, potatoes, & processed foods like sugar, bread & eventually soda/soft drinks—obesity became very common as did type 2 diabetes!

Analysis of changes in the Pima diet shows that the Pima were not overeating or ingesting more calories than previously when they adopted the “white man’s” diet of sugar, bread, starchy foods, eggs, & beef rather than fish & small game. Nor was their caloric intake greater than the amount of energy they burned on a Rather, the Pima were eating the wrong type of calories for their genotype and it was causing a hormonal response that led to fat gain & diabetes.

Life Sapping Food…

Western A Price was an orthodontist who travelled the world & studied many tribes & settlements of humans. He documented their facial spacing & the formation of their palates & alignment He found a very similar occurrence as what happened to the Prima Indians.

In fact, he renamed ‘white mans food’ to a more nutritionally accurate title of ‘displacement food’. This means that the food requires more nutritional load than it provides. Basically, it slowly drains the body of its own vital resources.

I go through all the details of an optimal diet in my book HealthWealth. It’s all there for you to learn & benefit from.

Bottom Line…

I could talk for hours about this subject, but in the interest of getting my point across quickly so that it is useful to you I’m going to make a long story short. As I always suggest, just eat real food. If it wasn’t here hundreds of thousands of years ago, or it has more than three ingredients then it is likely not as natural as you need right now.


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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HealthWealth as Preventative Medicine

nod your head if you remember
the last time
that you were ill.

Remember how that felt… 
Maybe you had a temperature, 
a runny nose, a headache, aching bones etc etc


At that moment would you have paid someone (if it were possible) to feel instantly better?

I know I would have.

In fact you’d probably pay someone a handsome fee if they could relieve you of your woes in that moment. Particularly if you had an important piece of work with a severe deadline! Illness can be a disaster when it strikes especially if it hits you like a ton of bricks just at the perfectly wrong moment.


This is one of the BIG reasons I do what I do.


Preventative medicine in a sense.


I do EVERYTHING I can to remain in peak physical condition so illness doesn’t strike me down just when I have all the plates spinning nicely.

Now, when you do get ill, that might be very rarely & I hope it is, but when you do then you’ll know that your full potential is not coming out to play that day.


So how does that look in terms of performance?


It’s obvious right – if you’re ill then you will not and cannot perform as well as when you are at your personal best.

So no matter how much money you have, success you’ve achieved, family, friends & fans that love you if you do not have your health then you do not have anything.

Think about it like this; without your health you cannot truly enjoy your day. When was the last time you can truly say that you felt at your best, at 100%, firing on all cylinders?

Today? Yesterday? Last week? Can you remember the last time you literally jumped out of bed when your alarm clock went off eager to get on with your day? To be honest most people can’t remember the last time they felt that way! Is that ok just because that is normal these days?

Would it be ok if your next-door neighbour beat his dog senseless because everyone in the neighbourhood also behaved that way with their dogs?


It wouldn’t be ok with me!


And it’s definitely not ok with me that most people function below par almost every day of their lives. That’s where I really enjoy stepping in & helping someone out. I help to Bring Out The Personal Best of All My Clients.

I do this for one MAIN reason.


Health is Wealth.


Your Health is your real Wealth. Without it you have nothing. You cannot enjoy your life.

What is the point in spending all your youth on building your wealth only to then spend all your wealth on your health in your later years? Doh!

Luckily there is a better way. It’s called Optimalism. I explain it in detail with my book HealthWealth. Which basically means ‘Bring Out Your Personal Best Every Day of the Week’

How do you do this? You follow certain principles day in day out. Only then can you have true freedom wherever you are in life.


Click here to see an Introduction to Optimalism


The Bottom Line

Your life is in your hands, your everyday performance is indicative of the life you lead. Using Optimalism you can feel healthier, happier, smarter and stronger, every day of the week! It’s all about the lifestyle you want to have!


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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Reducing Fat by Reducing Stress

We all know that Stress is definitely bad for your health in so many ways, but did you know that it is also a cause of gaining fat?

The basic story goes like this, the more stressed you are, the more fat your body stores to withstand that stress. The more fat, the more stress your body can handle.

Stress can attract & hold fat to your body, even if you reduce your calorie intake. You need to learn stress management in order to lose fat effectively. If you’re starting to grow a little muffin top belly listen up.


Cortisol attracts fat to your belly!

Stressed Hormones

Where your body stores fat is related to your hormones. Belly fat is where receptor sites for the stress hormone cortisol are commonly found. When you are stressed out, cortisol causes you to gain fat in & around your belly. Therefore stress reduction is one of the main keys to losing belly fat. In fact, it is one of the missing elements in a lot of  peoples approach to fat loss.


Tips to Reduce Stress

I speak in depth on this topic in my book Health Wealth, but here are some quick tips to help you on your way:

Herbal adaptogens have been used for centuries to decrease & manage stress. Most people will not be able to break their stress cycle & will require adaptogens. You must work with a skilled professional to determine your specific requirements.

What comes first for you: negative thoughts or negative body language? It is a chicken & egg scenario, but one that illustrates the point. Does an unhealthy lifestyle come first, or the disease? Negativity breads negativity, so changing to positive body language does, scientifically speaking, improve stress status.

Break your current cycle & apply a new, more positive outlook. Re-train yourself to be even more effective. Be aware of your thoughts, words, body language & actions.

If your behavior does not match up with who you want to be, stop! Take a deep breath, & then “pretend” to react how you would prefer to react. This will go a long way to correcting your negative behaviors. The saying, “Fake it till you make it” can be useful in some circumstances.

Change your tone of voice to impact your communication. Deepen your voice, pushing down a little on your Adam’s apple to create more bass. You can find your Adams apple near the center of your throat, when you swallow it will move up & down. This commanding tone will demand respect from others. Also it has been proven more effective to talk slower, even in high-pressure situations, much like how James Bond demands respect & talks slowly. For females think about the way in which Toni Braxton sings, lower depth than the average female singer. A deeper tone will also calm you & make you feel more grounded.


The Bottom Line:

Happiness & enjoyment are directly related to how you process stress & how they trigger your hormones. They have an inverse relationship. The higher your negative stress, the less happy you are. Or The happier you are, the less stressed you will be. To reduce belly fat, you must change your stress patterns. The first very simple step is to act positively & be aware of how you speak to others & to yourself (internal dialogue).


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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