Who Else Wants Real Results Fast?

Do You Know The Quickest Way To Get In The Best Shape Of Your Life?

We’ve all experienced it – working for hours on your laptop over a document or piece of work that just seems to take forever to complete!

If only there was a quicker way to get the job done! However you manage to complete it & decide to show your work of art to a friend.

As they look at it they say this must have taken you ages! You reply with a frustrated “Yes!”

How did you edit all these parts here they ask?

You reply explaining how you did it.

They smile at you as if they are looking at a naive child! Did you know that you can do it this way?

They show you a technique that could have saved you hours of hard laptop labour! If only you knew that before you think to yourself!!!

I could have saved myself SO MUCH TIME!!! ARGH!


Here are 4 ways that you can be coached

by ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant – Click Here For More Info.

As a personal trainer for the past 13 years I’ve learnt a few things about the human body & mind.

After working with 1000’s of people to help them achieve an even better physical & mental state I know what works & what is a waste of time!

Check out what some of my clients accomplished by working with me:

I have been training with Daniel for over 10 years now and have found him not only encouraging and hard working, but successful even though I have many absences due to work commitments.

His ever-changing exercise routines have kept me motivated and interested.

His knowledge of anatomy and diet has also helped me to keep healthy.

Daniel has guided me, through exercise, to assuage an old back injury that flares up from time to time.

Richard Clifford, Actor and Director 

Daily Life Meets Easy Street…

Having to manage your diary & day-to-day life is a challenge we all meet daily!

Knowing what will bring about the responsive body & mind that you desire is critical to your success.

I have taken years to learn techniques & methods that make dramatic impacts to these areas of your life. That is my job & I love it!

Here is what another person thinks:

As a Harley St Hypnotherapist that likes pushing the boundaries of what is possible in peoples lives with regard to creating immediate change – I found that working with Daniel Grant was so beneficial in many ways.

I wanted a specific outcome and Daniel was the first of many trainers to actually get me there a month ahead of my target.

Daniel, Thank you for being there for me. You are clearly leading the way in your field

Adam Cumberland, Harley Street Hypnotherapist 

Results That Find You…

What you will notice from my company & style of training is that quick results are essential.

However, what you will also notice is that the methods & techniques used to achieve these results are all based on studies plus years of trial & error.

You can save yourself a lot of time by working with a professional who can show you all the shortcuts that take years to figure out!

Here are a few more examples of what can be achieved by working with us…

My experience working with Dan has been game-changing.

Feeling fat and old when I turned 40, I started working with Dan a year ago and have lost the flab, changed my body shape and boosted my self-image.

Dan brings experience and a total mind and body approach to weight training that is simple enough for beginners like me to follow

Brian Cole, 41, Managing Director, Capital One UK 

Training with Daniel has been challenging, rewarding and fun. His techniques and expertise have enabled me to become fitter and stronger, both physically and mentally.

Working with him has given me a great exercise regime and a far better understanding regarding the workings of the human body

Ian Camfield, 33, Radio Presenter 

Daniel is an excellent trainer. He has helped me get fit again after major surgery. Daniel is reliable and friendly and I really enjoy training with him. He also has great tips about nutrition.
Kaye, University Lecturer 

The Walk Of Life…

As you can see people from all walks of life have benefitted from my training & systems.

I’ve even made it easy for you to get involved by creating a number of training options. CLICK HERE to find out about those options.

It’s Never Too Late…

It is never too late to get started! It is never too late to get yourself in better shape & health.

All you have to do is find an expert you trust & follow their guidance.

One Tip: If you don’t feel & look better with 2 weeks move on & find another expert. You should feel better every step of the way, week upon week…

Why Not Get What You Want…
I have been training with Daniel for 3 years now and my friends say the results speak for themselves!

The physical regime, the diet advice, the supplement package and the general health coaching have all combined to produce a new me. Highly recommended!

Martin Parker, 60, retired Managing Director 

I have been working out with Daniel for the past 6 years. Daniel is an amazing trainer, knowledgeable, committed, dedicated and prepared.

He fully understands the needs my body requires and sets targets to achieve them.

I would not train with anybody else but Daniel and I’m fully confident to recommend him to anybody wanting to improve physically and mentally.

Leone G, Dentist/Orthodontist 

I have been training with Daniel for over 8 years now. I have stayed with Daniel because his approach is effective, motivating and creative. He is also a good bloke.
Julian Tooke, 43, Director, Media Agency

There you have it, what others are saying about my techniques & training systems…

Why should you be missing out?

If you go to the gym, or work out in any form there may be some small little tweaks that you can make to your regime that would bring about profound change for the better?

Why not make sure that you are not missing those extra results? Cover all the bases. Besides you can get involved with ShapeTrainer in a lot of ways, most of them are for free simply because we love to help.

Follow us on Twitter, Facebook, Linked In & even receive our twice-weekly short-info emails.

All the links to connect are on our Facebook Fan Page.

Come join the party & don’t waste another second! – Click Here To Get Started Today.

To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant


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