Schedule Your Workouts & Track Your Progress

When you have set yourself a goal, be it a work goal, home refurb goal or a financial goal do you then just complete bits & pieces of the project whenever it is convenient or when the mood strikes you?  

Would you say that this is the most efficient & most effective way to accomplish your goals?  

The answer is clear to most of us – most likely not.  

Then why is this the way a lot of people often tackle your fitness & health goals?  

Studies show that those who plan ahead & record their progress are more successful at achieving what they set out to do.

This is your new mantra: I always plan a structured workout & record consistent progress.  

Workout Schedule

Schedule Your Priorities…

If you had a bill that had no due date, would you make it a priority & be quick to pay it?  

Or would you just put it off to whenever it was convenient?  It’s the same principle for your workouts.  

You plan & schedule your meetings, your conference calls & your get-togethers with friends, it’s also important to plan & schedule things that are just for you & you alone.

Make your fitness (& health) a priority, plan & schedule your own goals the same way you do ones that involve others.  

Next, it’s important to plan what you are going to work on.  Which body part are you going to work on which day?

Remember to change it up so you continue to hit different muscle groups & focus on different movements as the months pass.  


Having set, measurable data & deadlines are what push us to get to the next level.   

If your goal is to build muscle, it is essential to track your reps & weight so that you can continue to push yourself to the next level.  

Tracking is the way to know where you are so you can outline where you want to go & be able to plan how you’re going to get there.

In fact, a study performed in 2010 showed that individuals who are given feedback & have their progress monitored & measured make far greater improvements than those who don’t.  

So use what you know from studies such as these & other areas of your life & remember to:

  • Make your workouts a priority
  • Schedule them
  • Plan what you are going to work on
  • Track your progress

You’ll find yourself far more successful in the end than when you just leave your fitness to whims & chance!

I’ll help you apply more detail around these areas in the coming weeks, so keep an eye out for those tips & tricks…

Until we speak again

To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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