6 Strange Signs That You May Need More Vitamins

You know that eating a healthy diet is essential for keeping your body at optimum with all of the correct vitamins & minerals.

What you may not know is how to tell if you are not getting enough of a certain vitamin & decide it’s time to support your system with a supplement.  This article can help!



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Below are 6 signs & symptoms that may indicate your body is suffering from a particular vitamin deficiency:


  1. Dry/Cracked Corners of the Mouth


The Deficiency…

These symptoms could indicate that you are deficient in one or all of the following vitamins:

  • Iron
  • Zinc
  • B Vitamins (Such as niacin (B3), riboflavin (B2) & B12)


The Diet Fix…

It is likely that this is the problem if you do not eat a diet rich in poultry, salmon, tuna, legumes & iron-rich vegetables.

If making these additions to your diet is difficult you can always try a supplement – this will ensure a daily balance of these vitamins & help your mouth clear up to be kissably smooth!



  1. A Red Scaly Rash – Often On The Face / Hair Loss


The Deficiency…

Many times, these symptoms can indicate a deficiency in Biotin (B7) as well as vitamins A, D, K & E – the fat soluble vitamins.


The Diet Fix…

Add more eggs, mushrooms, nuts, raspberries, bananas, salmon & cauliflower to your diet.

Soybeans are also a good source of these vitamins.



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  1. Feeling Down or “Blue” / Aching Bones or Sweating Head


The Deficiency…

Strangely, these are often signs of a widespread Vitamin D deficiency.


The Diet Fix…

According to Dr. Michael Holick, MD, PhD & author of The Vitamin D Solution, Vitamin D deficiencies are highly common in those who spend little time outside, or who wear sunscreen & block vitamin D from absorbing into the skin from the sun.

A little more time in the sun, be sensible & you’ll be fine.

Alternatively you can supplement your daily dose with one little pill.



  1. Acne-like Bumps on the Cheeks, Thighs, Arms or Buttocks


The Deficiency…

Often, these bumps can indicate a deficiency in the essential fatty acids A & D.


The Diet Fix…

If this is the case, it is a good idea to pump up the leafy salads & add things like carrots, red bell peppers, walnuts & ground flax to help increase the healthy fats in your diet.



  1. Numbness or Tingling in the Hands or Feet


The Deficiency…

Once again, this can be a sign of B vitamin deficiency, but this time vitamins like B12, B6 & folate (B9).  Deficiencies of these vitamins can also result in anxiety, anemia, fatigue & even depression &/or hormone imbalances!


The Diet Fix…

If you suspect this deficiency due to the symptoms above head out to stock up on asparagus, beets, eggs, clams, oysters, poultry, beets & spinach.

Also beans such as pinto, black beans, lima beans & kidney beans would make great additions to your upcoming diet.



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  1. Muscle Cramps or Stabbing Pains in the Toes, Calves, Feet or Legs


The Deficiency…

Bet you know this one…potassium it is!… But also don’t forget: magnesium & calcium.

This type of deficiency is often a side-effect of training hard as you can easily lose these water-soluble  vitamins through sweating.


The Diet Fix…

You guessed it – banana time!  Other great options include: apples, grapefruit, broccoli, bok choy, hazelnuts, almonds & other dark leafy greens.



Until next time…


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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