Wrong Type of Food = Fat Gain

Check Out What Happened to the Pima Indians…

Do Calories Affect Weight Gain?…

The Pima Indians, natives of Arizona, provide a classic example of how body composition is affected by much more than just the amount of calories ingested. The Pima Indians have genotypically evolved eating a low number of calories, primarily from fish, small game & foods they gathered.

As early as 1901, a new “obesity epidemic” was evident among the Pima. Local scientists who lived in the region were stumped as to why this indigenous group that had previously been “tall and sinewy” were now plagued by widespread obesity.




White Man Food…

More recent analysis has shown that shortly after the Pima came in contact with white settlers & adopted their foods—both foods that they began to grow such as corn, beans, potatoes, & processed foods like sugar, bread & eventually soda/soft drinks—obesity became very common as did type 2 diabetes!

Analysis of changes in the Pima diet shows that the Pima were not overeating or ingesting more calories than previously when they adopted the “white man’s” diet of sugar, bread, starchy foods, eggs, & beef rather than fish & small game. Nor was their caloric intake greater than the amount of energy they burned on a Rather, the Pima were eating the wrong type of calories for their genotype and it was causing a hormonal response that led to fat gain & diabetes.

Life Sapping Food…

Western A Price was an orthodontist who travelled the world & studied many tribes & settlements of humans. He documented their facial spacing & the formation of their palates & alignment He found a very similar occurrence as what happened to the Prima Indians.

In fact, he renamed ‘white mans food’ to a more nutritionally accurate title of ‘displacement food’. This means that the food requires more nutritional load than it provides. Basically, it slowly drains the body of its own vital resources.

I go through all the details of an optimal diet in my book HealthWealth. It’s all there for you to learn & benefit from.

Bottom Line…

I could talk for hours about this subject, but in the interest of getting my point across quickly so that it is useful to you I’m going to make a long story short. As I always suggest, just eat real food. If it wasn’t here hundreds of thousands of years ago, or it has more than three ingredients then it is likely not as natural as you need right now.


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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