4 Reasons You May Be Fat: Part 1

The 4 Main Causes Of Obesity…

1)  Stress

2)  Toxicity

3)  Malnutrition

4)  Sleep


This Article Will Deal With The 1st Cause – Stress.



1) Stress Is All Around You…

Each of us consider different situations to be stress.

What do you consider to be stress? Is it your day-to-day chores? Or is it issues with money? Or is it your health? Or is it an argument you’ve had with a loved one? Or is it all the pollution from living in a big city? Or is it your diet? etc etc the list could go on.


Whether you like it or not – Life is stress…

Unless you have everything I’ve mentioned above handled on a daily basis then that stress is accumulating in your body.

Whenever an area of your body is stressed or put under pressure it lays down more tissue.

This tissue could be fat. The more stressed you are the more likely that you will be getting fatter!



Picture Someone With Bad Posture…

How their head is forward of their body! Also notice a lump on the back of their neck?

This is called a dowagers hump.

It is simply a place where the body is under stress so over time it has laid down extra tissue to help support that area.



Well when your body is stressed for prolonged periods of time this same process happens to the cells of your body!

Your body creates more of a hormone called Cortisol – The Stress Hormone.

This makes your cells more durable to stress & also makes you store more body-fat.


Have You Noticed…

Unless you are first able to notice & acknowledge stress in your life then you will not be able to overcome this problem.

Unless you have a plan to manage that stress then you will be fighting a losing battle.

The information I provide on a daily basis gives you the ideal parameters to follow in each area of your life if you want optimal health.


Use The Short Cuts…

I’ve spent my career discovering the key elements in all areas of my life & the life of my clients, which ensure long-term health & vitality.

I hold many of the answers for you to be able to achieve total health if you so choose.

My 7Week-Body-Transformation Course teaches you this over a very short period of time.


LENS Focus:

Notice everything in your life that creates stress for you.

Discover what the perfect conditions are for those areas of your life.

Work daily to manage your stress levels.

Use my systems & products to help you.


To combat your daily stress check out this article: Click Here For 3 Simple Techniques.


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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