Why It Takes Over 4 Weeks to See Real Change On A Body Transformation Program

When you start a body transformation program, it may take only a few workouts before you to feel the soreness in your muscles & it may only take a few meals for you to feel the added energy …why then may it be weeks before the pesky mirror begins to reflect any outward changes to your body?




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Time it Takes To Change…


Think about it like this, on average, it is going to take at least 12 days of staying on track to ‘undo’ each full month that your body has been inactive& to see results start to return.  For those who have been out of shape for a year or more, expect at least 1 month for each year that your body has been out of shape before the results are visible to others. 

So as an example, if you typically keep yourself in great health & shape but you have spent 2 months off-track, living & eating in an unhealthy fashion – I have found that it will take you around 24 days of perfect eating, sleeping & training to regain a decent level of health & fitness, plus drop your body-fat back to where it was before your ‘binge’ period.

Also, if it’s been 3 years since you’ve been shape, expect that it will take at least 3 solid months of perfection to get you back into decent health & condition.

To ‘correct’ an off-track time frame you need to stick to the Body Transformation Program perfectly in order to get the full effect.  Meaning, you must cultivate perfection in order to achieve perfection; half-hearted efforts will only produce half the results. 



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What Can Get You Through the Wait…


While the waiting game can be frustrating, there are a number of tricks you can use to help keep yourself on track before the mirror begins to reflect your actual progress.

Below are a number of tricks to help you stay motivated:

  • Good Picture: Pull out a picture of yourself when you were at your goal as a reminder of what you will look like again soon.
  • Bad Picture: If you’ve never been at your goal, pull out a picture of yourself that you can’t stand – look at this picture & compare it to the mirror.  From day one, the determination in your eyes will be different than it is in the picture & even in the first week you will likely notice changes in your own body that others aren’t able to pick out just  yet – but they soon will!
  • Outfit: Is there a favorite outfit that you aren’t able to fit into anymore that you are looking forward to wearing again?  Pull that outfit out of the closet & hang it on the back of your door – look at this every day as a reminder & try it on each week – while it may not fit until the end of your program you will notice that you are able to fit into it a little more each week; a great motivator!
  • Upcoming Events: Do you see an event coming up around the time you should expect to start seeing results?  Mark it on your calendar & keep it out as a constant reminder that you are excited about looking fabulous that day.  Don’t have an event coming up?  Create one!  Schedule a get-together with friends or family to help motivate you to stay on track until that date.



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Focus on the Immediate Benefits…


While yes, it may take weeks before others notice a smaller waistline, it will take only a few work-outs for you to gain:

…the Pride of accomplishment that you are sticking to your health goals

…the Focus, Clarity & Alertness that comes with an improved diet.  Fresh & healthy foods will begin to make you feel better immediately.

…the Excitement of expectation as you look forward to seeing results little by little

You will feel changes in your body long before you see them & you will see them far sooner than others.  Enjoy these small personal achievements & pat yourself on the back often until the outside world begins to notice & do it for you!

Let’s face it – when you are taking control of your destiny & shaping your body – you feel Powerful, you feel Strong & you feel Happy.  & while it may take others a month to notice changes in your shape, happiness is something that everyone will notice right away, & will love!



To Your Best Health,

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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