Coffee: A Health Beverage!

Whether you are a coffee lover or not I am going to offer you some proof that coffee is actually good for you.


When I design a healthy eating plan for my clients, I always encourage them to incorporate coffee at specific times of the day to support & boost their performance levels.


When used scientifically, coffee offers a number of positive benefits.

To follow are 5 of those benefits:


1) Lowers Risk of Cancers

One thing is certain from numerous studies – coffee does not increase your risk to cancer. Having got that out of the way lets look at what it is good for…

It is well known that increasing your antioxidant levels reduces your chances of suffering from cancer. Coffee contains 2 specific types of antioxidant acids, caffeic & chlorogenic.

One specific study with over 67,000 participants demonstrated a 25% decrease in cancer risk when the participants drank 4 or more cups per day compared to those who didn’t drink coffee regularly.

One way to reduce the risk of cancers such as breast, ovarian & prostrate is to improve your bodies ability to detoxify estrogen. There are good ways to detox estrogen & there are great ways!

We already know that coffee increases your antioxidant levels. The real benefit of this is that having more antioxidants roaming round your body will certainly decrease your amount of oxidative stress.

Lastly, research has linked certain enzymes in the liver that help the metabolism of estrogen through the 2-hydroxyestrone pathway, which is one of the best ways to detoxify estrogen out of your body – coffee increases the function of these enzymes.



2) Improves Blood Pressure

Coffee increases nitric oxide production, which improves the health of the surface layer of your blood vessels keeping them more toned. This supports better arterial pressure, which maintains a more ideal blood pressure status short & long-term.

Directly after drinking coffee your blood pressure will rise due to increased vascular flow. However this is a very short-term affect. Studies have shown that drinking coffee over prolonged periods of time (8 weeks or more) dramatically reduce blood pressure statistics.



3) Increases Fat Burn

As already mentioned above, when you drink coffee it increases your blood flow & therefore your metabolic rate. Whenever you increase your metabolic rate you are burning more calories.

Furthermore, it has also been suggested that coffee can switch you to burning fat as a fuel rather glucose.

One specific study showed that consuming over 1 gram of green coffee extract per day for 6 weeks created a massive 8kg drop in body weight & a body-fat reduction of 4.4%.

Note that a lower dose did not offer the same effect.



4) Reduces Recovery Time

Several studies have shown that the rate at which you recover from exercise can be positively affected by using coffee. After an intense workout you will usually experience muscle soreness. Caffeine can reduce that soreness in some cases by up to 48%!

When used scientifically it can improve performance levels. This is where some major progressions can be made. A study has shown that by supplementing 8mg/kg of body weight, that endurance levels can be dramatically improved in comparison to taking no supplement & a 16-minute improvement in comparison to a carbohydrate supplement.

The results of this study indicate that using caffeine as a workout stimulant may improve glycogen re-absorption after your workout & encourage more fatty acids to be used as fuel for physical activity.



5) Increases Reaction Time

Ever used coffee to wake you up when you were tired? Well it’s the same effect when preparing to exercise. A study showed that using 4mg/kg of body weight improved reaction times in athletes & increased motivation plus resulted in more repetitions in a weight-training workout.

This lead to possible longer workout times & more overall total load lifted in comparison to a placebo group. You may already be aware that the more volume of training that you perform the greater the results you will see.

ShapeTrainer Workouts offer the perfect volume to stimulate maximum fat-burning & muscle toning response from your body.

It was also documented that caffeine did not increase cortisol production (stress hormone), or affect testosterone response to training.




Using coffee at specific times of day can dramatically improve your performance levels when exercising or focusing your brain.

A specific amount will generate a specific response from your body, less or more may not have the same affect.

If your performance within each workout is improved then over time the progressions that you desire from your workouts will arrive sooner than you first expected.

To learn about the perfect dosage & timing of using coffee for optimal training & lifestyle response check out my ‘ShapeTrainer Eating System’.


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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