7 Real Reasons You Should Supplement Zinc…


I have personally tried & tested many forms of zinc supplementation. Some were a waste of time & money!

If you’ve been reading my emails & blogs then you’ll already know how much I hate wasting time & how I love discovering ways to save time & share them with you!

Through my 12Week-Supplementation-Program (12WSP) I found Uber Zinc PX to be the best source of zinc supplement due to how easily it is absorbed & utilized by the human body.

I was able to raise my zinc levels to optimum by using this specific supplement. Below are 7 Real Reasons how I am benefitting from now having optimum zinc levels. You too could enjoy this experience…

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The Reasons:

1) If you’re not reacting well…

Zinc is involved in 300 enzymatic reactions within the human body.

If you are even slightly deficient then those reactions will be impaired. Your body cannot function at its best if it does not have optimum vitamin & mineral stores.


2) Are You Organised…

Zinc is the great organiser. Every fluid in your body contains some level of Zinc.

Not having enough zinc will mean that your sweat, tears & your more personal fluid will not be at their sweetest! (Pardon the pun).

If these are not at their best your ability to detox through sweat & tears, plus reproduce will be impaired.


3) How To Be At Your Best – Everyday…

It is synergistic to all minerals. When you have optimum zinc levels within your body then every other mineral has the chance to perform its functions more thoroughly.

When you do not have enough zinc, it does not matter if you have optimum levels of every other mineral, as they will be impaired by your lack of zinc status!


4) Who Else Wants Great Digestion…

If your Zinc levels are low your ability to make HCL (stomach acid for optimal digestion) will be impaired.

Maybe you have the best diet in the world? Maybe you have the worst diet in the world? Either way, your ability to digest whatever food you choose to put in your mouth will be hindered if you do not have ideal zinc levels.

Without enough zinc you cannot produce enough HCL (stomach acid). Without enough stomach acid you cannot breakdown your food & absorb the nutrients within! See the vicious circle here? You have the choice to break that circle.


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5) The Secret To Optimum Growth…

Zinc is heavily associated with growth & repair of tissues. You cannot repair tissue optimally without enough Zinc.

If you suffer with injuries, partake in physical activity on a regular basis &/or are sexually active then you will be using up a lot of zinc.

As already touched on above, it is 99% likely that you are not, or are even unable to absorb enough zinc from your daily diet & life.


6) Little Ways Your Diet Can’t Help You…

Even if you eat organic, Zinc (& magnesium) are low within our food supply. This is mostly due to the way we as a society have been farming for the last 40 years.

The chemicals used within our industrial farming methods deplete zinc within our soils, which for obvious reasons it cannot then be present in our plants, which cannot be present in our animals & finally are virtually non-existent in your body!

Also the chemicals within our environment, Cadmium being a main one in the UK, deplete zinc massively.

You need zinc to detox Cadmium therefore when exposed to it your zinc stores are used up. If those stores are not replaced then you eventually end up zinc deficient!


7) Get Rid Of Deficiency Once & For All…

Most (98%) of people will need to supplement for a while to raise Zinc status. The most accurate way to do this is to have your blood tested for Red Blood Cell Zinc Levels.

Once that is determined you can then supplement accordingly until your levels are at optimum. Until you test your blood or if you are already at optimum levels then a supplemental dose of around 30mg/day will suffice to maintain levels – depending on environment toxicity?

A good multi will do the trick for this. For a great multi click here: Male.Female.



I advise all of my clients to supplement the maintenance dose of zinc every day, on top of eating a healthy diet.

Every person I work with reports drastic improvements in mental & physical performance within a week of starting their supplementation program.

Why shouldn’t you experience these mega benefits too?

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To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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