Muscle Burns Fat. Fact.

Studies have shown that muscle is 3 times more effective at burning calories than fat.


Burn Fat All Day Long…

The more muscle you have the more calories you’ll burn. Muscle is a calorie furnace.

Even at a rest you can be burning off calories… & fat.

Your metabolic rate is the rate at which you’re burning fuel (fat, sugar, protein – think coconut oil, a chocolate bar & steak).

The higher your metabolic rate the higher your calorie burn. This means that while you’re sitting on your couch, enjoying a binge of your favourite shows, you could still be burning calories – & the more muscle the more calories you are burning.


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A Not So Useful Scale…

Don’t get too excited & think that you can pack on muscle & then sit around & let it do all of the work!

Recent studies into claims that muscle can burn fat at a rate of 60 calories per hour have now been discounted as greatly exaggerated.

Even though you may have a great BMI percentage, (body mas index), this is a measure of fat using your height & weight. This method can give an inaccurate reading!

If you happen to be vertically challenged but genetically gifted, ie. You’re short but built like a brick s*it house, something like an Arnold Schwarzenegger version of Danny DeVito, then the BMI scale is of no use to you.

It will simply categorise you as being obese. Which is obviously not the case!

This means that, yes, you might have more muscle than fat, but you still can’t rely on only sitting, there needs to be regular exercise & optimal nutrition.


How Many Calories?…

So the obvious thought would be to balance calories in with calories out, right?… But there are a few more things to consider.

Each calorie, depending on which food the calorie was extracted from, behaves differently once it reaches the hallowed grounds of your digestive system.

A calorie from an almond will be digested & it’s energy released much slower due to the fibre that comes with, in comparison to a spoon full of sugar which hits your blood stream much quicker with little impedance.

Sugar may help the medicine go down but it’s no good for your health – thanks for that Mary Poppins!

So where as calories in is an important piece of information, I suggest that the type of calorie is more important. So choose your foods wisely.


The Bottom Line…

Basically, it is true that the more muscle you have, the more efficiently & quickly your body will burn calories.

Still, you need to not only consider just exercising the correct way, but also watching what you eat, & making certain that your body chemistry (vitamins & supplemental needs) are in balance to help this process along & turn your system into an optimal fat burning machine!


Take ShapeTrainer’s Optimalism Test: LENS Indicator to discover how to optimalise your workouts for maximum-calorie-furnace-fat-burning-muscle-tone


Until we talk again…


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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