The Power of Cumin Powder On Body Composition

What is Cumin Powder?…

Cumin powder is a spice commonly used in traditional Brazilian, Spanish & Middle Eastern cuisine.

It has long been revered for its distinct flavour & health supporting properties.  Recently, new studies have even proven that cumin powder has a greater impact on body composition than anyone ever realised.

Cumin powder

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Cumin comes from a seed which is actually the smallest plant in the parsley family.

Use of this seed dates all the way back 5,000 years to the Egyptians who used it as both a spice & an ingredient in their mummification process.

At this time, Greeks & Romans also regarded cumin as an essential spice.  They also believed that the cumin seed promoted love & fidelity so they made sure it was carried by attendees of weddings & cumin seed bread was sent with soldiers as they went off to battle.

In medicine cumin has been used for centuries as a gargle to treat laryngitis, to treat swelling & to relieve hiccups.

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Cumin is a good source of Iron, Manganese & other vitamins.

It has also been shown to help stimulate digestion, protect against memory loss & to help lessen the damaging effects of stress on the body – essential in this day & age!

Cumin is high in antioxidants which help to eliminate harmful free radicals from your system & it may even have a role in helping fight cancer.


Body Composition…

According to studies outlined in cumin powder has proven to reduce serum levels of fasting cholesterol, triglyceride & LDL levels.  It was also shown to have significant effect on reducing weight, BMI, waist circumference & fat percentage.

All in all, this study suggests that cumin powder has a large effect in helping to improve overall anthropometric & biochemical parameters in overweight & obese women.

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Ideal Amount…

In the above study, overweight women ate 3 g/d cumin powder with yoghurt ate 2 meals for 3 months.

As with any new dietary change, it is important to check with your doctor to determine what levels will be best to suit your body & your needs.

To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant


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