6 Benefits Of Lifting Weights

When most people hear the term ‘fitness’, they think about how their body looks in the mirror.

Is that where your mind instantly went as well?


If so, you might want to reconsider.


While being fit is definitely about looking good and feeling confident in your body, it’s about so much more than that.


It’s time to start putting health at the top of the priority list and recognize the true health benefits of maintaining an active lifestyle – or more specifically, lifting weights for health.



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The Caveman Approach…

If you think back to ancient times – the caveman era, those people were constantly moving and lifting objects.


It was a way of life for them, not something they devoted an hour, three times a week to do.

In today’s world, we lead the ‘lap top lifestyle’ where most of the movement we get involves walking to the fridge for food between hours of computer work!


It’s time to change this.


Weight lifting is easily the most beneficial activity you could do, so if you are currently not putting in the effort you should be to get regular sessions – it’s time to start.




The Reasons…


1) Increase Bone And Muscle Strength…

It’s a fact, as you get older, you are only going to get less and less fit – unless you do something about it. 


Unless you do something about this you could get flabby very easily!

Bone and muscle mass loss are a common sign of aging and unfortunately, left to natural processes, you will also be getting weaker by the decade.


As you become more and more brittle, your quality of life goes down.

Imagine not being able to carry in a heavy bag of groceries from the car?


Well, if you don’t tend to your bone and muscle strength, this is your future.

Not so pretty, is it?


Strength training is the number one way to boost both bone and muscle strength and make sure that you can keep up with the activities that you love to enjoy.


It’s a form of exercise that will send a strong signal to the body cells letting them know that they need to stay as strong as possible to complete your daily events.


Without strength training, when are you sending that signal?




2) Fire Up Your Fat loss Engine…

Everyone wants to look their best – you included. We as a culture do tend to be (at least slightly) obsessed with vanity and looking good for members of the opposite sex.


Well, weight training will help you there. It’s the only form of activity that will completely remodel the way your body looks, allowing you to burn off body fat while adding curves in all the right places.


When you do an intense weight lifting session, your metabolism can stay elevated for up to 48 hours. When you do a cardio workout, you get a boost for about an hour.

So, which workout holds the most benefits in the long run?


If you want to get and stay lean, clearly weight training needs to be the name of your workout game. 


Weight training will also allow you to eat more of the foods you love without worrying about gaining body fat due to this elevated metabolism.


That’s great news if you love to eat!



3) Combat The Blues…

You may have heard before that running is a good way to boost your mood due to the feel-good endorphins that are being released.


But guess what? Weight lifting provides the same effect.


One study published in the American Psychological Association noted that when comparing both a running group and a weight lifting group on their self-concept and level of depressive feelings, there was a marked positive improvement from both groups – however the weight lifting group came through as strong winners with the highest improvement indicators.


There was, however, a marked difference between non-exercisers compared to those that did.

So if you want to get and stay happier, weight lifting might just be your ticket.


Most people also find it’s a superior form of stress release – Lift Weight & Lift Your Mood.




For the best results it is essential you change your workouts regularly,

we’ve made that easy for you, Click Here To Learn More




4) Healthy Happy Heart…

When you think of heart heath, you might also immediately go to cardio training. After all, it’s cardiovascular exercise.

Don’t be fooled!


If you do a set of heavy squats or walking lunges, you will come to see very quickly that your heart rate is just as high as if you would have done a running sprint.

A properly planned weight lifting program is just as beneficial for heart health as any other exercise is.


In fact, in a lot of cases it proves to be MORE beneficial for improved heart health & cardiovascular fitness!




5) Posture Perfection…

If you sit at a desk all day long, take a good look at your posture. Is it what it should be?


Poor posture can lead to serious back pain over time and in some cases, permanent changes in your body position & height.


Weight training will help reset your posture, improving the way you stand. The stronger your muscles are, the better they will be able to support your body.


Reduce your risk of every suffering back pain & getting shorter by the year! Regular weight training will keep you upright, tight in the right places & firing on all cylinders.




6) Better Bedroom Behavior…

Finally, don’t overlook the benefits you’ll receive in the bedroom. 


Weight lifting can assist with everything from managing sexual dysfunctions such as erectile disorder to simply boosting your energy level and desire to maintain an active sex life.


And don’t forget – sex is another excellent way to burn calories, so the more you do it, the easier it will be to maintain your ideal  body weight.


This is on top of the bodyweight management benefits that weight lifting provides!


So don’t neglect weight lifting any longer. If you want benefits, you will receive numerous by getting involved in a proper program plan.




For the best results it is essential you change your workouts regularly,

we’ve made that easy for you, Click Here To Learn More




To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant




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One thought on “6 Benefits Of Lifting Weights

  1. Great blog post Daniel! Too many people have misconceptions about weight training, especially women.

    If anyone asks me about what I get up to in the gym they seem shocked that I will never be found pounding away on the treadmill, or breaking a sweat on the stationary bike (even though I once was a cardio junkie!)

    Like you said, weights really can get your heart pumping just as much as sprinting can! I absolutely love it, there’s nothing more satisfying than hitting a new personal best on a heavy lift, or the feeling of DOMS.

    Training like a caveman is the way forward!

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