How To Get Healthy & Fit – Fast.

Introducing to You The ShapeTrainer Website. Here you will find a wealth of information about fitness, health & how to transform your body into a Greek-God-Masterpiece!


Are You Lacking Ideas In Some Departments…

Below is a brief description of each page. When you like what you read & want to see more you can go straight to each page by clicking the heading.


– The Art Of Body Sculpting…

This stands for 7Week-Body-Transformation. If you want to change the shape of your body in a short period of time – this is how.

You have 4 options of how to go through this training:

1) The Book – Which a coached from the book DIY option. Ideal if you work well alone, have a solid foundational knowledge base & want all the information in 1 hit!

2) The Course – Which is a group course, delivered over 7 weeks. A number of you start at the same time. You all have your own appointment to gather your starting pictures, measurement & statistics.

The course is delivered to you via email PDF’s & social media interaction.

To have your starting appointment with a ShapeTrainer Specialist you must visit our NW London Gym. Otherwise this course is available anywhere in the world where you have an Internet connection.

You will be coached via the Internet. Everything is provided for you to experience great success.

3) One2One Gold – Which is your 7Week-Body-Transformation delivered to you by your very own ShapeTrainer Specialist. You will be assigned your coach once registering & they will guide you through the entire progress ensuring your success. This includes 3 personal training sessions per week & unlimited access to your coach for the duration of your course. Note: This is only available at our NW London Gym.

4) One2One Platinum– Which is your 7Week-Body-Transformation, delivered to you by Daniel Grant  the creator of ShapeTrainer. This includes 3 personal training sessions a week with Daniel, unlimited email & phone access to Daniel & his team, personalization of your program by the creator & all of your supplements for the duration of the course. This is the only option where your supplements are included in your investment price. Note: This is only available at our NW London Gym & there are only 6 available slots per year. 1st come 1st serve.


– How Supplements Made Me Stronger, Leaner & Smarter…

This stands for 12Week-Supplementation-Program. ShapeTrainer has created a system to bring about perfect vitamin & minerals levels within your body.

When this happens you look, feel & perform at your personal best.

The system includes blood tests at our affiliate London Laboratory. Our Nutritional Counselor then reviews your results.

Once they have been determined you will receive a supplementation program to follow for the next 12 weeks.

Whatever supplement your blood indicates you require will be provided through our state of the art Supplement Provider. Each supplement will come with a full explanation of what it is & how it benefits you.

You follow your supplement program for the duration of the course. At the end of your 12 weeks we re-assess your blood & determine the level of success.

At that point your results are either perfect & you have a choice to go on a maintenance dose of specific supplements that ensure your vitamin & mineral levels remain at optimum.

Or depending on your starting position you may need further supplementation to raise your levels closer to optimum. This is determined by your blood test results & review by your Nutritional Counselor.


– Warning! For Lightning Results Get A Good PT…

This is where you find your Personal Training & BioSignature Investment Prices.

You can click straight to Testimonials, read about BioSignature & Book An Appointment Today.


– Do You Make Mistakes? We Help You Cut That Out & Get Results…

Here you can see & read all about the great job that 7WBT & the ShapeTrainer Team are achieving everyday.

There are 4 Result options for you to view:


Daniel Grant

Bonnie Moore

Ricky Gavin


– You Don’t Have To Do It Alone! We’re Here To Help…

At this point you can meet the team in a little more detail. Find out what we have been doing for the past 13 years! Check out our qualifications & areas of expertise.


– What Do You Have In Your Tool Box…

Here ShapeTrainer provides you with some useful tools to aid your body shaping adventure.

You have 3 options to guarantee your success:

1) Books – Read exactly how to achieve your Greek God Body & get on with it yourself.

2) The ShapeTrainer Eating System – Learn the Eating System that is getting fantastic results with all of its users.

3) Workouts – 1 workout or a never-ending stream of workouts. You can choose from the specialised workout plans & even subscribe to receive a training program that will keep you in shape for life.


– See How Easily You Can Have Results…

The finest quality supplements that you can get your hands on! ShapeTrainer does not mess about when it comes to getting you results that is why we choose this brand as our main provider.

Keep an eye out for our regular emails & blogs to learn about each supplement & how it will benefit you.


– Do You Recognise The 12 Signs Of Great Communication…

These are a number of quick questions that provide you with insight into yourself.

The purpose of these indicators is to highlight areas of strength & weakness. This gives you specific focus points to work on to strengthen your personality, business & social skills.

These are key elements in you long-term success. Here at ShapeTrainer we have found that supporting these areas of your life stimulate better self-image, confidence & productivity.

When you have these areas of your life handled you find it a lot easier to control exactly how your body looks. Everything falls into place.

We specifically recommend 2 out of the list of indicators.


– The Laziest Way To Get Exactly What You Need…

We wanted to hear exactly what you want.

Not only does ShapeTrainer provide you with cutting edge information, access to the most effective supplements on the market & systems of training & eating that stimulate greater health & fitness – BUT we also want to know exactly what you need to get results.

What is in your way? What is stopping you? What information could unlock a streak of winning success’ for you?

Let us know & as soon as we have an answer we’ll get back to you.



– If You Don’t Know Now You’ll Be Missing Out Later…

Read our latest 2 blog posts & get directed straight to our blog for more fine reading.

Up-to-date information straight into your brain! Cut through the jargon & save yourself time learning the truth.

These blogs provide you with vital information for long-term health, fitness & success in your life.

Opt in & receive our twice per week ShapeTrainer Special Emails. These will include some blog posts of specific relevance to you, information about health, fitness, training, products & food that are related to your overall health, fitness & well-being.

It’s All Free!


– Give Us Some Effort & We Will Give You Jaw-Dropping Results…

Book an appointment, send us a burning question you have or even just let us know what a fine job we are doing!

This is a way to shoot us a message quickly.

We Hope You Enjoy Browsing Our Site

& Look Forward To Working With You In The Near Future

To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant


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