Why Supplementation Is Needed

Food is fuel. Depending on your choice of food it can also be poison… or a medicine.
If you want to thrive—not just survive—then being at your peak requires feeding your body exactly what it needs & making sure you are consistent with that type of eating.

healthy food

Here is the unencumbered truth:

• Evidence from the National Diet & Nutrition Survey shows that the UK population does not achieve nutritional sufficiency through diet alone.

• Executive secretary of the UK Council for Responsible Nutrition said that recent NHS findings that diet alone is enough were flawed. She went on to say, “I am a little surprised that the NHA did not refer to [their own] data.”

Your body needs supplementation because:

There are not enough nutrients in our food to cover our requirements.

Perhaps we did have enough decades ago, but massproduced, intensive growing methods & farming practices leave fruits & vegetables with significantly fewer nutrients than people think.

• The age of our food must also be taken into consideration.

How old is that bunch of apples you bought yesterday? Eating food that is a week, two weeks, or even a month old is not eating fresh, high-nutrient food.

If you’re eating a South African apple & you live in London, it obviously wasn’t picked yesterday. The older the food, the lower its nutritional value.

Poor food preparation.

Not only is the food lower quality, but we also use cooking processes like microwaves & high-oil heatcooking that remove whatever nutrients are left, denature the food & end up eating fats that do use harm.

 Did you know that over cooking your vegetables (& food in general) removes vital nutrients & digestive enzymes.

Ultimately this means that your body has less access to the nutrients it needs to be at optimal & on top of that cannot absorb the nutrients does get access to.

Poor food digestion

Your body needs high-quality nutrients to function optimally—but you can’t absorb these nutrients because the modern diet causes damage to your digestive tract, which diminishes nutrient uptake.

On top of that as mentioned above, some cooking processes reduce the absorption rate of foods due to the loss of digestive enzymes.

Off-the-Charts Toxicity Levels

If you can spare a moment to dismiss soil depletion, water pollution, poor animal rearing, battery-cage farms & consider poor cooking practices, there is still the horror of toxin exposure to deal with. You need nutrients to deal with the toxins you are exposed to every
day. The more toxins in the environment, the more nutrients you need for detox & healing.

In tests done in the United States on non-industry workers (teachers, journalists), they were found to have one hundred toxins in their bodies that were not present forty years ago.

The Bottom Line…

No one can eat enough nutrients 100 percent of the time. You most likely have a hectic schedule & there will be times when you cannot help but skip a meal, or do not have a healthy choice available for a day or more.

If this happens, your body will not have the nutrients to keep it at peak physical condition. Your body will suffer & so will your performance & mind—especially if this happens every week, or several times a week. This is very common. As a result, you wont be able to repair, detox & grow optimally.

At this point most people become despondent & return to previous habits. Prevent yourself from making this mistake by understanding that food is not the only way to get the nutrients that your body needs. Supplements (well chosen) will help you.

To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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