The Truth About Maltodextrin

If you’ve ever eaten frozen yoghurt, Cheetos, candy/chocolate, baked goods, fat-free products, bottled salad dressing or sugar free products, it’s likely that you’ve had malodextrin.

…So what is it?



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What is Maltodextrin? …

Maltodextrin is a very common food additive found in meats, nutrition bars, meal replacement shakes & more.

Maltodextrin is created from grain starch. The most common grain used to make maltodextrin is corn but it can also be made from rice, potatoes & wheat.

In order to create this additive the grain goes through a process called partial hydrolysis which uses enzymes, acids & water to produce a white water-soluble powder.

This method leaves malodextrin with less than 20 percent sugar content.  (Full hydrolysis on the other hand is the process used to create corn syrup solids which have more than 20 percent sugar content!)



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How does Malodextrin provide energy?

Maltodextrin replaces glycogen stores & provides spare amino acid catabolism which provides energy over a sustained period of time.

Maltodextrins are very easily digestible.  The process used to make them involves cooking the starch, adding acids &/or enzymes which then break down the starch into smaller polymers – a process very similar to the way the body breaks down foods.


Is Malodextrine Healthy?…

As with any complex carbohydrate it needs to be used in the right context.  Also, keep in mind – this additive is more like a sugar than anything else.

Maltodextine ranks high on the glycemic index making it something you want to have only in moderation or at specific times in your day, when you deserve your carbs.


If you do plan to ingest foods high in malodextrin – the best times include:

  • Just after a hard workout maltodextrine provides quick energy to the muscles. This is why you may find it located within many recovery drinks.


  • During a long workout – like running a marathon. Maltodextrine is quickly absorbed but at the same time it does not absorb much water meaning that it can provide long lasting energy without dehydrating the body.

All in all, it is always best to stick to all-natural, non-processed & organic foods that are low on the glycemic index.

But now you know about maltodextrin you can make an educated decision when to ingest it.



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To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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