7 Reasons Packing On Muscle Is A Good Thing

If you’re more inclined to head for the treadmill when you go to the gym to help burn calories you may not yet have realised that building muscle is more effective at burning calories & speeding up fat loss?

Below are additional reasons why packing on muscle is the best way to shape your body, rather than slogging away for hours on the treadmill!


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Muscle Myths

Especially if you’re a woman, you may have thought building muscle will make you look ‘big’ or ‘bulky’.  You may also think building muscle is only something that is important for gym buffs who want to show off ‘beach muscles’.

But the truth is – muscle building is an important part of building overall body health whether or not you’re signed up for a body building or arm wrestling contest or just sitting at your desk working away the day! The body benefits from lean muscle mass in many ways you may have never realised.

Below are seven important reasons why packing on muscle is a good thing:


1)      Weight Loss

While cardio is great for calorie burn, more muscle is better.  In fact, the more muscle you have, the more calories you will burn day in & day out – even on the days you don’t go to the gym!

Muscle helps increase your metabolism & burn fat even when your body is at rest.


2)      Increased Bone Density

As you build your muscle, you also strengthen connective tissues in your skeletal structure which helps to increase bone density. The higher impact & repeated stress across your skeleton while you work out with weights increases the density of your bones warding off conditions such as osteoporosis & osteopenia.


3)      Strengthening Ligaments & Tendons

Increased muscle also means increased strength in your ligaments & tendons.  This can help improve your flexibility.  Also, with improved strength & flexibility in your limbs, this additional muscle can help to reduce or eliminate joint pains that may have plagued you for years.


4)      Improved Posture

With strengthened ligaments & tendons & overall bone density comes a natural straightening of the spine & improvement to the core. Especially if you perform all of your weight training with perfect form. This said – you will also benefit from improved posture as you continue to build muscle.



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5)      Lean & Toned Body

Contrary to the popular myth, your body is not going to ‘bulk up’ like a body builder unless that is the result you are aiming to achieve. The majority of people would require steroids to achieve this look so do not be put off by this fear!


The results you will actually achieve will be a long, lean & toned body covered in attractive curves, lines & angles.


6)      Avoid Injury

Additional muscle not only helps you to be more prepared to defend yourself or react more quickly in an emergency, but even in cases where your body is injured, muscle helps to provide a cushion that protects vital organs of your body from harm.


Also, with the strengthened bone density mentioned above, your bones are stronger & more resistant to breaking or chipping in the case of a fall or other accident.


Again, with the improved strength of tendons & ligaments, your body is more resistant against bending or twisting in an awkward way.


7)      Improve Health

According to Patient.co.uk muscle can help control blood sugar, improve sleep & even improve overall mental health. I’m sure you agree these are important points & this is merely scratching the surface of the full benefits of increasing your muscle tone.



Before & After Examples of Bodies Improved By Increased Muscle – Click Here



These are just a few of countless improvements you’ll notice when you make a point to work out in a way that builds healthy & life-improving muscle.  To see how to build muscle in a fast, safe & effective manner visit: www.ShapeTrainer.co.uk



To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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