Reducing Fat by Reducing Stress

We all know that Stress is definitely bad for your health in so many ways, but did you know that it is also a cause of gaining fat?

The basic story goes like this, the more stressed you are, the more fat your body stores to withstand that stress. The more fat, the more stress your body can handle.

Stress can attract & hold fat to your body, even if you reduce your calorie intake. You need to learn stress management in order to lose fat effectively. If you’re starting to grow a little muffin top belly listen up.


Cortisol attracts fat to your belly!

Stressed Hormones

Where your body stores fat is related to your hormones. Belly fat is where receptor sites for the stress hormone cortisol are commonly found. When you are stressed out, cortisol causes you to gain fat in & around your belly. Therefore stress reduction is one of the main keys to losing belly fat. In fact, it is one of the missing elements in a lot of  peoples approach to fat loss.


Tips to Reduce Stress

I speak in depth on this topic in my book Health Wealth, but here are some quick tips to help you on your way:

Herbal adaptogens have been used for centuries to decrease & manage stress. Most people will not be able to break their stress cycle & will require adaptogens. You must work with a skilled professional to determine your specific requirements.

What comes first for you: negative thoughts or negative body language? It is a chicken & egg scenario, but one that illustrates the point. Does an unhealthy lifestyle come first, or the disease? Negativity breads negativity, so changing to positive body language does, scientifically speaking, improve stress status.

Break your current cycle & apply a new, more positive outlook. Re-train yourself to be even more effective. Be aware of your thoughts, words, body language & actions.

If your behavior does not match up with who you want to be, stop! Take a deep breath, & then “pretend” to react how you would prefer to react. This will go a long way to correcting your negative behaviors. The saying, “Fake it till you make it” can be useful in some circumstances.

Change your tone of voice to impact your communication. Deepen your voice, pushing down a little on your Adam’s apple to create more bass. You can find your Adams apple near the center of your throat, when you swallow it will move up & down. This commanding tone will demand respect from others. Also it has been proven more effective to talk slower, even in high-pressure situations, much like how James Bond demands respect & talks slowly. For females think about the way in which Toni Braxton sings, lower depth than the average female singer. A deeper tone will also calm you & make you feel more grounded.


The Bottom Line:

Happiness & enjoyment are directly related to how you process stress & how they trigger your hormones. They have an inverse relationship. The higher your negative stress, the less happy you are. Or The happier you are, the less stressed you will be. To reduce belly fat, you must change your stress patterns. The first very simple step is to act positively & be aware of how you speak to others & to yourself (internal dialogue).


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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