Muscles of the Body Series: Vol2 – Biceps

Sometimes referred to as ‘guns’, your biceps, when developed, can be a great source of pride for both men & women.

When wearing a short sleeve shirt on your way for your morning coffee or looking great in your evening dress at a glitzy dinner or ball.

So how do you tone these muscles to make them a point of pride? And have others envious of your shapely arms.

First a little background info & then some detail…



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What’s The Point In Biceps…

The bicep muscle is located in the front of the upper arm & is used for elbow flexion (bending of the elbow).

The bicep is also involved when turning your palm up (supination) like when receiving money or a ‘low five’ usually after something good has happened.

It is also involved in raising your elbow & bringing the arm to the thorax (between your neck & abdomen).


Benefits of Strengthened Bicep…

According to the Encyclopedia Britannica, the bicep muscle is a ‘two headed muscle with a belly in the middle’.

In this case most people looking to showcase their ‘guns’ want to increase the size of the ‘belly’ of the muscle.

Their uses include the following:

  • They will help your chin ups – your biceps are a major part of this essential movement. Not only good for the back the chin up can help shape your arms. They’re an important part of all pulling movements. If you’re on the pull good biceps will always improve your performance!


  • Everyday Movements – Almost everything we do requires arm movement from heavy lifting of an object from the floor to just scratching your head.


  • Appearance – As mentioned before, well developed biceps are a source of pride to both men & women. Everything you wear will look even better once you have more toned & shapely biceps, from a crisp white shirt to that backless sleeveless dress you wear on special occasions.


  • Fat Loss – As I always say ‘The more muscle you have the more calories you’ll burn’ So the more shapely your arms the less fat you’ll store around your belly. (Hint: only working your arms will not work! This has to be a whole body approach!)



Sample Bicep Stretches…

A good simple stretch for biceps starts by sitting on the floor. Place hands behind you with fingers pointing away from your body. Walk your hips away from your hands.



Bicep Exercises…

There are many exercises that can be used to develop your biceps. It would require a long explanation to talk your through them all, so maybe another time for that.

It’s always best to consult with a pro to learn what you need. Then have a go on your own with what you learnt.

It’s also virtually impossible for me to teach you technique without hands on physical practice. So, I’ll give you the outline, then its up to you to find a professional to teach you the finer details.

For now here are three of my favourites…


Exercise One – Standing Bicep Curls

Using 2 sets of hand weights begin by holding them at your sides, palms to the front, then slowly lift till the weights touch your shoulder. Do this 8 -12 times then take a rest. Then repeat up to 3 sets.

The tempo (speed of movement), rest periods, sets & reps can all be varied over time & depending on your goal.


excercise1.jpg         excercise2

 Exercise Two – Seated Incline Bench Bicep Curls

Take a high incline on a bench & sit down holding a dumbbell in each hand.

Lean back allowing your arms to hang naturally. Now lift the weights up to & in front of your shoulders. Repeat for the desired reps & sets. Again, have someone experienced in program design to help you set up the finer details.


excercise5        excercise6


Exercise Three – Seated Concentrated Curl

Sit on a bench place your feet wider than shoulder width, now pick up the weight & place your elbow on the inside of your knee.

Raise the weight toward your chin & squeeze it in toward your shoulder while keeping your elbow fixed to your knee at all times. This stops the swing & makes sure your biceps do the work.

Lower the weight in a control motion & repeat. Your choice for reps, sets & rest. Choose a weight that suits you.


 excercise3        excercise4


The Bottom Line…

Something to remember when exercising any muscle – slowly but surely KEEP ADVANCING.

Find the weight that is right for you. Complete your desired reps & sets. At your next workout aim to increase by one repetition per set. Or something close to that.

You wont be able to improve every workout but that should be your aim.

If you’re not moving forward then you’re likely start to go backwards. I’m afraid that’s just the way it is.

Keep chipping away on that Greek God Body of Yours.


Speak again soon


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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