4 Reasons You May Be Fat: Part 3

The 4 Main Causes Of Obesity…

1)  Stress

2)  Toxicity

3)  Malnutrition

4)  Sleep

This Article Will Deal With The 3rd Cause – Malnutrition.


Are You Malnourished…

It would appear crazy to suggest that the average person in the western world could be malnourished!

However, take a moment to think about the food that a lot of people eat these days – processed, pre-prepared, ready meals, tv dinners, fast food & generally food plus drinks that provide a lot of energy – But – have very low nutritional value!

Are you one of these people?

If you are interested in having a healthy & full life you have to ask the question – What impact does eating like this have in the long-run?


You Are What You Eat…

The food that you eat is what your body is made of.

If you eat food with high nutritional content, like organic fresh vegetables & meat, then your body will be fresh, full of energy & free from disease.

If the opposite is true as I have already mentioned above, then you will only be as vibrant as your are eating habits allow!

When you eat low nutritional value food you slowly drain your personal reserves of vitamins & minerals.

Over time, when eating a low nutrient diet, certain vitamins & minerals will be used up until you become deficient. When that happens you will start to notice symptoms.

Once this starts to happen it becomes a maze of issues making it difficult to determine the root of the problem leaving you scrambling for a solution in the dark!

For instance zinc plasma is somewhat dependent on vitamins A & D. When a deficiency in these vitamins occurs it can cause a secondary deficiency in zinc.


When A Zinc Deficiency Appears…

Compromised Immune System – you fall ill whenever there is a bug going around.

Diarrhea – zinc is heavily associated with a healthy stomach particularly the lining. When you are deficient, infections, bugs & bacteria can enter your system through your food (good food choice is essential once again) & cause all sorts of internal problems.

Hair Loss & Skin Issues – since zinc is synergystic to the health of your hair skin & nails then a deficiency will cause major issues in these areas of your body.

Loss of Appetite & Anorexia – linked to the stomach again!

Cognitive & Motor Function – if you struggle concentrating & remaining focused then this could be the route cause.

There are many other associated issues… & this is just to name 1 deficiency!


The Truth…

The truth is that food isn’t what it used to be. Studies show that the nutrient value of some foods has dropped as much as 50% in the last 50 years!

Has anything been done to stop that decline? Not from what I have seen!

The only thing that I have seen which combats this problem is organic farming. Which basically means – the way we used to farm!

I recently went on holiday to a remote part of Turkey. The surroundings looked very primitive & the farming machinery was old school to say the least.

What I noticed was that they did things the old way. It was all done by hand or by using animals.

I also noticed that the food was a lot fresher.


Big City – Stale Food…

I live in London, one of the greatest cities in the world.

However, my trip to Turkey made me realise how stale the food is in London!

I’m talking about supermarket food, even in the organic sections of the supermarket.

The vegetables had so much more taste over there. The apples which had just fallen off a tree about 100 yards away were delicious.

They weren’t spending hundreds of thousands of pounds on pesticides & chemical sprays & waxes to use on their produce.

They farm the land with care because that is all they have & it is their livelihood. They need to get the most out of it & make it work for them.

Without adding these chemicals to their food chain they do not absorb them into their bodies.

Their bodies do not need to detox them & their food has higher nutrient values as their soils are not being drained of life!

You must see how eating this type of food on a daily basis would have massive health benefits.


How To Ensure A Sluggish Existence…

If you live in a big city do you ever notice where your food comes from? I picked up some apples the other day that came from South Africa.

I wonder how long that journey took & how old these apples where that I was holding in my hand?

When you leave a piece of fruit in a bowl on the side, notice how after a few days it starts to turn brown & age.

After a week most fruits are no longer good to eat.

What is happening to make the fruit turn brown? Basically it is aging. It is losing its vitality. In this time it is losing it’s nutritional value.

The more old & stale a fruit is the lower its nutritional value.

I suggest that the lower the nutritional value of a food the less tasty it is! I believe this to be true.

How old is the food you eat?

Whenever & wherever you can, source fresh fruit, vegetables & meat. Also do your absolute best to always consume organic – which literally means ‘The way we used to farm!’

Do a search for local farmers markets & grab all your produce from those guys – that way you can chat to them & find out exactly where your food has come from & what is in it plus on it!


Going Deeper…

Lastly on this section of malnutrition, it may not even come down to the food you are eating anymore!

You may need to go a little deeper. Deeper into yourself.

A lot of people these days suffer with damaged digestive systems due to poor food, poor food choices, & stress.

If your digestive tract is injured then your ability to absorb the nutrients from what you eat will be affected.

No matter how good your food supply is you wont be getting the benefits from it because it cannot get fully into your body.

You must address this.


How Do You Know You Have Digestive Issues…

Generally you wont feel well. You’ll suffer around meals. Your immune system will be compromised & you will get sick often.

You will have food allergies & wont be able to eat certain foods at all.

You may be under weight or over weight.

You will certainly struggle to get optimal response from your efforts in the gym no matter how hard you work!

The list goes on.

This is a tricky one but it must be addressed in order for you to ever have a chance of you reaching your personal best.

What can you do to address these issues?…


5 Ways To Improve Your Health…

1) Eliminate foods that irritate your system. Get a food allergy test.

2) Heal your gut. I’ve written a previous article about that – Click Here To Read It

3) Boost your healthy gut bacteria with probiotics. Click Here To Buy.

4) Test your HCL levels. Again I’ve written an article about this, Click Here To Read It.

5) Eat a clean healthy diet. If you are unsure about what that is, I have designed a Healthy Eating System which teaches you what to eat, when to eat & how to eat for maximum health benefits – Click Here Buy.


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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