4 Ways to Increase Brain Power Through Your Stomach

Your gut is your body’s ‘second brain’.

Bacteria in the gut transmits information to your brain via the vagus nerve – the tenth cranial nerve that runs from your brain stem into your enteric nervous system (the nervous system of your gastrointestinal tract).

Studies have shown there to even be a close connection between abnormal gut flora & abnormal brain development.  

Therefore, it is critical to get your gut bacteria in peak condition so your brain development & entire system is fully optimised.


Inflammation, Immunity & Vitamins…

Microbes in your gut, called your microbiome, help to regulate a variety of different processes including inflammation, immunity, production of various vitamins, carbohydrate metabolism, detoxification & even production of neurotransmitters (serotonin & dopamine) that affect your happiness & mood.


4 Simple Steps…

So, with so many important factors weighing on your gut & your brain coordinating together seamlessly, what can you do to ensure that your gut is fully optimised & helping you to live as fully & functionally efficient as possible?


  • Only take antibiotics when absolutely necessary:


Keep in mind, “broad-spectrum” antibiotics are made to wipe out bacteria. Meaning both the good & the bad.  

Unless your doctor insists, try not to take a broad spectrum antibiotic for every cold or virus.


  • Add probiotic-rich foods to your diet:


Probiotics help to promote & restore the natural balance of bacteria in your gut, which helps keep your bowel movements regulated, your food digested & your mood positive.

Keep an eye out for future articles (& past) that focus on probiotic foods. I regularly bang-on about adding these foods to your daily diet for optimal health & performance.


  • Reduce carbs & sugars:


Diets high in carbs & sugars increase the risk of inflammation, risk for diabetes & create an imbalance in the gut.

The ‘bad’ bacteria have a sweet tooth. They thrive off sugary, refined & highly processed foods.

So if you want to ensure that you feel like death warmed up & have the ‘get-up-&-go’ of a sloth then continue to eat those types of food! Otherwise steer well clear of them.


  • Avoid aspartame


Aspartame is an artificial sweetener currently found in over 6,000 products on the market.


Foods such as carbonated soft drinks, chewing gum, confections, gelatins, dessert mixes, puddings & fillings, frozen yoghurt & tabletop sweeteners.

Aspartame leads to a dramatic change in the microbiome, which has been correlated with a significant risk for diabetes, even more so than regular sugar.


The Bottom Line…

All in all, keep in mind some basic lessons,

  • Natural is always best. If it wasn’t around 10,000 years ago don’t eat it.
  • Avoid antibiotics unless absolutely essential.
  • A body optimised with health more easily leads to a life that’s full of wealth.
  • For optimal performance in everything you do you must be optimally nourished.
  • Artificial & processed foods will blunt your progress & sharpness of mind – avoid them.


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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