How To Make Yourself Happy!

Answer: Heal – Gut – Serotonin


What is Serotonin…

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter, which affects your mood – particularly your ability to be happy!

Serotonin is your Happy Neurotransmitter.

The more Serotonin your body makes the happier you are – Fact!


Made In China…

Unlike a lot of things these days Serotonin is not made in China.

It is made in Your gut.

If you have unhealthy, damaged or generally dodgy guts then it is certain that your production of Serotonin has been disrupted.

If this production has been negatively affected so has your mood.


Ever noticed that the worse your mood the worse you eat…

Well this is true for most people. Some do not eat anything for days when they have been greeted with some stress.

Either way it’s not good.


What’s Gut got to do with it…

The healthier your gut the more perfectly you will be producing Serotonin, digesting your food, absorbing nutrients from your food & a wealth of other good stuff.

As 95% of the Serotonin your human body makes is created in your gut you would do well to take good care of that area.

Protect it from attack – bad food, bad thoughts, parasites & pathogens.

Eating a healthy diet & making sensible food choices is the 1st place to start.


If you’re not eating clean then you are being mean – to your intestine!

This is the first line of defense against the unwanted.

Processed, old, low nutrient, simple sugar foods reek havoc on your insides!

Some may taste good but the truth is, in the long run they wont feel good & neither will you!


How To Heal Your Gut Step 1…

As mentioned above your first step is to start eating the right types of foods.

Think, high protein good quality meats.

Think, green vegetables.

Think, fresh fruit.

All organic whenever possible.

If you read my stuff regularly you will be starting to get an education on exactly what foods to eat & which ones to avoid.

Keep your eyes & ears open for future material that will deal with this are in depth.


Step 2 For You…

Support & boost the healing of your gut. You can do this in many ways.

A fast & affective way is to use supplements.

Which supplements exactly, I hear you ask?

Start with fish oil.

Fish oil will tame the fire in the hole! Pardon the expression.

But if you suffer with burning bum when you have a bowl movement then that is a sure sign that there is too much heat inside your digestive tract.

You need to put that fire out – fast! It’s burning you alive, from the inside out.

I have personally found that 6 grams of a clean fish oil supplement per day works wonders at improving gut health.

Spread that throughout your day. 2 grams with breakfast, 2 grams with lunch. 2 grams with your dinner.


To Put Your Money In The Right Place, This Is The Best Fish Oil You’ll Find & As It Will Work So Fast You Will Save A Lot Of Money In The Long Run – 

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How To Win…

This will have a knock on affect to your mood, help you burn more body-fat & positively impact your food choice, which multiplies the results of the first 2 points in this paragraph.

Do this for a minimum of 3 weeks & you will see a vast difference in many areas of your life, not just the health of your gut.


Step 3 Is Easy…

Get yourself a great Probiotic.

What is a probiotic? Basically it is the good gut bacteria.

The problem here is, that the more mainstream probiotics are not good!

They are effectively dead products then you lose another 65% plus on the way into your system through your digestive process!

So it is critical that you invest in The Best Probiotic you can get your hands on.

Again I have sourced, tried & tested this product personally & with many clients to great effect.

Take 1 sachet in the morning after breakfast & 1 sachet in the evening after your dinner for 2 weeks. Then take 1 sachet per week to maintain your healthy gut bacteria levels.


To Place Your Money In The Right Place & Give Yourself The Best Chance Of Success – Click Here.


Step 4 For More…

The last part in the healing of your gut is supplementing Glutamine.

Glutamine is an amino acid. It is heavily associated with the health of your gut & essential in large amounts to heal a damaged gut lining.

As 75% of your immune system is in your gut you will notice a dramatic improvement in your overall level of health.

You will get ill less, have more energy, be stronger in the gym & perform better in every area of your life.

How much Glutamine should you take? In my experience a minimum of 5 grams per day can have a positive affect.

When I want to get a noticeable improvement in my digestive health, increase muscle mass & boost my immune system I take as much as 50 grams per day spread throughout my day in 10 gram doses.

It is good to cycle the loads over periods of stressful times.


You Can Get Your Glutamine Right Here.



To maintain all of this, make sure you drink lots of clean water every day.

At the very minimum 1 liter!

You wont need to consume more that 3 liters unless in very unusual circumstances.


I’ll talk to you about the science & ideal consumption of water in another article.

For Now Go Take Care Of Your Gut & Be Happy!


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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