The war is raging… Against Fat!

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I know how busy life is! Trying to be healthy, fit & in shape can sometimes appear to be a right chore. It seems like a lot of hard work with not much return. Alongside that I just want to eat the tasty stuff that makes my taste buds come to life!

I don’t want to restrict what I eat & I certainly don’t want to be hungry all the time! The problem is that when I live like this I feel low. I mean my energy levels are down. I have a few moments of pleasure while I’m eating a few hundred grams of my favorite chocolate but then it’s back to feeling low!

After repeating this process over & over again I decided enough was enough. I wanted to feel better. I wanted more energy. I wanted more self-esteem. How the hell was I going to get all these things?

After many months, even years of trial & error I discovered a system that works really well for me.

I set up my lifestyle a certain way, which is easy to manage when my schedule is jam-packed.

I do these special exercises that leave me feeling great & ready to take on the rest of my day & week.

I choose certain amounts of specific foods, which boost my energy, provide me with loads of ‘umph’ & over time have actually made me look younger than I did a few years ago!

Lastly, I take a few carefully selected supplements that boost my immune system, give me even more energy & nourish all my cells to perfection.



So that I could understand this system that I had started living I wrote it down & made even more tweaks to get it just right.

Then something real interesting happened! Everyone started asking me what I was doing to look & feel so good plus perform so well – all the time!

I told them about my system & you guessed it, they wanted to learn it as well. As a personal trainer I happily shared my success methods.

Honestly it is so rewarding to see others get the results they’ve always desired & win their personal war over the bulge!

What’s really great is that everyone I have coached has said a similar thing – ‘That it was much easier than they first thought!’ When you apply these special techniques to yourself & your life then you just have to sit back & watch the results come to you.


Cause & Effect…

Do something specific – get a specific response. That’s the principle. The problem for most is that they spend years trying to figure out what is the best thing to do! It becomes confusing exactly what brought about the result!

That’s where I come in & my system works. My quest is to save you one of the most important things in your life – time. My system will make you a black belt in fat-defense!

You’ll be untouchable. The fat will not be able to get near you. After a while you’ll be so skilled & well trained that the fat won’t even want to come near you. It will run away like a scared little child.

Imagine your life, where you look the best you have ever looked. Imagine that you are bursting & over flowing with energy. Imagine waking each morning & jumping out of bed with a real zest for your day. Imagine looking amazing in ALL of your clothes & even better NAKED!

Well I offer you the chance to have that life. I can certainly help you get there. I’ve helped many others reach this state. On top of that I can have you there in less than 7 weeks!


Sound incredible? Check this out.



There are plenty of get rich quick & lose a stone in 5 minutes schemes! I love the sound of those things but in the real world they never really deliver what they promise!

Getting anything in life that is worthwhile keeping takes training. Specific training over time. What I can offer you is the exact perfect training that brings about phenomenal results in a very short period of time.

7 weeks! That’s it. Not even 2 months. In 7 weeks time you could be going about your day like you are right now feeling outstanding – while everyone is looking at you & thinking – ‘Damn they look good, I wonder what they do to look so good?’

This is a true story. I have so many testimonials just like the example I’ve just given you. Some people have even said to me that I have changed their life! WOW that’s powerful stuff. Actually bought me to tears a few times but that’s a story for another time! (Hey, don’t tell anyone how sensitive I am! It’s a secret)

So why am I sharing this with you & what do I want in return? Firstly, as I said earlier, I’m a personal trainer, so it is my job to share these types of insights with my clients.

If I’m a good personal trainer, I get results with the people I work with. To show you the results I get, click here.  Have a quick look I’ll be right here when you get back.

What did you think? Those results look great if I do say so myself! Plus they were all achieved within 7 weeks – double bonus.

Secondly, I can’t think of anything better that I would love doing. Helping you realise your full fitness & health potential. The truth is that the healthier & fitter you are the better you will do whatever it is that you do in the world.

So as a by-product I am helping the world to be a better, happier & more productive place. That’s damn cool in my opinion.



So what will this cost me? I hear you ask. Less than you may first think! There is also an added incentive when you invest in this training. You pay the price of the course up front but when you complete the training you get 50% back!

Why? This is another tried & tested theory that keeps you on track. It actually encourages you to give it your all. Lets face it, who likes to throw money away? I certainly don’t & I wouldn’t want you to either.

So when you join the team of fat busters you get an added incentive that you’re going to save money the more focused you are on the course. The criteria for you to achieve a 50% return on your money are here. (Truly, it’s easy to achieve!)

Your investment to get into the training program is £700 paid up front. When you complete you’ll get 50% of that back. Making the training just £350! That’s £50 per week.


What You get:

–       Your Workout Routine within a pdf document that you can open on your laptop or your phone – worth £17.

–       The ShapeTrainer Healthy Eating System worth £67

–       Daily coaching & motivation.

–       A weekly pdf document straight to your email inbox, which explains exactly what to do for that week.

–       Access to at least 3 coaches at all times.

–       Unlimited group chat with your personal conrad’s.

–       Supplement guidance, which speed your results & make you feel great.

–       Specialised training so that you master your body shape & beat the onslaught of accumulating fat around your body-parts!

Now this offer will be taking off very soon & why should you wait? Why not have the best you in place within the next 7 weeks?

If you already know it’s for & you’re ready to get started as soon as possible you can register right now, click here.

If you’d like to enquire about the next start date, click here.

I honestly hope to be coaching you soon so that together we can win our war that is raging… against fat!


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant






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