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When I first started out it seemed like there were just too many exercises to choose from! On top of that I didn’t know which ones would build the muscle where I wanted it!

So I had many conversations, tried & tested many exercises & basically made a lot of mistakes when it came to exercise choice! Ultimately I wasted a lot of time trying to achieve what I really wanted. However, in that process I learnt a hell of a lot & eventually achieved a greater understanding of what works & what doesn’t.



So why am I sharing my story with you? Well I noticed that so many people go through the same process as I went through, maybe you are going through it right now? Most struggle to put together a quality workout routine that brings about the results quickly. This becomes frustrating & it is one of the main reasons a lot of people do not continue on their path to being really healthy & really fit. Can you relate to what I am saying here?

My goal as a personal trainer is to help support you toward your personal best. Personally I prefer to do this as quickly as possible. Why? Because then you enjoy the journey more & you want to keep going – keep getting better. When you are getting noticeable results every step of the way, week after week, why would you stop?

The real trick to achieving a great physique & healthy state is consistency. The problem I have noticed is that when results are not obvious then it becomes a turn off & you find it harder & harder to continue, then eventually stop.



In the past year I have thought to myself many times about how I would have loved the chance to use a great system when I was starting out! Even after I had become a seasoned gym-goer, I realised it was the injection of new ideas that could have kept my workouts fresher & my progression at its full potential!

So what I have created is a workout subscription process. You can subscribe within 2 minutes & then instantly start to benefit from your new workout plans – click here to read more.



When I was on route to building the body that I now have, I never even conceived that there could have been so many short cuts! I remember thinking hundreds of times that I wish there was! I looked around for what seemed like great ideas, I tried out many systems & different ‘expert trainer’ routines. All resulting in underwhelming results.

This is what really got me down & this is exactly what I wish to save you the frustration of. What is the quickest route to your personal best? That has been my quest for many years now. I know that this is a life journey & will never end. This also makes it very special in that I can continue to learn about something I love & there will never be an end to the learning – how amazing!

I have created a full system that transforms your body in a short space of time. The workouts are a major element of that system. I share with you here the workout patterns that I create for my body transformation courses. The understanding of what works & the elimination of what doesn’t.

Save time, save effort, achieve better results from every workout, enjoy the process & do it all quickly. Sound good? If someone offered this to me a few years ago I would have snapped it out of his or her hand. Whenever I can save myself time achieving a goal I really want, then I am all ears.



The workouts are emailed straight to your inbox. You receive a new workout plan consisting of 3 separate workouts every 8 weeks. You follow the plan each week until you receive your new plan. This is a constantly evolving process. When you get involved in this flow you will be propelled toward your dream body.

The longer you are involved in the subscription workout plans the greater your body will look & the more fantastic & free you will feel. You can end your subscription at any time, until then you will continue to receive & reap the rewards of new workouts every week.

As soon as you’re ready to get the results you’ve always wanted then know that the process has been created for you. It’s all ready & waiting: Click here to get started right now, the subscription offer is at the bottom of the page & you can set it up through PayPal – its super simple.


To Your Best Health

ShapeTrainer Daniel Grant



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