Directing Your Work Day

Direct Your Day


Spending seventy hours sitting at a desk is not healthy. You don’t need me to tell you that, but often times a starting a successful business or reaching your career goals traps you in that cycle. You lose sight of what’s important, and your days can begin to degenerate into this.

workplace stress
An exercise I recommend is writing out your daily activities, and seeing how much time you spend doing what. Are you spending enough time with your loved ones and doing things you enjoy?

It’s a sad fact that Time doesn’t go very far when you’re living a hectic life. In this article I’ll describe a few tips on optimizing your work day to regain balance.

I go into this deeper in my book HealthWealth, and provide a lifestyle guide for an optimal life, but here is a great way to start and really improve your life.

So balancing your day means a number of things:

1) Balance the activities throughout your day, so that you are not doing 1 specific thing obsessively, day in – day out.
2) To highlight long-term imbalance like not seeing loved ones for weeks on end.
3) Something previously unforeseen may become clear to you. Looking at your entire week this way can bring to your attention situations in your life that where hidden from immediate view.

Some Quick & Simple Solutions to Apply to A Hectic Day:
1) Organise a standing desk. Studies prove that a standing desk results in a higher work output. One study from Knight and Baer within the journal Social Psychological and Personality Science hypothesised that standing work spaces produced more ideas, greater collaboration & higher signs of engagement.

2) Stand up & walk around for ten minutes of every one and half
hours. Like the flow of night & day as a cycle, called circadian rhythm,
there are many cycles that operate throughout your day.

Another important cycle is your ultradian rhythm. This is any biological process that displays oscillation of less than 24 hours. I specifically bring your attention to the 90-120 minute brain wave frequency cycle that occurs when we are both awake & asleep.
Psychophysiologist Peretz Lavie demonstrated within his study of young adults that we get exceptionally sleepy at two times per day: 4:30pm & 11:30pm. But in the morning we get sleepy every 90 minutes. These 90-minute cycles are our ultradian rhythms, which
define when we’re naturally feeling awake & productive. You will perform better in between your periods of drowsiness.

  •  Set a timer on your phone & follow it. Numerous studies also show that having a ten-minute walk or break within this 90 minute period increases work output. It’s about creating a balance or contrast of intensity. The active recovery period allows for recharge & another period of higher intensity to follow.
  • Schedule your day to different environments. Schedule your day to make phone calls, work on your phone or laptop outside or in a quiet standing space to get you off your butt & on your feet more. Altering your environment throughout your day has shown
    to increase dopamine secretion. Dopamine is a hormone & neurotransmitter that is essential for optimal function of your brain & body. It is important for nerve cell signaling in your brain (for instance to feel fully awake or alert) & for the controlled release of other hormones in your body.
  • Alter your route to the office or home, make your calls in different areas of your home, office or simply select a different place to where you usually are. If you happen to work on your laptop, sit in a different place each time you start a timed work period.


Bottom line…


Main point right now is to make the change, soon after you will begin to benefit from these simple steps. If you tailor these points to your environment you’ll soon see the positive outcomes


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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