Muscle Cramp: Causes & Cures

What is a muscle cramp?…

If you’ve ever been awakened in the middle of the night with a sudden charley horse you don’t need to ask.  You know that a muscle cramp is a sudden & often excruciating seizing of a muscle.  The spasm & the pain can last for a few seconds, a few minutes or continue to hurt on & off for a long period of time.


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Why do cramps happen? 

Overuse or over-exertion tend to be the most common causes.  You likely completed a workout using that muscle that day.  When you did, you worked that muscle to the point of exhaustion & this is its small bout of protest as it heals & builds. The build up of lactic acid in the muscle is a root of the cramp.

Nutrition also plays a big role.  When the body is deficient of vitamins, the lactic acid created by a workout can build up & cause muscle cramps.  Specifically, it is important to keep your body fuelled with Calcium, Potassium & Magnesium or else cramps can attack.


Magnesium is the most deficient mineral in the western diet. Partly due to bad food choice & partly due to the decrease in Magnesium within the soil. Either way, supplementing Magnesium will help with many conditions including, Manic Mind, Impaired Sleep, Regular Cramps to name only a few.

Another factor is dehydration.  When the body is dehydrated, it is more likely to suffer from cramps.  Be sure you are giving your body the proper fuel as well as the proper amount of water to stay hydrated before & after your workout.

Beyond the occasional exercise cramp, those who are pregnant, taking certain medications, suffering from kidney failure, alcoholism or hypothyroidism are also at risk for muscle cramps.


How To Care For A Cramp…

When you have a cramp, it is important for you to consider the causes above to know how to treat your cramp.

If you know you haven’t been taking your supplements recently, it could be that the cramp is caused by nutritional factors.


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On the other hand, if you realise you weren’t drinking enough during your workout – drinking water can help to ease the cramp.  If water doesn’t do the trick, try salt tablets or sports drinks which can also help to replenish minerals that the body lost during exercise.

To immediately reduce the pain of the cramp you much stretch the muscle. You will know you are stretching the correct muscle in the right direction because you will stop the intense painful feeling immediately.

If the cramp is an intense attack then it may return as soon as you stop stretching! Keep the stretch held for as long as needed. Massaging that muscle may also bring some relief as it pushes blood in & forces the toxins & lactic acid out.


How to Prevent A Cramp…

  • Stretch!

Stretching is a great way to help prevent a cramp.  When a muscle is more limber, it is less likely the strenuous exercise will trigger it to clench or spasm.  Remember, for the best preventative measures stretching should be done on a daily basis to improve overall flexibility.


  • Drink!

If you haven’t heard the message yet – staying hydrated is one of the main things that can help prevent muscle cramps.


  • Switch!

Switch up your workouts to challenge different muscles &/or in different ways.  Give the muscle a break from the same strenuous exercise over & over & see if your cramps are reduced.


  • Supplement!

Follow the guidelines of a professional to understand your specific supplement requirements. ShapeTrainer has a specific program created to perfect your vitamin & mineral levels called 12Week-Supplementation-Program (12WSP) – Check It Out Here..


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While most cramps are uncomfortable they are typically harmless.  Then again, extra precaution is always wise.  If you have a cramp that has not ceased despite trying all of the above home remedies, make sure to schedule an appointment with your physician to make sure the cramp is not a symptom of another health problem.



To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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