5 Reasons to Branch Out with BCAA’s

5 Reasons to Branch out with BCAA’SImage

BCAA stands for branched-chain amino acids. These amino acids are taken into our bodies through protein found in meat, dairy products, and certain vegetables.

Because of the chemical structure of branched-chain amino acids people use them to prevent fatigue, improve concentration, and gain energy for training. 


5 reasons you should take BCAA’s:

1) Stimulates Muscle Protein Synthesis

A March 2011 study by Gualano showed that 3 days BCAA supplementation increased fat oxidation (burning) and exercise performance. Leucine was discovered to stimulate muscle growth by using fat as energy. In an earlier 2010 study it was also shown that Leucine reduces body fat in rat populations while improving protein synthesis.


2) Boost Endurance Levels

Branched-chain amino acids prove to be very beneficial in fitness activities. In a study from Sacred Heart University it was discovered that BCAA supplements reduce participants’ rating of perceived exertion when compared to a placebo group. It was also discovered that BCAA supplements raise the level of amino acids in the blood, which reduces muscle damage.


3) Decrease Muscle Soreness

In a study conducted by the University of Birmingham, it was discovered that BCAA can reduce muscle soreness from high-intensity training. This means that anyone looking for a body transformation, but doesn’t want to deal with the aching after training, should look into BCAA supplements.


4) Improves Reaction Time

Reaction time is something that is accepted as an untrainable skill. However, a 2008 Acta Physiologica study has shown that higher BCAA blood levels improve reaction times. In addition to improving reaction times it was also discovered that participants who ate twice as much protein per kg of bodyweight performed better on verbal fluency tests. Because BCAA’s reduce fatigue they allow the brain to function better after training.


5) Live Longer

A Brescia University study from 2011 showed that mice that were given a BCAA supplement lived longer and had improved cardiac health over the mice not given BCAA. Branched-chain amino acids have an anti-aging effect and also increase the production of new mitochondria, which result in higher energy levels.



If you’re looking for a short-term or long-term body transformation, then you need to consider BCAA’s. They are truly revolutionary when it comes to training and fitness activities.

BCAA improve brain function, muscle growth, and energy levels. They are a necessary part of improving your health in conjunction with working out daily.

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