Vitamin B5 / Pantothenic Acid

The Vitamin Guide Series: A-Z – Volume 6

Vitamin B5 / Pantothenic Acid



Pantothenic acid, also known as Vitamin B5, is a water-soluble vitamin from the B group of vitamins.

Since we are unable to store it we need to consume it every day to replenish our supply.

We need vitamin B5 to synthesise & metabolise fats, proteins & carbohydrates.

It is also required to synthesise CoA (coenzyme-A), which plays a major role in fatty acid oxidation (using fats for energy)

 Vitamin B

The Benefits of Vitamin B5… 

We need vitamin B5 to break down proteins, fats & carbohydrates from the food we eat, so that our bodies can use them for energy & rebuilding tissue, muscles & organs.

There is evidence to suggest that vitamin B5 intake can lower cholesterol & blood triglycerides levels.


The Optimal Amount of Vitamin B5…

  • Males & females 14+ years – 5 mg per day
  • Pregnant women – 6 mg per day
  • Breastfeeding women – 7 mg per day


Foods that Contain Vitamin B5….


  • Avocados
  • Broccoli
  • Coldwater fish ovaries
  • Meats
  • Royal jelly (a honey bee secretion from the glands of worker bees)
  • Porridge
  • Tomatoes
  • Whole grains

A Lack Of…

Pantothenic acid deficiency is virtually unheard of, because it is so plentiful.

In cases of severe starvation, all deficiency signs & symptoms were reversed when individuals were given pantothenic acid.

The most common symptom of Vitamin B5 deficiency is burning foot syndrome, in which a person experiences lack of feeling in their feet, accompanied by intense inflammatory pain.

Along with this comes a constant feeling of fatigue & weakness throughout the body.

Other major symptoms include insomnia, anemia, vomiting, contraction of muscles & abnormal skin developments.


The Bottom Line…

Follow the principles I present to you on a regular basis & you will not meet with burning feet as from the example above!

As long as you vary your diet over time & ensure you are eating highly nutritious food you should meet your nutritional needs.

As you’re already aware balance is the key to success.

Balance your diet – over time. Balance your sleeping patterns – over time. Balance your eating & training habits.

I will continue to provide you with ideas for these areas of your life that will slowly but surely guide you toward your personal best & keep you there for the long run.

I use a process with my clients where we test their unique vitamin & mineral levels. We then work on bringing all of their levels to optimum.

It works wonders. The impact this process has is profound. You can learn more about that process by clicking here.


Stay on the path with me. Talk soon.


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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