Do You Choose Disease & Failure Or Health & Success?

The failure to eradicate certain diseases in this day & age is a sign of incomplete data about the subject on behalf of those searching.


Reason does not always provide us with the answer. In short, the exclusivity of the truth can be frustrating!


 failure or success


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It is common knowledge that tobacco causes cancer. However, kinesiological testing reveals that organically grown tobacco tests strong! (Positive affect on life energy)…. Picture Native Americans smoking a peace pipe!


On the other hand, using the same testing procedures, commercial tobacco tests weak (Negative affect on life energy).


Tobacco was not noted as a carcinogen before 1957, but it is now – as the result of chemicals introduced into its manufacture!



Prevent Cell Damage From Smoking…

There are many elements playing their part when a human begins to display disease. Research has reported in 1995 that one gram of vitamin C per day prevents cell damage from smoking.


But the real solution is to identify & remove the carcinogenic chemicals from the manufacturing process of cigarettes.




Do You Make Smart Choices…

In each situation throughout your day do you react on autopilot or do you choose the most life affirming response?


For most choices that you make there is likely a ‘more positive’ or a ‘more negative’ reaction to follow.


The question I ask you is this: Can You Make A Smarter Choice?


Maybe you are not going to give up smoking or stop drinking or deny your sweet tooth its little pleasures… But ask yourself – Am I Making A Smart Choice?


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Think Simple Solution…

As outlined above you could:

  1. Choose organic tobacco instead of commercial store bought tobacco.


  1. You can opt for organic wine or more natural sources of alcohol.


  1. You could source natural sweeteners like Stevia to add to fruit or make your own home made chocolate (Keep an eye out for TheShapeTrainer Recipe book, Coming Soon)


I’m not suggesting you start smoking, or drinking excessively, or binge eat! What I am saying is that whatever choice you make, ensure it is the smartest one.


Think about what you like to indulge in, source the best options for that vice & use that when you need it.



Do You Choose Success Or Failure…

Whatever your vice, always ask yourself this question:

Is This The Best Choice I Can Make?


If the answer is Yes it will make you stronger, healthier, more successful.

If the answer is No it will make you weaker, more prone to disease & failure.




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The choice really is yours….



To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant





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