Applied Kinesiology: Quicker Access To Optimal Health & Fitness

Kinesiology basically put, is the study of human movement. Also known as human kinetics. Kinesiology addresses physiological, mechanical & psychological mechanisms.


Applications of kinesiology to human health include: biomechanics & orthopaedics, strength & conditioning, sport psychology, methods of rehabilitation, such as physical & occupational therapy, sport & exercise.



Applied kinesiology (AK) is a technique in alternative medicine claimed to be able to diagnose illness or choose treatment by testing muscles for strength & weakness.


Applied kinesiologists are often chiropractors, but they may also be naturopathic physicians, nurses, physical therapists or veterinarians.



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What’s The Point?

It is suggested that applied kinesiology can be used to highlight food intolerances, determine appropriate supplement dosages & gain answers directly from a persons nervous system, thereby bypassing their thought processes & any possible bias toward the answer to a question!


In his book Power vs. Force, David R Hawkins explains the use of applied kinesiology in everyday life. The testing system is simple & takes less that a 10 seconds to gain an answer.



Ever Heard Of This…

The test is administered in this way:

  1. The subject stands straight & raises a straight arm out in front to shoulder height – left or right arm.
  2. The tester stands in front & slightly to the side of subject.
  3. The question is administered – The question must be structured in a way that only a True or False answered can be obtained.
  4. After the question is asked, the subject holds in mind the answer to the question.
  5. At this point the tester uses two fingers & pushes down on the subjects arm, just above the wrist.
  6. It is wise to determine a neutral strength at the start of the testing by simply holding positions, the tester says ‘Resist’ & applies equal downward pressure on the subjects arm 3-4 times. Not to fatigue but to determine a baseline.
  7. Once this is complete the test can be applied many times before the subjects arm fatigues.
  8. That’s it!



Through years of testing Dr Hawkins determined that any question, appropriately structured, could be asked as long as the answer is a True or False response.


There are a number of ways that the test can be administered but the above is the general standard protocol.


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The Answer…

When an answer is True the subject will become stronger. Making it harder to push down on their arm. When the answer is False the subject will become weaker. Making it easier to push their arm down.


As with all systems there is a proportion of the population for which it does not work. For instance, approx. 75% of the world is carbohydrate intolerant. Leaving 25% to be card tolerant.


This means that 25% of people will have adverse reactions to a low card diet! These people will actually do well on a high carb diet – maybe you are one of these?


Dr Hawkins reports that 2.73% of the world population test paradoxically. Meaning they test strong to false answers & weak to true answers!


You can simply test this my asking the subject to state their actual name & then applying the downward pressure.  If they weaken they are either lying or are in the 2.73% paradoxical group




Why Bother…

I introduce you to this concept as a means of exploring alternative solutions. If you can make use of a system that benefits you & everyone involved you have benefitted the world.


Why would you not try it out? As busy professionals we must constantly be in search of more effective ways to do things that give us access to even greater results from our health, fitness & performance on all levels.


More about this to come in later blogs…



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To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant





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