“Are you Tense Right This Minute?”

Are you feeling stressed right now? Let me give you a quick tip…

There’s an old Chinese proverb that says;

‘Tension is who you think you should be, and relaxation is who you are’

Relaxation Tension HWL.001

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So what I’ve noticed is, for instance, when someone loses a loved one; they think that the more stress, the more distress and the more sadness that they show – the more love that they are expressing.

When really I don’t think that’s true. The person who has passed away would not want you to be suffering and would not want you to be sad for so long.


So, holding on to a stress, being aware of how stressed we are. How stressed are you right now? Are you holding tension in an area of your body or in your head or anywhere? Where are you holding it…


Tension is who you think you should be, relaxation is who you really are. How do we get into that point of relaxation? The best way is: breathing. And here is where I want you to focus the breath.


If you try and meditate, if you try and ‘Brain Train’, if you try and use your breath to relax, if you’re focusing on the moving breaths; that’s not quite going to work.

We need to focus on stillness. Where is the stillness in your breath?

It’s in between the inhalation and the exhalation. That’s where the focus goes, or where your mind clears.

So breathe in & hold at the top of the breath. Pause there for a few seconds. Allow your mind to clear. Then when you’re ready breathe out. When you have fully exhaled, pause for a few seconds. When you’re ready to breathe in (wait till you feel the desire the inhalation will be more fulfilling) breathe in… & repeat.


For a few seconds, maybe you can elongate that to 30 seconds. But start with 2, 5, 6, 7, 8 seconds. Do that, practice it, it will help you to de-stress and clear your mind. Try that now.


Slow down. Come to a pause, in-between the inhalation and the exhalation. This will help to decrease the stress in your body & become a part of your life.


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“Your Brain, Pain & Energy”

I was listening to professor Timothy Noakes who has led exercise science for 20+ maybe even 30+ years now and is a big proponent of low carb, high fat diets.

What I’m going to talk about here is the brain. Timothy actually explains that the main limiting factor within your results (using physical activity as the example) is not exhaustion or decrease in energy, but rather the brain being the limiting factor in order to protect the body.


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What they found through testing over 30 years is that you can find two people with exactly the same VO2 Max (that’s usually the limiting factor that will tell you someone’s performance) and you will get one that can run a marathon in 2 hours 20 minutes and the other can run it in 3 hours.


Some people experience these illusions of pain in the muscle or pain in the joint, as blocking you to protect you. So the brain is blocking you from continuing the race.


As long as we know this information we know that we can keep going, and get a better experience from it and even learn more.


He’s wrote several books, one of them is the law of running and another is real meal revolution. He’s run 71 marathons and ultra marathons (ultra marathons are 50 miles!)


The point being in this one is that your brain again is the limiting factor. I keep going back to this because if 80% of your results is psychology, 20% is mechanics and there’s a lot of evidence that points to that being the truth then where should we focus most of our efforts? On the brain.


We can work on our brain, work on our emotions and work on our energy levels but where does our energy come from? I had this conversation earlier, does it come from food, does it come from oxygen does It come from sleep?


I propose something to you that energy comes from movement, the more you move the more energy you get. Have you noticed that when you’re really active and you’re doing things the more energy you’ve got and you can keep going? When you’re more lethargic and you’ve allowed yourself to be a little bit lazy you can’t be bothered to do anything. This is clear that much of something brings more.


Timothy Noakes said that your brain is a limiting factor, but when we know this if it’s fear or if it’s actually pain from exercise, we know that the brain may be bringing up that illusion just to try and protect us and if we can go through that we can actually extend, and get our results that we desire a little bit sooner than we thought rather than being stopped by these illusions.


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‘6 MUST KNOW’S’ : How to Choose Your Omega Fish Oil Supplement

  1. Does your oil contain Omega 6 ?

baked-1549171_1920You don’t need any more. Your Omega fish oil supplement should not contain any Omega 6.

Om6 is pro-inflammatory (promotes it) & it is highly likely you already have enough of it in your blood.

Main sources of Om6 are :

NOTE: Do not ingest any more Omega 6


2. Should it contain more EPA or DHA ?

Both EPA & DHA are amazingly good for you. Studies in fact show that DHA has even more health benefits than EPA.

Particularly for your brain & eyes.

NOTE: You want a supplement higher in DHA to EPA.


3. Capsules or Liquid?

You want your oil to be in a liquid form. Why? One reason is it will be purer & gone through less handling.

The second reason is that in the heating of the capsules in order to seal them a portion of the DHA is lost to the heat. The more heat process the oil is put through the less fresh it will be.

As mentioned you want as much DHA to remain as possible.

NOTE: Make sure your oil is in liquid form


4. How pure is your oil ?

All oils in the UK must pass stringent tests to be fit for human consumption. The industry standard in Scandinavia (where the best fish comes from) is the TOTOX Value.

Totox stands for total oxidation & assures that the oil is pure & fresh. Basically how many toxins are in the oil & how quickly is it ageing.

Clearly you want the purest oil with as little toxins present as possible & you want it to be fresh.

TIP: The more fishy smelling an oil becomes the less fresh it is.

In the Uk all oils must score 10 or below on the Totox Value. This should be public information but not all companies release this information easily. (I wonder why?)

The lower the score on the Totox the cleaner, purer & fresher the oil.

It is fit for human consumption if you see on the shelves in the Uk but the closer to 10 on the Totox score the less pure it is.

I think of it like this: a drop of arsenic each day wont kill me but it certainly isn’t doing me any good. Combine that with all the other toxins coming in & over the years of accumulation it could become a problem…. The purer the better.

NOTE: Only use the lowest scoring oil from the Totox Test. If a company wont tell you that information DON’T TAKE THEIR OIL.


5. How much should a quality oil cost ?

For a decent oil expect to invest £30-£40 per bottle.

This is one area where a little extra is worth it. You could choose to save a pound or two per month but be wasting your money if its optimal health, vitality & wellness you are in search of.

There are some excellent oils out there for around £1 per day – what is your health & happiness worth to you ?

NOTE: £1 per day could save you many aches, pains & potential risk to diseases especially as you age.


6. How do I know I need it & how much should I take ?

Most people take Omega supplements blind: They don’t know their Omega status & don’t know if the product is doing them more harm than good AND if the product is doing anything at all !

There are some extremely simple ways to test your Omega status these days & combine that with the other facts above you will know exactly how much you need & for how long.

NOTE: Get the simple cost effective test & correct your Omega levels asap. Your health, energy & performance could depend on it.


To conclude…

If you were to prioritise your budget to ‘which supplement will give me the most bang for my buck?’ then TWO jump out & every health care practitioner will tell you the same:

  1. Multi vitamin
  2. Omega supplement


You have a simple decision to make…

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3 Why’s Fish Oil should be your FIRST supplement

1 Why: Helps Combat EVERY disease…

You can google Fish oil and ‘ X ‘ (any disease). You’ll find reams of pages (average 1,750,000) & studies supporting the fact that fish oil helps to reduce the risk to whatever disease you type.

The benefits are FAR REACHING.

So a question you could be having right now is How do I know I need it? The answer is testing. If you don’t know your Omega status it is well worth finding out.

The further you are away from a ratio of 2:1 (Omega6:Omega3) the higher your risk to illness, ailments & disease. (I’ll show you a streamlined way to test & perfect your status in the quickest time possible at the end of this article)


2 Why: Fat Loss..

Again you can do your own research on Google which will pull up just under 5,000,000 pages of data supporting fish oil supplementation & fat loss.

If you want to look & feel your best for something that takes less than 30 seconds a day then fish oil supplementation is a no brainer.

The only question you should have is ‘ Which the best product & how much does it cost? ‘ (I’ll give you a genius option at a highly competetive price the end of this article…)


3 Why: Builds Muscle & Lowers Inflammation…

There is a more recent term coming through called ‘ INLAMMAGEING ‘ linking the rate of ageing with inflammation.

Bottom line is the more we control inflammation, think painful joints, digestive issues, outbreaks of rashes & acne on the skin, the longer we keep our youthful looks & vibrancy.

At the same time we get to build more muscle which is one of the top determinants of longevity. Fact is the more muscle you have the more calories you’ll burn (even at rest) so basically put the more muscle you have the less likely you will get fatter !


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4 Reasons to take a Multivitamin


A multivitamin is a vitamin tablet, capsule, or oral liquid that is made up of multiple vitamins. Instead of having to take many different tablets/capsules each day, multivitamins allow you to simply take one pill instead and still get all your required vitamins.


Vitamins are taken into your body through various foods. If you’re growing, pregnant, or not eating a balanced diet, you might not be getting enough vitamins to remain healthy. In this day & age it is highly likely that you are not obtaining adequate vitamins & minerals even if your diet is perfect! This is due to the quality & the nutritional value of the food. When this happens you can take vitamin supplements each day to maintain the necessary nutrition your body needs.


Another cause for not getting enough vitamins is training. When you’re training, you require even more vitamins & minerals to support the repair & growth of tissue. Your body’s transformation will not happen without enough vitamins. This is 1 reason a lot of people fail to see results from their training programs.


Vitamins and protein are necessary for not only giving you energy & building muscles but are also essential to the process of detoxification. When working out you’ll need a whole range of vitamins, which can more easily be received through multivitamin supplementation alongside a healthy eating plan.


1) Essential

Our food contains vitamins because its food contained vitamins as well! Follow me here… Vegetables today are not getting as much vitamins through the soil as they used to. This is caused by soil erosion as well as intense farming methods that value quantity more over quality. Our food grows quickly (and largely) because of growth hormones and other chemicals. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the food produced will be highly nutritional or taste good (taste is also related to the nutrient content of the food!)


Data from both the US and the UK has shown that our food’s national value has been declining in the past couple of decades. If you know that your food supply isn’t as high in nutrition as it once was, a question must arise – ‘is there anything you can do about it?’ Sure, you can buy all-organic foods, but that can be expensive. Taking multivitamin supplements on the other hand guarantees that your health is in-check, and so is your wallet.


 2) What Benefits Will Multivitamin Supplements Give You?

Taking multivitamin supplements everyday will keep your body healthy and it will prevent vitamin deficiency. There are 13 essential vitamins that your body needs. Not getting enough of any of these can cause major complications ranging from arthritis to dizziness.


Multivitamin supplements are also used by people of old age, smokers, alcoholics, and many others. One of the most popular uses for taking multivitamins other than for keeping your health in check, is for training purposes. Multivitamin supplements can speed up your body’s transformation when working out. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this knowledge? It’s like having an insurance policy on your health!


3) What Are the Long Term Benefits of Multivitamin Supplements?

A study conducted by the University of Utah on 586 people discovered that multivitamin supplements extend telomeres by 5.1% Telomeres are markers for biological aging, and extending their length will cause your body to remain younger for longer.


In 2012 it was announced that the largest and longest vitamin study discovered that multivitamin supplements lower the risk of cancer in men by 8%. Although a reduction of 8% may seem like a small achievement, it’s actually really important. In a world where just about everything can give us cancer (cellphones, cars, wifi etc) it’s enlightening to know that there are things we can do to combat these toxic sources & keep us feeling + looking good!


4) Detoxification

When you lower your body-fat you also detoxify your body. Toxins are stored within the fat of your body & kept away from your internal organs. As you lose body-fat you metabolise the toxins within that fat (they enter your blood stream).

If you do not have adequate vitamins & minerals constantly entering your body then it is un-likely that you will be able to get rid of these toxins! Therefore your body has to replace them back into fat – the cycle continues of trying to decrease body-fat but struggling to achieve the results your training & eating plan says you deserve.


What is the Best Multivitamin Supplement?

Although there are thousands of vitamin companies out there, there are only a few that can be trusted. Your body is really important, and it’s critical that anything you put into it is of the highest quality possible.


ShapeTrainer has tried & tested the best multivitamins on the market and discovered that the Poliquin range is the best option. They are scientifically researched to contain only the best quality ingredients & created to be easily absorbed by your body.




It is essential that in this day & age you take a multivitamin daily. I personally take 3 per day & instruct all of my clients to do the same. In as little as 1 week my clients & family members have reported that they are sleeping much better, are aching less after intense training sessions, feel mentally sharper & are losing body-fat!


To either bridge the gap between your un-healthy diet  or  blanket insurance your vitamin & mineral intake to ensure the best possible results from your training in the shortest possible time, a multivitamin will become your greatest ally.


Lasly, If you are a male you must always take a multi-vitamin WITHOUT IRON. Regular iron supplementation has shown to induce heart attacks in certain populations of males. If you’re a women it is fine that your multi includes iron due to your regular blood loss through your menstrual cycle.



Try taking these multi’s for 1 month & notice immediate improvements:

Multi Intense:


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