Ever Heard of pH?

Ever heard of pH?



What Is pH?

The pH of your saliva or urine tells you if you are more acid or alkaline.


pH stands for power of hydrogen where p is short for the German word for power – potenz & H is the element symbol for Hydrogen. The H is capitalized because it is standard to capitlise element symbols.


The pH scale goes from 0-14 & is logarithmic meaning each notch is ten times the previous.


4.5 is ten times more acid than 5.5, 100 times more acid than 6.5 & 1000 times more acid than 7.5.




The pH scale was first described by Danish biochemist Soren Peter Lauritz Sorensen in 1909.



How It Works…

Water (H2O) ionizes into Hydrogen (H+) & Hydroxide (OH) ions. When these ions are in equal balance the pH is a neutral 7.


When there are more Hydrogen ions than Hydroxide the water is said to be acid.

More Hydroxide ions than Hydrogen & the water is alkaline.



So What Is Optimal pH…

The optimal pH score for your blood is 7.4. Your spinal fluid & saliva should also be 7.4. Most children register at 7.4 while cancer patients can show up as 4.5 highlighting an acidic environment within the body. (1)



pH Imbalance Causes Disease…

Excess acidity in the body makes way for degenerative diseases including cancer, heart disease, arthritis, osteoporosis, kidney, gall-stones & tooth decay.


Your body has a natural homeostatic tendency (to remain in balance) so in an attempt to keep your blood at a steady pH of 7.4 it will deposit or withdraw acid & alkaline minerals from locations around your body, for instance your bones, soft tissue, body fluids & saliva.


All of these areas of your body will be negatively affected by long-term pH imbalance.




It is critically important to note that Cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment.


Therefore maintaining an alkaline state is important for long-term health of your bones, soft tissue, teeth & reducing your risk to cancers.



How To Alkalinise…

Calcium, Magnesium, Sodium & Potassium are strongly alkalinising minerals.


Supplementing these minerals could go a long way to helping you maintain optimal health.


Vegetables, fruits & berries are also alkalinising.


Eating plenty of these foods is also a good idea if maximum energy is your goal.


However you will likely not be able to eat enough of the specific food to ingest appropriate amounts of these minerals.


That’s where juicing can be extremely useful. You can load up on food high in magnesium then simply drink the juice mixed with a little water.


Alternatively you can supplement accordingly to keep yourself in an acid/alkaline balance.



Bottom Line…


Cancer cannot survive in an Alkaline environment.


Apply the simple food & supplementation suggestions I’ve given you above to keep yourself strong & on top of your health for as long as possible.


Any question don’t hesitate to reach out.


Stay on the path. Talk soon.





(1) The Calcium Factor: The Scientific Secret of Health and Youth, by Robert R. Barefoot and Carl J. Reich, M.D., Gilliland Printing Inc., Arkansas City, Kansas, 1996.



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