What Are You Eating?… Food Additives Explained

Who determines which additives are safe?  How do they make this determination?  While it’s different in each country & different parts of the world, the Food Standards Agency (FSA) is the primary group determining additive safety standards in Europe.


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Food Standards Agency…


According to the Food Standards Agency (FSA), any additives used in foods must first be assessed for safety.  The FSA ensures that all additives are reviewed for safety, & action is taken if any problems are found.

According to the FSA website, the five outcomes of the FSA are as follows:

  • Food produced or sold in the UK is safe to eat.
  • Imported food is safe to eat.
  • Food producers & caterers give priority to consumer interests in relation to food.
  • Consumers have the information & understanding to make informed choices about where & what they eat.
  • Business compliance is effectively supported because it delivers consumer protection. This will include a focus on effective, risk-based & proportionate regulation & enforcement.

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What is an E number?…

The European Union (EU) legislation requires that nearly all additives be added to the list of ingredients along with their function, name &/or E number.

The E stands for “Europe”.   An E number is a reference number given to food additives showing that they have passed safety testing & have been approved for use throughout the European Union.



What Types of Additives Are Reviewed?…

Additives are grouped by their function.  The most common food additives that are reviewed for an E number include:

  • Antioxidants


  • Colours


  • Emulsifiers, stabilisers, gel & thickening agents


  • Flavour enhancers


  • Preservatives


  • Sweeteners


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The Bottom Line…


While the FSA delivers a service trying to determine the safety of each additive, you will always run the risk that new findings will show foods that were assumed safe are in fact not. The fact is that these substances are new foods (or types of foods).

Your body has not encountered them before. Lets face it, our ancestors managed to keep us alive for the past 200,000 years without E numbers & artificial preservatives! In my opinion there is no point living longer if those extra years are spent in pain & disease!

Your best bet is to stick with all-natural, organic & whole foods.  Organic fruits, vegetables, whole grains & lean meats will continue to provide you with the least amount of additives & therefore the least amount of risk.


A Simple Rule…

The Paleo diet is very popular at time of writing, why? Because it brings about greater health, better physical & mental performance. How does it do that? It does that by making the food choices from food in it’s natural state. It really is that simple.

If it wasn’t here 1000 years ago then don’t eat it.


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To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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