How Acid Helps You Burn Fat…

Ever heard of hydrochloric acid? Well it’s inside you! It’s in your stomach, to be more precise.

It is the acid that meets & greets the food you eat. It is your first line of defence & your second phase of digestion (after chewing).


I’ll Explain Exactly How To Test If You Have Enough HCL In A Moment.

To Test Your HCL Levels You’ll Need A Little Tub Of These – Click Here.


Are You Deficient…

98% of people are deficient! It is very common & frequently goes undiagnosed & untreated. This condition is known as Hypochlorhydria.

Hypochlorhydria is the under production of HCL in your stomach. This can cause many problems & a lot of the time be misdiagnosed!

When you have adequate HCL you break down the food you eat & burn more body-fat as your body is working as it should.


Making It Simple…

I’m going to explain what HCL is, what it does, how to test if you have enough, how a lack of it affects your health & physical appearance & what you can do to make sure you always have what you need  – very important I’m sure you agree!


Otherwise Known As…

Hydrochloric Acid is commonly referred to as HCL.

It has numerous applications in the industrial world, including use for cleaning purposes, production of food additives, descaling & leather processing. About 20 million tonnes of HCL are produced worldwide annually for the industrial industry.


The Inside Story…

It is also naturally made by your stomach & it has several main functions within your body:

  1. Digest protein – you will not break down protein adequately if you are HCL deficient. It also activates an enzyme called pepsin which further helps to break down protein.
  2. It sterilises the contents of your stomach – It prevents oral pathogens from entering your stomach & getting into your digestive system & GI tract, which can then cause havoc!
  3. All your digestive juices including pancreatic are affected by your HCL status – So if digestion in your stomach is bad then digestion within your lower GI tract will also be bad.
  4. 4 Important minerals are dependant on HCL for absorption: Calcium, Magnesium, Iron & Zinc. If you are deficient in any or all of these mineral it will be a sign that you are also HCL deficient.
  5. 4 Vitamins are also dependant on HCL for optimal absorption: B9, Beta carotene, B12 & VitaminC.


The Problem Is…

So if you ever suffer with digestive problems, especially with denser foods like meat, this is the first place to check if everything is functioning properly!

If you suffer with stomach-aches, upset stomach, loose bowels, constipation, stomach bugs or parasites then this is the place to start doing the fixing.

If you have a problem absorbing a certain nutrient, vitamins & minerals then this is the first place to test if everything is ok.

If you have osteoporosis, osteopenia, your bones break or bruise easily, you struggle to fall asleep at night, you find it hard to wind down & relax, you don’t ever have enough energy for your day, you find it difficult to put on lean muscle, your sex drive is dwindling compared to how it used to be or you’ve never had much of a sex drive in the first place.

You suffer with regular colds, flu & general ill-health, your eyesight is getting worse.

If you struggle with losing weight, body-fat & cant get control of the way your body is shaped.

If you actually suffer with indigestion & what appears to be acid reflux every time you eat, but all the antacids in the world don’t seem to help…

Then testing your HCL levels is the first place to start!



To Test Your HCL Levels You’ll Need A Little Tub Of These – Click Here.



Do You Pass The Test…

You should perform a HCL test to determine you status.

You need HCL to absorb Vitamin’s, Minerals & proteins properly.

You should make enough HCL for optimal digestion & absorption of nutrients from your diet.

You must complete a HCL test before starting any supplement program as you will not absorb what you are supplementing & be wasting your money & time!

This is because your level of HCL will determine how well you are digesting your meals & absorbing the nutrients from your meals.

For this reason, it is the most important supplement of all existing & available. It is your first port of call when fixing many problems you & your body may be suffering – if you truly want optimal health then you must test & address your HCL status.


Why Testing Isn’t Common…

For the most part, Hypochlorhydria is a condition that is left undiagnosed & untreated. Many years ago the only tests available where so difficult to administer that it was easier to not make the diagnosis & treat the illness!

The test involved a tube being slid down your throat & periodically suctioning out the stomach contents after a meal! This way the acidity of your stomach could be measured.

In the late 1960’s the Heidelberg test was developed. The test involves swallowing a capsule about the size of a vitamin pill that measures stomach acid, however this was at the time very expensive!

Nowadays it is extremely easy to test you stomach acid…


How to Test your HCL level:

1) Order yourself the HCL tester tub.

2) Test it with meals.

3) Example: eat half of your meal, then take 200mg of HCL.

4) Eat the other half of your meal.

5) Within 15 minutes you will notice a reaction or nothing at all. A reaction will feel like you have just drunk a cup of hot tea.

6) If there is no reaction then you have some degree of HCL deficiency.

7) If you have no reaction on the first test, with your next meal you take 400mg of HCL in the middle of your meal.

8) Within 15 minutes after your meal you will either experience a reaction or you will feel nothing at all.

9) A reaction will feel like a warm sensation within your stomach like drinking a warm cup of tea.

10) If this happens the best way to get rid of it is to drink some water.

11) With no reaction you increase 200mg per meal up to 7 HCL tester tablets (1400mg of HCL).

12) If you get to 7 tablets then you failed the HCL test & require full HCL therapy.

13) If this is the case then you will need to supplement 1400-1500mg of HCL per meal taken in the middle of your meal – not before or after but in the middle of your meal.

14) If you require the full dose of HCL you can achieve this dose by taking 2 capsules of Poliquin’s HCL 4.0.

15) This is a stronger dose capsule so that you do not need to keep taking 7 tablets in the middle of each meal!


You will need to supplement until you start to have a reaction. Once this begins to happen you slowly reduce your HCL supplementation until you do not require it anymore.



Test Your This Week,You’ll Need A Little Tub Of These – Click Here.



Top Sellers…

Antacids, acid blockers & ulcer medications consistently top the list of drug sales!

A major problem is that the symptoms of Hypochlorhydria are very similar to those of Hyperchlorhydria.

Burping, belching, bloating, heartburn, gas, sour stomach, undigested food in your stool, a ferocious appetite, food sitting in your stomach to long, slow digestion, inability to eat a large meal due to feeling full quickly, constipation & diarrhea can all be due to insufficient HCL production!


The Meaning…

What that means is that many people who have too little HCL production are treated as though they have too much!

When you are deficient in HCL the food you eat lies in your stomach & ferments leading to gas, burning & bloating.

If you frequently reach for antacids this could be the worse thing for you. Since they only alleviate the burning symptoms so over the long haul contribute to the real problem!

The reason you experience burning when you are deficient in HCL is because your body it trying to use all the acid it can find, its working your stomach lining like crazy! Constant attack on your stomach lining & no line of defence against pathogens can lead to stomach ulcers & H.pylori!


Think About This For A Second…

Studies have shown that Antacids triple the likelihood of fractures.

Antacids block the absorption of Calcium in the stomach, which leads to Osteoperosis.

Antacids increase the symptoms of Asthma.

They are over prescribed.


When Should You Not Do The HCL Test…

If you have Peptic Ulcers. If this is the case please refer to a functional medicine doctor.

In the meanwhile still support their digestion. There are a few things that you can do to build your digestive health, which I will cover in another article.

Anytime you suspect ulcers refer to a functional medicine practitioner.



There is no point taking any supplement without knowing your HCL status. If it is not optimal you will not be digesting & absorbing them properly!

98% of people will fail the test & require full HCL therapy.

Many systems in the human body are regulated by how well you digest your food.

Digestion begins in the mouth with chewing, (Even this is not done properly by most people) I’ll cover this another time!

Fix the stomach first then the rest should take care of itself.

You need HCL to sterilise the content of your stomach.

Antacids worsen the problem.

In clinical settings a lot of people have GI Tract pathogens, which would have been eliminated in the stomach if the person had adequate HCL levels in the in the first place.

Having enough stomach acid is crucial if you want optimal health.


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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