12 Reasons to Start Juicing

Juicing used to be something you would only see ‘health nuts’ doing.  But in the past 10 years, the power of juicing has trickled down into the mainstream health industry & even your friends & family may be getting on the band wagon & reaping the benefits of juicing.

 The Benefits of Juicing



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What Is Juicing…?


Juicing is the process of breaking down fruits & vegetables (& sometimes forms of protein) into a shake or juice that you drink.


Why Juice…?


Think about all the fruits & veggies you dislike.  There have to be at least a few.  But why should your taste buds keep you from getting the health & nutritional benefits that food has to offer? When you juice, there are easy ways to combine fruits & veggies so the flavour of the ones you dislike are masked yet you still benefit from their nutrients.


Below are 12 additional benefits that you can reap from juicing:


1)      Get Your Daily Dose of Veggies

The most recent dietary guidelines recommend that you eat between 5-13 servings of fruit & vegetables a day.  That means the average person must consume between 2.5 & 6.5 servings at every meal – including breakfast!

If you are on the run juicing is a great way to give the body its full serving of daily fruits & vegetables without spending the entire day preparing & eating them!


2)      Give Your Brain A Boost

According to researchers at Wake Forest University, beetroot juice has been proven to increase the blood flow to the brain – something that can help ward off dementia & possible mental deterioration.


3)      Increase Your Energy

Juicing floods the body with nutrients & creates a natural & lasting form of energy.  Alongside a high protein diet the fibre & anti-oxidant intake will balance & alkalinise your system nicely.


4)      Hydrate Your Body

Fruits & veggies are naturally made up of a high water content.  – When they are blended into a juice, so is the water content.  Unlike when you cook or steam vegetables, juicing them helps you to capture every possible drop of water the original fruit or vegetable had to offer & hydrate your body throughout the day.


5)      Improve Your Sleep

Vegetables that you blend into typical juice recipes include a high level of Magnesium, a mineral which helps to relax your body & can improve the quality of your sleep. With juicing you can choose foods naturally high in specific vitamins & minerals – feeding your body exactly what it requires.


6)      Decrease Stress

As mentioned in number 5, Magnesium will help the body to relax, in doing so, this nutrient also combats Cortisol, the body’s stress hormone.  Magnesium, along with vitamin C that is potent in most fruits both help to create a winning combination of nutrients that decrease stress.


7)      Lose Weight

While calories are always a primary concern in weight loss & it is important that you continue to exercise, a daily dose of the proper nutrients can go a long way toward helping your body shed unwanted fat.  Calcium & magnesium are just two nutrients that work in tandem to help speed the weight loss process once you start to get a continued daily dose.

Also, when you are juicing you immediately cut down on saturated fats & refined carbs – Producing a natural jump-start for your body’s weight loss. Liquid nutrition can help to support muscle growth & detoxification.



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8)      Strengthen Your Bones

Calcium & Magnesium are also important elements that help your body to build strong & healthy bones.  Also, building bone strength helps to ward off possible bone-related diseases in the future. Regular weight bearing exercise has been proven to increase bone density alongside a healthy diet.


9)      Natural Detox

Fruits & vegetables include a high-fibre content that helps to flush out the waste & toxins from your body within days.


10)  Improves Taste

Because our taste buds are overwhelmed daily with fried, fatty & processed foods, we become more & more immune to flavour & must continue to add spices, salts & condiments.  After a few days of juicing, your palate will begin to pick up on more natural flavours & soon you can cut high-calorie flavour enhancers from your diet.


11)  Reduce Inflammation

Know it or not, your body is often dealing with inflammation due to environmental toxins it continues to come in contact with. According to multiple Scandinavian studies, juice cleanses followed by a vegan diet reduce overall body inflammation in a big way. Increasing the raw nutrients your body receives has been shown to reduce allergies, IBS, arthritis & a number of cardiovascular & autoimmune diseases.


12)  Live Longer

According to studies at the Minerva Institute for Medical Research, nutrients often found in cold press juice such as resveratrol can keep cells alive longer!  Juicing can literally help reduce the risk of premature cell death, helping to improve skin tone, & extend overall health, vitality & lifespan!



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Time To Get Started…!

If you haven’t tried juicing, now is definitely the time.  Start by researching recipes that include some of your favourite fruits & veggies but also see how you can start ‘sneaking’ some of your least favourite in there as well.  Pretty soon – the health improvements you feel & changes to your taste buds may even have you liking additional fruits & veggies in the long run!



To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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