Managing your life Pt.2

Manage your life in a way that will generate the  high-quality results that you desire & deserve

The first step towards any change is awareness. As Dr. Phil famously says to his guests & viewing audience “You can’t change what you don’t acknowledge.”

 If you read my last blog, I strongly suggested that you keep track of all your activities for a 24-hour period. Please check out my suggestions from my book, Health Wealth: Feel Like a Billion Dollars Every Day Of The Week. for additional tips on this exercise.




I hope you got a chance to do this activity.  It should have provided you with valuable information in planning your strategy to incorporate the changes you need to improve your mental, physical & spiritual health.


  • Were you able to see the imbalances in your life that may be sabotaging your desire to live a healthier life?
  • Too much time devoted to work?  
  • Not enough time for family & other important relationships?  
  • Not enough time to exercise?  Eating on the run; not always making healthy food choices?                 


You need to take a close look at your lifestyle choices & determine what you can do to improve the quality of your life.


Today I would like to focus on some simple steps you can take to start incorporating exercise into your life so you can start increasing your energy, stamina & overall good health.

Please remember that gradually working toward change improves your odds of success. A new behavior needs to be repeated & then given a chance to become part of your routine.  

  • Whenever possible, walk. Increase the amount of time you can walk, versus sit or drive. It doesn’t take that much extra time to park a bit farther from the entrance to the grocery store or mall.
  • At work stretch in your chair, squat to pick something up, stand up when you talk on the phone: take breaks when sitting in front of your computer for extended periods of time- take a quick walk &/or stretch & do some exercises while you watch TV.
  • Take a short vigorous walk during part of your lunch hour
  • Take the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator
  • Turn household activities, like gardening, into exercise.
  • Play with your children or dog in the yard or a park.
  • While watching TV, talking on the phone, or reading a book, try doing isometric exercises.


Pick a couple of these ideas & use them each day. When you see just how much time we waste sitting, standing in lines, waiting for stoplights, etc., you’ll see just how easy exercise can be & you can do it in a very short time.

Build up slowly day by day so you can incorporate these healthy habits into your daily routine

The Bottom Line…

“99% of failures come from those who have the habit of making up excuses”

                                                                                                                George W. Carver


To read more be sure to check out the full text here: Health Wealth: Feel Like a Billion Dollars Every Day Of The Week. To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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