Juicing – Just a Fad?

A Word On Juicing

You would have likely heard about juicing or even been part of a juicing craze. These fads tend to bubble up from time to time like most things in the health & fitness industry. Well I am here to tell you that juicing is one fad that you should keep participating in!



It consists of juicing (or blending) a bunch of green vegetables (or fruit) to make a smoothie or juice like drink. In simple terms juicing is the equivalent of taking in a high dose of bioavailable (easily absorbed) vitamins & minerals.

Think of it like taking a multivitamin but instead of a pill the nutrients are coming from real food.

I advocate supplementation simply because most people do not get enough nutrients in their system on a daily basis.

So in my opinion supplements are good, essential for some people, however it is obvious that the more nutrients that you can obtain from real food the better this will be for you in the long run.

You may be wondering about carbohydrate intake at this point. The main thing to remember here is that green vegetables are so low on the GI scale that you could eat the entire green section of the grocery store without negatively affecting your body fat. In fact it would likely do you a world of good. Problem being you’d struggle to eat that much food! So it’s highly nutritious, filling & cheap – a very good combination I’m sure you agree?

This is where juicing comes in. You can juice a large plate piled high with green vegetables & that will make one large green juice that you can easily drink over a 5-10 minute period. It would take longer to eat that amount. Then you can do this two to three times each day. Lastly, as talked about earlier be aware of the amount of fruit you consume. Yes fruit is good for you but the timing & amount is critical if you want to balance your blood sugar level throughout every day. Remember not all fruits are made equal… & green veg will not spike your blood sugar – which is a good thing, most of the time.


Bottom line…

Green vegetables are incredibly healthy for you, and you can’t really overconsume them – Juicing gives you the option to eat A LOT, obtaining the vitamins and minerals, without the hassle. If you’re not juicing and struggling to get your veg in, you may have just found your answer.


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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