Stop Planning – Start Doing!

“Never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.”  — Thomas Jefferson

It’s true that sitting around & imagining a music-laden montage of your reaching your goals can be motivating.  It is fun to picture getting stronger, faster, thinner & better!

But too much planning can leave that fantasy exactly where it is forever – in your mind – not in your reality.

It is time to stop planning & start doing – time to turn these fantasies into the life you live!

Start doing

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Forward Planning…

While it’s important to plan ahead before you tackle a big goal – don’t over plan!

Yes, make sure to clearly define your goal.  Select some smaller goals along the way to help keep you motivated & on track.

Decide what the main things are that you are going to do in order to reach that goal.  But that’s it.  You can’t plan for every contingency.

You can’t figure out & plan around every ‘what if’ that could ever possibly come along.



Leap Of Faith…

Above all – you can’t wait until life is ‘perfect’.  Face it.  It will never be perfect.  There will always be some drawback or some obstacle that you will need to work around.

As Winston Churchill once said, “Perfection is the enemy of progress!’

In fact, according to a detailed study described at scientists have proved that even in something as simple as bacteria there is no such thing as a level of fitness beyond which no further improvement was possible.

Therefore – there is scientifically no such thing as perfection. – No matter what, your life could always be slightly more ideal for your transformation.  So why wait?

The real big question is – will you use the current obstacle facing you or the one after that & the one after that as excuses?… pushing off getting started…  Or will you take it all in stride & start making steps – even if just small ones – toward you goal right now?

The choice is yours…



Where to Start…

Anywhere!  Just start.  If you wait too long & get it built up too big it can sometimes become overwhelming & daunting & you might get cold feet!

Above all – it’s important to have someone who can hold you accountable.

Choosing a program that you can follow will not only give you a roadmap to success but it will force you to follow the steps in a specific order without questioning what to do next.

When you are following your own rules – it’s very easy to re-write them.  So don’t!  Stick to the rules of the program in a no questions asked manner & prepare yourself for amazing results!



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How to Stay Motivated

According to the “Motivation is at the crux of health behavior performance & thus, to a great extent, health.” In other words – your health relies greatly on your ability to get – & to stay motivated!

Unfortunately, success doesn’t happen overnight – in a world where we want instant gratification – slow progress can be a frustrating element that may lead you to throw in the towel?

Apparently, Good things come to those that wait…

To avoid this possibility, look for small ways to stay motivated until the bigger motivators (like progress on the scale or in your workouts) appear.

Deep down we are all kids at heart who love the feeling of hearing ‘atta boy!’ or getting a gold star or smiley face on our homework.  Find small ways to give yourself that pat on the back to keep you going.



Reward Your Progress…

  • Tracking: Tracking your progress in a journal or on a calendar can be extremely motivating.  This will help you see when you increase your reps, improve your weight, improve your time or when your workouts become easier.


Also, when you see that you have worked out every single day for 2 weeks straight – you can give yourself the mental gold start &/or pat on the back!


That feeling of pride can easily last you until you start to see results in the mirror & then you will have additional reasons to stay on track!



  • Clothing: A pound of fat lost or muscle gained may not be obvious to those around you but you will feel the difference long before it is reflected in the mirror.


Also – even small changes can make a big difference when you try on clothing.  Pick out an outfit you would love to look better in & hang it on the closet door where you will see it every day.


This will act as a visual reminder of your goal.  As you go through your program, try on the outfit again each week to notice small changes in how it is fitting.  As inches change on your body it will make a big difference in your clothes!


  • Picture:  Yes, it is true.  A picture is worth a thousand words.  For example – a picture of yourself when you were closer to your fitness goals can be a great motivator to help get back to that size or shape.


At the same time – a picture that you dislike that motivates you to want to look better may be a great reminder on the fridge. Deterring you from that chocolate cake.


Use those unsaid ‘thousand words’ to your advantage & let these pictures push you to change & keep you on track!



The Bottom Line…

The bottom line is that there is no time like the present.

Goals that you put off are not actually goals – they are simply dreams.

Get started this very minute making true progress towards your health & fitness goals & turn those dreams into true goals & those goals into reality!


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To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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