Ever Tried The 10% Diet?

There are lots of different approaches to eating that are effective plus healthy & WOULD lead to the results you want… but you still don’t follow it! Why?

The basic answer is that if you make a plan that is too restrictive – it is essentially unrealistic.

Because as much as you may want to deny it, there is that little inner child inside us all that wants to splurge, wants to do what it wants when it wants & gets frustrated when it’s told NO.



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Therefore – the key to creating a successful plan is finding balance – a balance that enables you to stick to the plan but you don’t feel so deprived that you get frustrated & give up!


The 10% Diet Can Help….

10% of the time, do whatever you want. It’s as simple as that.

However, the rest of time (90%) follow my easy to apply food coaching structure, or whatever system works best for you.

Sticking to a plan 90% of the time will get you to where you want to be – & will get you there fast.  But that 10% leniency will satisfy your inner child & help you feel mentally satiated enough to keep going in the right direction for the long haul!


Who Likes Math?!?…

This is how to calculate your ‘10% Diet’:

24 hours in a day.

Lets say you sleep on average 7 hours per night = 17 hours remain.

17 hours into minutes = 1,020.

10% of 1,140 minutes = 102 minutes.

1 hour 42 minutes per week of having your cake & actually eat it!

I recommend doing this in 1 hit on 1 day – a Sunday usually works well. Not your entire Sunday! 1 hour 42 minutes maximum.


Some Small Rules…

You must be training effectively for the entire week – this means with weights… Obviously!

You must not stray (at all) for the rest of your entire week… Not even 1 biscuit!

You must drink plenty of water while in your ‘10% off piste eating period’!… (& for the rest of your week… Obviously)


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Food For Thought…

It’s a good time here to mention that you should obviously not eat foods that make you physically sick! If you know you are intolerant or allergic to a food steer well clear of it!

If you are unsure then get tested. I offer a service on my website – 12WSP. In my opinion this is invaluable information.

Point being, eat the naughty foods – have some sugar or sweets or ice cream or whatever your fancy, for a small period each week.

Last Side Note: This system works well for those who have reached a desirable bodyfat %. If you are still trying to control or lower your bodyfat then save the ’10% Diet’ for a little later down the line.


Prison Food…

So think about it this way – your inner ‘want to reach my goal as fast as possible’ voice is going to tell you that sticking to the plan 100% of the time will get you there faster.  This is True.

But… the realist should recognise that your inner child almost always gets its way if consistantly deprived on a regular basis.

In reality – sticking to the plan 90% of the time, planning for the rebellion & controlled satisfaction along the way will get you to your goal faster than being your own ‘food prison officer’ & constant falling off the wagon!


To Reach Your Goal in 7 Weeks Click Here

So have your cake & eat it too – as long as it’s only 10% of the time!


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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