4 Reasons to take a Multivitamin


A multivitamin is a vitamin tablet, capsule, or oral liquid that is made up of multiple vitamins. Instead of having to take many different tablets/capsules each day, multivitamins allow you to simply take one pill instead and still get all your required vitamins.


Vitamins are taken into your body through various foods. If you’re growing, pregnant, or not eating a balanced diet, you might not be getting enough vitamins to remain healthy. In this day & age it is highly likely that you are not obtaining adequate vitamins & minerals even if your diet is perfect! This is due to the quality & the nutritional value of the food. When this happens you can take vitamin supplements each day to maintain the necessary nutrition your body needs.


Another cause for not getting enough vitamins is training. When you’re training, you require even more vitamins & minerals to support the repair & growth of tissue. Your body’s transformation will not happen without enough vitamins. This is 1 reason a lot of people fail to see results from their training programs.


Vitamins and protein are necessary for not only giving you energy & building muscles but are also essential to the process of detoxification. When working out you’ll need a whole range of vitamins, which can more easily be received through multivitamin supplementation alongside a healthy eating plan.


1) Essential

Our food contains vitamins because its food contained vitamins as well! Follow me here… Vegetables today are not getting as much vitamins through the soil as they used to. This is caused by soil erosion as well as intense farming methods that value quantity more over quality. Our food grows quickly (and largely) because of growth hormones and other chemicals. But it doesn’t necessarily mean that the food produced will be highly nutritional or taste good (taste is also related to the nutrient content of the food!)


Data from both the US and the UK has shown that our food’s national value has been declining in the past couple of decades. If you know that your food supply isn’t as high in nutrition as it once was, a question must arise – ‘is there anything you can do about it?’ Sure, you can buy all-organic foods, but that can be expensive. Taking multivitamin supplements on the other hand guarantees that your health is in-check, and so is your wallet.


 2) What Benefits Will Multivitamin Supplements Give You?

Taking multivitamin supplements everyday will keep your body healthy and it will prevent vitamin deficiency. There are 13 essential vitamins that your body needs. Not getting enough of any of these can cause major complications ranging from arthritis to dizziness.


Multivitamin supplements are also used by people of old age, smokers, alcoholics, and many others. One of the most popular uses for taking multivitamins other than for keeping your health in check, is for training purposes. Multivitamin supplements can speed up your body’s transformation when working out. Why wouldn’t you take advantage of this knowledge? It’s like having an insurance policy on your health!


3) What Are the Long Term Benefits of Multivitamin Supplements?

A study conducted by the University of Utah on 586 people discovered that multivitamin supplements extend telomeres by 5.1% Telomeres are markers for biological aging, and extending their length will cause your body to remain younger for longer.


In 2012 it was announced that the largest and longest vitamin study discovered that multivitamin supplements lower the risk of cancer in men by 8%. Although a reduction of 8% may seem like a small achievement, it’s actually really important. In a world where just about everything can give us cancer (cellphones, cars, wifi etc) it’s enlightening to know that there are things we can do to combat these toxic sources & keep us feeling + looking good!


4) Detoxification

When you lower your body-fat you also detoxify your body. Toxins are stored within the fat of your body & kept away from your internal organs. As you lose body-fat you metabolise the toxins within that fat (they enter your blood stream).

If you do not have adequate vitamins & minerals constantly entering your body then it is un-likely that you will be able to get rid of these toxins! Therefore your body has to replace them back into fat – the cycle continues of trying to decrease body-fat but struggling to achieve the results your training & eating plan says you deserve.


What is the Best Multivitamin Supplement?

Although there are thousands of vitamin companies out there, there are only a few that can be trusted. Your body is really important, and it’s critical that anything you put into it is of the highest quality possible.


ShapeTrainer has tried & tested the best multivitamins on the market and discovered that the Poliquin range is the best option. They are scientifically researched to contain only the best quality ingredients & created to be easily absorbed by your body.




It is essential that in this day & age you take a multivitamin daily. I personally take 3 per day & instruct all of my clients to do the same. In as little as 1 week my clients & family members have reported that they are sleeping much better, are aching less after intense training sessions, feel mentally sharper & are losing body-fat!


To either bridge the gap between your un-healthy diet  or  blanket insurance your vitamin & mineral intake to ensure the best possible results from your training in the shortest possible time, a multivitamin will become your greatest ally.


Lasly, If you are a male you must always take a multi-vitamin WITHOUT IRON. Regular iron supplementation has shown to induce heart attacks in certain populations of males. If you’re a women it is fine that your multi includes iron due to your regular blood loss through your menstrual cycle.



Try taking these multi’s for 1 month & notice immediate improvements:

Multi Intense:


Male: http://us.cpoliquin.com/product_p/multi intense iron free.htm?Click=1222

     Female: http://us.cpoliquin.com/product_p/multi intense.htm?Click=1222


Male: http://euro.cpoliquin.com/product_p/6203.htm?Click=1209

Female: http://euro.cpoliquin.com/product_p/6202.htm?Click=1209


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