A Water Meal Once A Day

You may have read our recent blog, “Ten Reasons To Drink More Water Now” & be ready to take on the challenge of increasing your water to improve your health, your focus, your mental clarity, your skin or a variety of other reasons…

Another thing you should plan to add to your day is a once a day ‘Water Meal’ that will help you to build your water intake quickly as well as encourage calorie burn, appetite suppression & weight loss!

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How Much Do You Need?…

The ideal amount of water is 0.03xbodyweight in kg = litres per day. Therefore a 100kg man requires 3 litres of water at least at rest. If he is working out that day he will require more.


How much water should you drink when working out?


According to Renee Melton, MS, RD, LD, director of nutrition for Sensei, the rule of thumb is as follows:


  • 443 – 591 millilitres of water 1-2 hours before your workout


  • 236 – 296 millilitres 15 minutes before you begin your workout


  • 236 millilitres every 15 minutes during your workout




How To Ensure You Get Enough…


A great tip I give my clients is to fill bottles to the exact amount they personally require in the morning.

This way you have a visual of how much you need to drink for that day & can pace yourself accordingly.

Remember though – adjust this amount depending on your day. If it is a hot day & you are sweating, if you end up doing more exercise than you originally planned or if you just feel thirsty beyond the amount of water you set up for yourself – these are all reasons to increase the amount you originally allotted.


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The Water Meal…

Another tip I give my clients is to take on 1-2 water meals a day.

What this means is that you drink to a full belly of water once or twice at some point in your day.

Treat it as a snack & take the water on board at a suitable time between meals.

Not only will this help you to increase your daily water intake providing all of the wonderful health & wellness improvements we’ve discussed here: (*Link to 10 Reasons To Increase Your Water Now) but you will also feel fuller, reducing cravings for a snacks or fast food!

All in all this will act as an all-natural appetite suppressant & help to manage your daily calorie intake & also help you lose weight through improved detoxification!


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Remember …

  • Don’t drink lots before a meal – it will dilute your stomach acid hindering digestion.
  • Same goes for straight after a meal.
  • Don’t take lots of water on board just before you train unless you want to feel like a beached whale on the bench press?!
  • You common sense & space your water meals in between meal times.
  • A great time for a water meal as you wake – rehydrate from your fast through the night. You’ll notice how much this impacts your energy levels in the morning.


To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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Resources: http://www.webmd.com/fitness-exercise/features/water-for-exercise-fitness


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