4 Reasons You May Be Fat: Part 2

The 4 Main Causes Of Obesity…

1)  Stress

2)  Toxicity

3)  Malnutrition

4)  Sleep


This Article Will Deal With The 2nd Cause – Toxicity.


Are You A Toxic Load…

Something else you cannot get away from these days is pollution.

Even the most remote parts of New Zealand have been found contaminated with deadly chemicals that could only come from industrial parts of the world!

How did they get all the way over there?

It’s in the atmosphere. Condensation & absorption into the environment up into the clouds. Then some movement around the earth & rain it down somewhere else!

There is no escaping it.


Living The Big City Life…

Aside from that if you live in a major city in the world then there is no doubt you are overloaded with heavy metals, solvents & all sorts of chemical concoctions!

Unless you are eating the most highly nutritious food, in perfect amounts at every meal, have perfect sleeping patterns, drink adequate amounts of purified clean water alongside keeping your vitamin & mineral levels at their perfect ratios then there is no way your body can keep on top of all that pollution.

Do you have less energy than you used to? Is your sex drive lower than it used to be? Do your nails & hair grow slower than they used to? Do you find it hard to concentrate for more than 20 seconds?

Well these are all signs of toxicity. That is to name only a few!


How To Guarentee A Slow Painful Existence…

The higher your toxic load the worse these conditions are.

That is why they all seem to worsen the older you get!

After years of build up & not doing the right things to support detoxification Grandpa’s body had so many issues it just gave out on him!

Yea we all get old & that appears to be the pattern these days. But why do some people not suffer as much as others?

One thing is true, unless you are doing some specific things everyday to reduce this toxic load then you are heading toward issue junction!

My training Courses, Books & Tools on my website teach you exactly what to do to give yourself a fighting chance to achieve your personal best.


LENS Focus:

Make sure your vitamin & mineral levels are at optimum.

Which ones specifically? All of them!

The closer they are to optimum the better you will feel, the better you will perform, the less illnesses & injuries you will suffer. Fact.

When your body has everything it requires to be at it’s best you will notice less blockages on your path to optimum health & fitness. I have experienced this first hand & with many of my clients.


How To Increase Your Chances Of Success…

You must use reliable blood testing to determine your vitamin & mineral levels.

Then you must address deficiencies head on.

My 12Week-Supplementation-Program deals with just that process.

My team walk you through the entire process & you notice radical improvements every step of the way.

Bottom line – at the very least get a quality multi vitamin.


For my recommendation of the best multi you can invest in:

Male Multi

Female Multi



There is no escaping the world we live in, it is stressful & polluted. However, are there things we can do to make ourselves feel & perform better?

There most certainly are.

Find an expert on this matter & allow them to guide you through this process toward greater health.

Your health is the foundation of your fitness. If you are not healthy then you will not be able to train at 100%.

Once you know exactly how to boost your health status your fitness levels will jump up a level or two.

Support your body to detoxify properly & you will most certainly find it easier to drop body-fat!


My 12Week-Supplementation-Program deals with just that process.

My team walk you through the entire process & you notice radical improvements every step of the way.

To read more about this process Click Here.



To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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