Do You Know The Mineral Of Life?

Below are some of the Main Benefits of Magnesium. I will expand on each point in another article. For this article I am going to provide you with some quick answers about Magnesium & how it could help you…


The Main Benefits Of Magnesium:

√ Aids Relaxation

√ Improves sleep, both quality & quantity

√ Improves Insulin sensitivity

√ Improves the function of both skeletal & cardiac muscle

√ Up regulates the absorption of Calcium into your bones

√ Works synergistically with D3 so your body can utilise both as expected

√ Aids heavily in detoxification

√ Helps to normalise Blood Pressure

…& much more…


The symbol for Magnesium is Mg – we’ll use that abbreviation for it within this article.


Mg is one of the most deficient minerals in the western diet! It just simple isn’t as highly concentrated in our food these days!


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How To Turn Procrastination Around…

Mg is commonly referred to as the mineral of life. Why is that?

1 main reason that Mg is critical to your health is that all hormones are affected by your Mg status.

If you do not have adequate levels of Magnesium then you will not be able to produce certain hormones. As it is 1 of the main building blocks in their production!

Your Magnesium status will ultimately have a say in your levels of energy. If you have been feeling lazy, tired & lackluster recently, then Magnesium deficiency could be the reason?


The Secret To Great Relationships…

Mg works synergistically (in combination with) other minerals. When you possess optimum levels of vitamins & minerals your body works perfectly as it should.

If you are low or even deficient in any, or 1 of those vitamins or minerals then you will notice a drop in mental clarity & physical performance.

Not only will there be a decrease in the functions that are directly related to Mg in this case, but as it is so closely related with other important minerals you will notice a knock on effect across the functions of those minerals & the benefits they offer.

When both sides of the relationship are providing exactly what is needed to be at their best then the relationship flourishes. If 1 side is lacking then the relationship does not work so well.

So by making sure that your Mg levels are at optimum you are taking out insurance for your health. You are removing a blocking factor on your road to personal best.


One Cell At A Time…

One of the secrets to great cell function, therefore great brain, body & internal organ function, is optimum vitamin & mineral status. This means that you have ideal levels of vitamins & minerals at all times within your body.

When this is the case you are much less likely to suffer disease, illness or injury!

When you are at optimum levels of Mg then you will experience great cell function & interaction – which means you will feel, look & perform great!

As Mg is stored mostly within the interstitial fluid of your body (the fluid between your cells) it is essential to be at optimal levels for your cells to talk to each other properly.

When your Mg levels drop so does the communication & reaction of your cells resulting in a drop in performance for you!

If your energy levels or performance has dwindled lately then it could be worth taking a daily dose of Mg supplementation.

This can be taken daily to maintain your Mg status & ensure optimal performance from your body & mind.


To Detoxify Or Not Is The Question…

If you are trying to detoxify estrogens you require adequate levels of Magnesium.

As Mg is so closely related with your detoxification pathways, heavily synergistic with vitamin D3 & many other minerals, then you will not be able to detoxify properly if you are low!

If you can’t detoxify then you will always struggle to lose body-fat! More about that in another article.

If You’ve been struggling to lose a few extra pounds, the level of your blood cell Magnesium could hold the answer!

Improve this & you literally improve everything.


Sugar & Magnesium…

You cannot manage insulin properly without enough Mg.

Magnesium is one of the building components of Insulin. Therefore if you do not have adequate levels of Mg you will not be able to balance your blood sugar levels properly.

On top of Mg’s affect over Insulin, it also makes you more Insulin sensitive.

Basically, this means that when your body secrets Insulin it finds it much easier & quicker to regulate your blood sugar level.

This is critically important if you ever want to control your bodyweight & body-fat!

You learn all about this within my training courses. For now, know this simple truth – the better you manage your blood sugar levels the better you manage your body-fat %… Mg is a massive ally in this process.


How Well Do You Handle Stress…

When you are stressed your body will create more Cortisol. Cortisol is a stress hormone, which basically makes your cells more durable.

If you do not have enough Mg in your body you will be ‘hyper-reactive’ to stress. Mg relaxes you. When you are low or deficient you will notice that you overreact to stressful situations.

As you increase your Mg levels your demeanor around stressful situations will change!

Also in order to detox that Cortisol out of your system you will require more Mg. If you don’t have it then you will be stuck with the Cortisol raising your stress levels even higher!

You cannot avoid stress in your life but you can affect how your body reacts & handles it.

If you feel highly stressed or have some issues going on in your life right now, know that taking a daily Mg supplement will support you through those difficult times.

It will not take the stress of your life away but it will certainly help you deal with that stress in a calmer, more focused way.


Daily Dose:

Many studies have shown that 10mg of Magnesium per KG of bodyweight is a solid way to determine your daily dose.

It would be very difficult to attain this from just your diet. That is where supplementation comes in & acts like a precision food. You can concentrate exactly what you need at the perfect time you need it.

When supplementing Mg it is best to spread your daily dose throughout your day.

However, as it is a relaxant, here is a general rule of thumb when supplementing Mg.

You should take a dose directly after you train (preferably in the morning) & the rest of your dose spread between your last 2 meals coming after 4pm.


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In modern society it is extremely common for Mg levels to be low in the average human body.

You do not have to be average!

In my years of training I have noticed a successful method. Improve your vitamin & mineral levels & you will improve your health, your mental & physical performance, plus you will improve how you look on the outside.

Mg is one of the foundations of that upward improvement curve. Improve or perfect your Mg levels & you will notice a quantum leap in your mood, performance & results.

There is much more to be expanded about Mg. Keep an eye out for future articles. To get future articles sent straight to your inbox Click Here.


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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