10 Reasons To Drink More Water Now

If someone asked you how much water you should drink every day you would probably say “About Eight glasses.”  Right?

Then again, if someone asked you why you should drink that much water every day…how many reasons could you give?

Below are ten reasons to drink more water to improve your health, speed your way to your goals & easily make yourself feel much better – quickly!

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10 Reasons To Drink More Water Now…


1) Lose Weight:

Water is the one & only all-natural, zero-calorie appetite suppressant!


The more you drink the more you fill your belly & ‘trick’ your body into thinking it is full.

Also, you will avoid accidentally mistaking thirst for hunger & adding unnecessary calories to your day.  Before you reach for expensive & dangerous diet pills – use water to help control your calorie intake!


2) Balance Body Fluids:  

Your body is made up of about 60% water.  Your body relies on this fluid to help maintain proper:

  • Digestion
  • Absorption
  • Circulation
  • Saliva creation
  • Body Temp Maintenance
  • Transportation of Nutrients
  • ..& more

If you are low on fluids all of these functions are affected & your body will no longer be able to maintain peak performance.


3) Prevent Cancer:

Research performed at the American Cancer Society now shows that staying hydrated can reduce your risk of bladder cancer by 50%, colon cancer by 45% & can also possibly reduce your risk of breast cancer!  Drink up!


4) Improve Performance: 

Did you know that water makes up 75% of your muscle tissue?

Therefore, if you are dehydrated you have not set your muscles up for optimal performance.  Drink to improve your athletic performance!


5) Decrease Joint Pain:  

The more water you drink the more the cartilage around your joints becomes hydrated & softened.  In fact, glucosamine helps reduce joint pain by helping to improve the cartilage’s absorption of water.

If you don’t drink the water though – neither the glucosamine nor the cartilage will have what it needs to soften the impact & reduce your pain!


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6) Detox: 

Water is the body’s natural detox.  It flushes through the system & is expelled in the form of urine or sweat.

Water helps to flush waste & bacteria out of your system.  If you do not flush these things out regularly, it can lead to a great deal of problems for every system in the body!


7) Prevent Headaches:  

Often, headaches are caused by dehydration.  Therefore – increasing your water intake will decrease any chance you have of developing a ‘dehydration headache’.  Less headaches from a free easy to apply remedy!


8) Improve Mood:

Research performed by the United States Department of Agriculture proves that dehydration can affect your mood & make you grumpy plus confused!

Therefore – the more water you drink the more clear your thoughts will be & the happier you will feel!


9) Make Your Skin Glow:

Water is a great & easy tool for improving the color, texture & elasticity of your skin!

Your skin is the largest organ of your body & therefore needs a great deal of water to help cell reproduction, to sweat in order to flush out toxins & maintain ideal body temperature.

Help your skin & you will be rewarded with a clear beautiful complexion – for free!


10) Improve Your Eyesight: 

Often when your eyes feel tired, dry or blurry – it is because they are dehydrated!  Instead of reaching for the eye drops to help wet them from the outside, drink water to hydrate them from the inside!

You will notice clearer vision & you will eliminate redness, swelling & puffiness in a matter of hours!

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One way or another you will notice improvements to the way you think, feel, look & perform by simply increasing your water intake.

Remember – before reaching for other alternatives, start with natures all-natural, all-safe, zero-calorie & FREE natural elixir!

The next step to think of is how clean is your water supply? Check out past & future posts for water purification For Optimal Health & Fitness.



To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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p.p.s.  Be on the lookout for our upcoming tips on how to improve your health & reach your fitness goals even faster by integrating a ‘Water Meal’ in to your day!







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