Bad Food Choices Lead to Bad Choices

Bad Food Choices Lead to Bad Choices
When you don’t feel your best, you often turn to something you know you shouldn’t be eating—like chocolate or crisps/ potato chips.

You’ll usually do this for the instant sugar, salt or fat rush in your blood stream that signals to your brain that you can relax, or that you are being rewarded for something good.



Basically, these foods make us think we feel good, which then makes us feel like all is well. On top of that, marketing is so aggressive that it has to have an affect on our choices. Less-than-ideal foods are made to look so appetising, tasty & affordable—& in some cases, even good for you. The lower your personal level of health, the more likely
you are to make bad choices & bad choices in general. This relates to food, work & your private life.
The opposite is also true. The healthier you are, the better choices you make all around & your life takes an upward turn. One example I can use to explain my point here is the
expression ‘gut feeling’. You will know what I’m talking about if you’ve ever been faced with a decision & it just didn’t feel like the right thing to do – in your gut.


What’s going on here?
As around 90 percent of your neurotransmitters are made in your gut this clearly demonstrates the link between your brain (decision making) & your gut (digestion). Your neurotransmitters are chemicals that basically transmit signals from within your body. They determine your mood & how well you’re able to concentrate & focus. The better your neurotransmitters are performing the better you will perform, physically – mentally – emotionally.

The more health promoting your diet the healthier your gut will be. The healthier your gut the more optimal your neurotransmitter production will be. Improve the health of your gut & you will improve the function of your mind.

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Bottom line…

Around 75 percent of your nervous system is located within your gut. Ensuring a healthy diet will not only improve your memory, ability to focus & productivity but you will also get sick less & have fewer days off work & training due to illness. With this information can you afford not to follow a healthy diet?


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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