Are You In Mint Condition?

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5 Great Reasons to use Mint within Your Daily Diet:

1) Helps Solve Digestion Problems

In a recent University of Maryland Medical Center study it was discovered that mint cannot only be used to lessen stomach discomfort, but it can also aid in digestion. Mint relieves stomach pain and also shortens the length the pain goes on for. Mint also relieves pain caused by irritable bowel syndrome.

2) Reduces Congestion

Congestion caused by allergies, sinus infections, or being sick can be reduced by mint. Just smelling mint will start loosening up your congestion. The smell produced by mint tea is very beneficial to relieving congestion. Even commercial grade steam products use mint because of this.

3) Reduces Headaches

People have been using mint to reduce migraine and headache pain for centuries. Whether it’s through the use of drinking mint tea or mint oil, it definitely gets the job done. Mint is one of the most popular scents in aromatherapy and always regarded as some of the best headache remedies.

4) Treats Cold and Flu

Mint has antiseptic and antiviral properties that are really beneficial in getting rid of the cold. That’s some people drink mint tea when they’re sick. Drinking mint tea also causes you to sweat, which forces the cold out of your body. Mint oil can also be applied on the chest for relaxing the bronchial passages and making it easier to breath.

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5) Health Insurance

The easiest way to consume mint is to drink mint tea. Mint tea is a great treatment for many problems but it is also preventative. If you’re into training or general fitness then coupling tea with those activities is bound to improve your health. Only by taking advantage of effective natural plants, training, and proper nutrition can you reach the full potential of transforming your body to an optimum state. A clever way to add mint to your diet is to throw a few sprigs into your daily juice or smoothie. You can also blend those leaves into a berry yoghurt sorbet – tasty, low GI (choose the right yoghurt!) & health promoting! Win-win.


Use fresh mint leaves, mint tea &/or oil most days of the week. It is refreshing, smells great & is good for you! Start using it today to prevent colds & flu, reduce/illuminate headaches, train harder, work longer & be healthier.

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To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant  



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