Finding Balance: Cardio vs. Weight Training

You hear it every day on TV; “The Perfect Workout Plan!”

You read about it in every magazine; “The one secret you need to lose weight!”

You find it in nearly every advertisement; “Why this plan works & why that plan doesn’t”.

If that’s not confusing enough – the face-off continues between weight training versus cardio.

I want to help break down the confusion into simple, actionable steps that will help you get the results you want – fast.

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HealthWealth Principle Thirteen:

“I Consistently Vary My Training Stimulus”

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Simple Rules…

  1. Consistency: What matters most is consistency. The best plan, for exercise or nutrition or any goal is the plan that you can stick to.
  1. Clear Goals: Establish a fitness goal that primarily addresses health & wellness. It’s perfectly ok to want to look buff & toned but you want to be healthy as well!


A good fitness goal will include a combination of both weight training & cardio – a balanced plan to help achieve a balanced goal.


I know your time is valuable so I’m giving you the straight up truth – There are no shortcuts to good health & fitness.


Get your health handled – then nothing will stop you from getting fit.

  1. Exercise & Nutrition: Your car won’t run without fuel & it won’t go far without the RIGHT fuel. Keep both your nutrition & your workouts balanced.


I’ll share all the tips & tricks I have learnt over the years to help you achieve an optimal state of being in the quickest time possible. Stay tuned & we’ll walk that path together.


Which First? – Weight training or cardio?…

It all comes down to the science of how your body uses energy.

When you exercise, your body first uses anaerobic energy, which is stimulated by a quick burst of movement that requires oxygen beyond what you’re already taking in.

Then, once you’re moving, your body moves on to aerobic energy.

The key, is using that first quick burst of energy, the anaerobic kind, most effectively—& that’s where doing strength training (weight training) can be a great way to go.

So, start with a quick muscle-engaging workout. Train to improve your anaerobic energy system. It has been shown that training this system encourages more fat burn & greater muscle tone.

If fat loss, muscle tone & sporting fitness is your main goal then get into this style of training first.


Cardio Second…

After you have completed a weight-training workout then move to the cardio element of your plan.

Treadmill, stair climber or a good ol’fashioned jog around the block.

Ultimately, changing up your workouts between aerobic & anaerobic will keep your heart-rate up for the entire workout, burn more calories & most effectively create that great word again: balance – in your workouts.

You can take the anaerobic element into your cardio workouts to by performing sprint intervals.

You’ll already be aware of this style of workout if you’ve read my previous articles. I’ll help you develop a plan around this over the coming weeks.


In Summary…

A good fitness program should always include balanced nutrition, lean muscle mass gains, & cardiovascular function.

You achieve this by planning your workouts to suit your goal.

Think anaerobic (weight training) first. This way you can put the most intense effort into your lifts which in turn stimulate more muscle growth.

The more muscle you have the more calories you’ll burn, the safer your joints will be, the better your performance will be.

Then burn of the remainder of your energy with some sprints.

Keep it simple. Until we speak again…


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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